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    AIB-Lancaster Fannins, Saturday, December 8,1984
TOWSON, MD. - “The dairy
farmer. Day-in, day-out, 52*weeks
a-year, he gets up at daybreak and
works past dusk to bring you the
very finest dairy products he can.
“Now, the holidays are here. A
time when family and friends
father to give thanks and share in
good times. Good times made
better by the good things that the
dairy farmer provides. Like fresh,
wholesome milk; thick, creamy
eggnog; clouds of whipped cream,
piled high on pumpkin pie; festive
cheese log; peppermint ice cream
and butter cookies.
“This holiday season, the dairy
farmer sends you his best, as he
does every day of the year.
“Look for his holiday recipes in
the dairy section of food stores
everywhere. And be sure to pick up
extra milk, cheese, ice cream and
other fresh dairy products for the
This is the holiday greeting that
the dairy farmers of the Middle
Atlantic Milk Marketing Area are
sending out over the airwaves to
consumers. The greeting is sent in
the form of 30 and 60 second radio
and television commercials, which
have been developed by the Ad
vertising and Promotion Agency of
the Middle Atlantic Milk
Marketing Area, MAMMA.
Filmed on a dairy farm in the
mid-Atlantic, the television
commercial conveys to the viewer
a feeling of warmth and the
knowledge of the love and labor
that goes into producing quality
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weather and barnlot abuse.
%Mw J ft. *o#»u»*.
539 Falling Spring Road
P.O. Box 219
Chambersburg, PA 17201-0219
1 Phone 717 263-9111
Ryder supply
Happy Holidays from dairy farmers
dairy products. MAMMA has
budgeted $340,000 to place a total of
242 television spots. Of that total,
81 spots will air in the
Harrisburg/Lancaster/York area,
63 spots in Washington, D.C., 38
spots in Baltimore, and 60 spots
will be aired in the Philadelphia
market. The commercials have
been placed in some very prime
viewing time, during popular
shows like Dallas and Evening
Magazine, and during Christmas
specials like Perry Como, It Came
Upon a Midnight Clear, and The
Sound of Music.
Over 1300 radio spots will be
aired from November 21 to
December 22 in the Philadelphia,
Lancaster/York/Harrisburg, Wa
shington, and Baltimore markets.
These festive television and radio
spots are part of a multifaceted
holiday promotion which en
courages consumers to use real
dairy products for their holiday
baking and entertaining.
As a member of the American
Dairy Association, MAMMA is also
actively participating in the
“Season’s Treatings” campaign
developed by ADA. Delicious
holiday dairy recipes accompanied
with attractive photographs have
been distributed by MAMMA to
newspaper food editors throughout
the mid-Atlantic. Season’s
Treatings point-of-purchase
displays have also been installed
by MAMMA at the dairy case in
2000 area supermarkets and
convenience stores. In the
Why take chances on
anything less than a red
and yellow Ritchie
Fountain? Call your
Ritchie dealer for water
that won’t quit.
"Happy holidays to your family from ours, dairy farmers of the Middle Atlantic ilk
Marketing Area." This season's greeting is being sent to millions of mid-Atlantic
residents in the poignant Dairy Farmer commercial produced by MAMMA.
displays, elegant photographs
show festive dishes for holiday
entertaining, and tear-off pads
give recipes that call for real dairy
Each element of the holiday
Fast track
to egg cost reduction
campaign conducted by MAMMA
is designed to complement and
reinforce the other elements,
thereby conveying an even
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PO Box 187
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stronger message to the consumer.
For more information on the
holiday promotion or any of the
programs conducted by MAMMA
phone (301) 321-0266.
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