Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, December 01, 1984, Image 41

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Perhaps it’s the cycle of the
mom, or the sign under which I
was born, or the stage of the tides,
or maybe we have a backyard full
of four-leaf clovers.
Whatever the reason, the good
fortune which has befallen me
in recent weeks is simply un
It began with one morning’s
mail, from which I extracted a
large, colorful envelope. Imagine
my delight when I read that Mrs.
Bupp shall be paid one million
dollars in cash. Guaranteed.
Whew. I had to sit down from the
excitement before slashing open
the envelope for the rest of the
wonderful news. Shaking with
Reg. Retail Price $98.95 i.
iL $25.00 i
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. .Our Cash Price $79.955et
. .Our Cash Price $99.95 Set
Our Cash Price $129.95 Set
Our Cash Price $6.00
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, Dacambar 1,1984-B5
anticipation, I withdrew the
contents, only to learn that my
million depended cm my being
declared the Grand Prize winner.
But, if I hurried and sent bade my
very own lucky number in time,
and happened to be the big winner,
they’d double the million.
Gee. Two million would pay for a
pile of combine parts and calf
Thus you can understand how
crushed I felt to read further, and
learn that it was our daughter’s
name in smaller print at the bot
tom. And she isn’t a Mrs.
Oh, well, I didn’t want any of
their magazines either.
Lo and behold, just days later
here cones another, if lesser,
offer—for a mere quarter-million
to a J. Bupp. All she had to do was
play the secret combination,
stamp a batch of lucky numbers to
a game form, peel off and sign the
winner’s release form, return the
new customer gift certificate for
lots of freebies and ship it all back
preferably with an order for
some of the “no risk - guaranteed”
Not to forget filling out the color
J. Bupp would prefer for her new
car or refrigerator or coffee
brewer or junk jewelry ring.
J. Bun) is allergic to junk
jewelry rings, which make her
hands break out in a rash. Here we
come again, Mr. Trashcan.
By now our dependable mailman
was on a roll and soon stuffed the
box with yet another goodie offer.
Glory be, I had been named a
prizewinner - somewhere between
first to eleventh place in another
quarter-million sweepstakes.
Just mailing the enclosed sheaf
Cut calories
Those extra calories add up
during the holiday season. Ex
tension home economist Greta C.
Vairo, offers some suggestions for
cutting down on calories and still
enjoying Christmas meals.
For an appetizer, try fresh raw
vegetables with a dip made from
low-fat yogurt rather than sour
cream. If you serve soup made
from stock, skim the fat off. You
won’t lose the flavor, but you will
reduce the calories. Also, cream
soups or those with a cheese base
have more calories than those
made with a broth base.
Instead of the usual Christmas
ham, serve turkey or chicken,
roasted with your favorite stuffing.
If you choose to prepare beef, pork
or lamb, serve it well drained and
trimmed of visible fat When
preparing gravy from meat
drippings, cool the gravy quickly'
in the refrigerator or freezer, then
skim the fat off the top to reduce
Serve vegetables with lemon
of little flyers was all that was
necessary by Dec. 25. A cer
tificate of authenticity would even
be provided. Authentic what? And
why did I have to fill in my Social
Security number? Eventually I did
unearth the list of prizes which
turned out to be junk jewdry.
The trashcan grew fatter.
Then came the latest, an in
vitation to visit a new recreational
facility resort, for which I would be
rewarded with my choice from
three prizes for listening to a sales
That brought bade a memory.
About ten years ago, planning a
Sunday drive to look at the fall
foliage, we took up one of those
resort land ads on their visit offer.
When he learned we were farmers,
the salesman became very rude
and disinterested, ultimately
admitting that they didn’t like to
talk with our kind. Seems that
farmers are accustomed to dealing
with land prices of a more realistic
ilk than what they were charging
for a quarter-acre in the middle of
some weekend development.
Still, we ate their free lunch,
allowed our toddlers to play on
their playground equipment and
insisted on being given the tour, at
the end of which we insisted on
receiving our “free prize.” We still
use a few of the unbroken glasses
from that large set of glassware,
and often chuckle about where
they came from.
this whole account recalls to
mind history lessons of how
colonial land speculators once
purchased Manhattan Island from
the Indians for|24of blankets - and
junk jewelry beads.
This is progress?
at Christmas
juice or herbs. If you want to use
butter, drizzle a tablespoon or two
over the vegetables in the serving
bowl, rather than placing the
butter dish on the table. Serve
baked potatoes instead of mashed.
This eliminates the added calories
from the butter and milk. If
making mashed potatoes, use 2
percent or skim milk.
For dessert, you can reduce the
calories in pumpkin pie by making
it with skim milk or 2 percent low
fat milk. Instead of a pastry crust,
make a graham cracker crust
using less butter. Or, better yet,
make a pumpkin custard rather
than a pie. In many recipes, such
as mincemeat pie, you can reduce
the amount of sugar called for by
up to half. Other good low caloried
desserts are fruit salads, crepes
with fruit filling or a yogurt perbit
instead of one made with ice
cream. Moderation is the key to
low calorie eating.
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