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    *24—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, October 20,1984
National Center for Food and
Agricultural Policy at Resources
for the Future and the National
Agricultural Forum will hold a
three-day national conference Dec.
4-6 on Food and agricultural policy
issues facing Congress in 1985,
officials of the two groups an
nounced today.
Cosponsors of the conference
include the American Agricultural
Economics Association, American
Farmland Trust, Center for
National Policy, Conservation
Foundation, Curry Foundation,
Farm Foundation, Giannim
Foundation, National Food and
Agricultural Policy Rosear"’’
Butter ads
ROSSLYN, Va. - The National
Dairy Promotion and Research
Board’s “Come Home to Butter”
commercial will air on television
1,907 times during November and
The butter commercials, which
began running September 10, are
being shown in 18 urban areas
rather than on national network
TV, as are the fluid milk and
cheese commercials. These cities
were choses because they are
historically good butter markets
where consumers tend to buy both
butter and margarine. Ads could
persuade them to buy more butter
and less margarine.
Full-page color butter ads will
aslo begin appearing in December,
carried initially by Better Homes
<6 N \
■vTV 1
Hopper Feed
Automatic Draft
RD 3, Ephrata, PA 17522
Rt. 322.1 Mi. East
of Ephrata
(717) 733-4973
lues. Wed. 10-6;
Thurs., Fri. 10-8;
Sat. 10-4
Food & ag policy conference scheduled
Institute, National Governors
Association, Food and Agriculture
Committee of the National
Planning Association, and the
Roosevelt Center for American
Policy Studies.
Scheduled to follow the
November elections and precede
congressional hearings on farm
program legislatin in early 1985,
the conference will bring together
the wide array of individuals and
organizations that have been
preparing for that debate for most
of this year.
In a joint statement, Kenneth R.
Farrell, director of the National
Center, and Adrian J. Polansky, a
saturate selected markets
& Gardens, Women’s Day, Family
Circle, Redbook, and Good
Housekeeping. Butter ads are
targeted at female homemakers
aged 25-49.
Calcium-related print ads
stressing the nutritional benefits of
a dairy-rich diet will also begin
appearing in December. One- and
two-page calcium ads, targeted to
young women (12-24) will run that
month in Mademoiselle, Self,
Seventeen and Young Miss. Those
for adult women will appear in
Good Housekeeping, McCall’s,
American Health and Newsweek
Woman. Ads in Family Circle,
People, Shape and Woman’s Day
will follow in January and
Also during November and
December, 102 prime-time and
Belleville, Kan., poducer and
moderator of the Forum trustees,
“Food and agricultural policy is
under extraordinary scrutiny
today. Agriculture, the nation’s
largest industry, has changed
fundamentally since federal
agricultural policy was fashioned
in the 19305. A rethinking of that
policy is cricially needed, and the
many groups with interests in food,*
agriculture and resources, in
addition to producers, should be
involved in the process.
“Many policy-research
organizations and groups with
specifically focused interests
daytime fluid milk and cheese
commercials will air on network
TV. Another 25 will run during
children’s programs.
When the first seven weeks of the
National Dairy Board’s ad
vertising effort end October 31,171
fluid milk and cheese commercials
will have appeared on network
television. This number includes 60
commercials of the point-of-sale
'Cheese Jamboree” in grocery
stores nationwide. The Cheese
Jamboree ends in late October.
The National Dairy Promotion
and Research Board’s $50.6 million
advertising campaign runs from
September 9 to April 30, 1985. Its
commercials are complemented
and supplemented by ads spon
sored by state and regional
promotional bodies that appear in
their local markets.
since | TRACTOR CO. —I
See Page B 7 For Field Demonstration Day
resource conservation, in
ternational trade, food safety and
nutrition, for example are
preparing to enter the debate in a
significant way. Several
organizations have studies un
derway to define policy options on
these issues, in addition to the
preparations of governmental
bodies, general farm organizations
and major commodity
“All this interest is an important
and healthy development for
agriculture, because of the op
portunity it offers for public
dialogue and education before new
policies are set.
“We are organizing this con
ference because we see a need to
pool information among the many
groups working on policy options,
to share perspectives, to air and
‘cross-fertilize’ proposals and thus
to reduce the level of possible
confusion prior to congressional
Top national officials and business
and academic leaders
will be invited to address the
conference and join in its
discussions. The program also will
feature representatives of policy
research institutions, general farm
organizations and commodity,
consumer, resource and en
vironmental groups.
The conference, open to the
public, will be held at the Key
Bridge Marriott Hotel in Rosslyn,
Va., just across the Potomac River
from Washington, beginning the
afternoon of Dec. 4 and concluding
in early afternoon Dec. 6.
Registration forms and other
details will be available later this
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month from the Agriculture
Council of America Education
Foundation, a nonprofit research
and education organization that
coordinates the National
Agricultural Forum, and from the
National Center at Resources for
the Future.
The National Agricultural
Forum, founded in 1983 and guided
by an independent body of trustees
from all agricultural sectors, was
formed to aid in the development
of sound public policies by
providing a common arena where
interested parties can contribute
their knowledge and experience in
defining feasible alternative ap
proaches to agricultural issues of
national importance. It uses a
process of state of local review of
national task-force analyses of
issues and alternatives before
presenting its reports to
Resources for the Future, a
nonprofit, nonadvocacy research
organization founded in 1952,
conducts research and policy
analysis in the areas of en
vironmental quality, energy and
nonfuels minerals, water and land
resources, and forest economics.
The National Center for Food and
Agricultural Policy, established in
1984 by Resources for the Future
with funding provided by the W.K.
Kellogg Foundation, conducts
policy analysis, communication
and leadership-development
programs that focus on in
terrelated public policy issues
involving agriculture, food and
nutrition, international trade,
natural resources and en
vironmental quality.
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R. 7 Lebanon,
Pa. 17042
Rt. 419 1 mile West
of Schaefferstown,
Buffalo Springs
Lebanon County
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