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    A2o—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, October 20,1984
MAMMA plans balanced dairy advertising
TOWSON, Md. - With 100
percent participation in dairy
advertising programs this year,
you can expect to see and hear
more advertising and promotion
for milk and dairy products than
ever before. This advertising will
be directed at many consumer
segments, with the primary ob
jective of increasing per capita
sales and consumption, and
bringing market demand closer in
sylvania’s 1984 com for grain,
tobacco, fall potatoes, apples and
hay production is expected to be
above 1983 based on Oct. 1 con
ditions, while grape production is
forecast below last year, according
to the Pennsylvania Crop and
Livestock Reporting Service.
Corn for grain production is
forecast at 137.8 million bushels, 90
percent above last year’s drought
reduced crop. Acreage for harvest
is set at 1.30 million with a yield of
106 bushels per acre.
Tobacco production is forecast
at 24.0 million pounds, nine percent
above last year. Acreage for
harvest is expected to be 12,000
with an average yield of 2,000
pounds per acre.
Fall potato production is
forecast at 4.95 million him
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line with supply. The ultimate
objective is to decrease govern
ment puchases of surplus product
and increase the price of milk
received by farmers.
The Board of Directors of the
Advertising and Promotion
Agency of the Middle Atlantic Milk
Marketing Area, MAMMA, met
recently to outline how to most
effectively target advertising
dollars in mid-Atlantic
Bumper harvests
predicted for Pa.
dredweight (cwt.), 15 percent
above a year ago. Acreage for
harvest is set at 21,500 acres with
an average yield per acre of 230
Apple production is forecast at
530 million pounds, six percent
above the 500 million pounds
produced last year.
All hay production is set at 5.57
million tons, 21 percent above the
1983 level. Acreage for harvest is
estimated at 1.98 million with an
average yield per acre of 2.82 tons.
Grape production is estimated at
60,000 tons, four percent below the
62,500 tons harvested in 1983.
United States corn for grain
production is forecast at 7.5 billion
bushels, 80 percent above last
year’s drought-stricken crop. U.S.
tobacco production is forecast at
1.74 billion pounds, 22 percent
in 1985. MAMMA is responsible for
coordinating dairy advertising and
promotion programs in Federal
Order #4, which includes the
Philadelphia, Harrisburg, York,
Lancaster, Baltimore, Salisbury,
and Washington, D.C. markets. In
preparing a program plan for 1985,
MAMMA’S Board took into careful
consideration what advertising
elements will be placed in the mid-
above last year. Fall potato
production at 310 million cwt. is
five percent above last year. Apple
production at 8.23 million pounds is
one percent below the 1983
production. All hay production at
154.05 million tons in nine percent
above 1983. Grape production at
the U.S. level is forecast at 5.02
million tons, nine percent below
1983 production.
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Best Time To Call
Atlantic by the new National Dairy
Promotion and Research Board,
The national plan calls for 30.6
million dollars to be placed in
media nation-wide from Sept. 1,
1984 to April 30, 1985. Of that an
estimated 3 to 3.5 million dollars
will come into the mid-Atlantic
market. The national advertising
plan is designed to heavily ad
vertise milk, real cheese, and
butter mostly on network
television. The health benefits of
calcium contained in dairy foods in
the diet will also be promoted in
national magazine ads.
MAMMA’S proposed 4.5 to 5
million dollar 1985 program plan
extends and intensifies the
national effort in order to achieve a
balanced promotion program in
the mid-Atlantic.
The widespread calcium
defiency that exists in Americans’
diets today is a major public health
problem. Many recent news ar
ticles in the popular press have
created an awareness of the im
portance of calcium in the diet.
Given that milk and other dairy
foods account for 72 percent of the
calcium in our diets, this
represents a tremendous
marketing opportunity for
MAMMA’S advertising program.
The popular “Foods For Fitness”
television commercial, produced
by MAMMA, will be updated in
1985 to identify milk, cottage
cheese and yogurt as important
sources of calcium. MAMMA’s
“Nine To Five” milk television
commercial will also extend the
calcium theme to fluid milk ad
vertising. MAMMA’s multi-media
advertising program will also
include billboard and radio ad
vertising in 1985.
MAMMA’s Board of Directors
voted to continue funding the
nutritional education programs of
Dairy Council in the mid-Atlantic
region. Budget approvals were
also given to the Dairy Princess
programs in Pennsylvania,
Maryland, Delaware and West
MAMMA’S staff will continue a
strong merchandising program
working with food retailers, and a
food publicity program directed to
food editors, to assure a balanced
advertising and promotion
program for Federal Order §4.
For more information on the
advertising and promotion
programs conducted in the Middle
Atlantic Milk Marketing Area, call
t MAMMA at (301) 321-0266.
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