Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, October 13, 1984, Image 17

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Staff Correspondent
organizational meeting to begin a
new Young Farmers chapter in the
Tulpehocken district was held at
the Tulpehocken High School in
Bernville on Oct. 1.
Interest was high, as over 45
people attended the first meeting.
Requested often in the past by area
farmers as a source of continuing
vo-ag education, the new chapter
welcomes members from the
Tulpehocken district, as well as the
Schuylkill Valley and Hamburg
On hand to assist in planning the
charter was Leroy Geesaman, past
president of the Pa. Young Far
mers; Tom Zartman, current
Young Farmers president; Ronald
O’Neil, PYF treasurer; Ron
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New Horn* Division: Mam Office—Penn Ave and Park Road, Wyomissmg, 215-376-6151 • Ephrata, 717-733-9621 • Fruitville Pike Lancaster, 717-569-6491
Flrol Federal Division; Main Office-East King St, Lancaster, 717-393-0601 • New Holland, 717-354-4427 • Park City Center, Lancaster 717-299-3745
Witz, 717-626-0251 • Millersville 717-872-4665 • Quarryville, 717-786-1010 • Ml Joy, 717-653-8121
East Towne Mall, Lancaster, 717-393-0488 • East Petersburg, 717-569-5793
Tulpehocken Young Farmers, hold first meeting
Fidler, PYF regional vice
president; and Harvey Smith,
regional vo-ag advisor.
The charter officers elected
Del., Md. lifts poultry bans
DOVER, Del. - The Delaware the . viru ? would s ? read to ““
Department of Agriculture has r ®B* on because of our short
lifted its ban on public auctioning distance rom other infected areas
of poultry in Delaware following of cooperation from
the release of Virginia and Penn- ever y sector of the community we
sylvnaia as avian influenza in- were able to protect our poultry,
fected quarantine areas by the hesaid - _
USDA. The Delmarva Poultry In-
Dr. Wesley Towers Jr. dustry is to be commended for
Delaware State Veterinarian, says ma^un B sacrifices during the
the efforts to keep avian influenza P as * yea *j; was the only
out of Delmarva’s multi million way *■? effectively fight AI and we
dollar poultry industry were ex- were fortunate enough to be able to
ceptional. fight it, Towers said.
“There was great concern that But lndustr y officials say
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were; president, Fred Bohn;
president-elect, Harold Miller;
treasurer, Curtis Phillipy;
secretary, Clark Sattazahn; and
public relations director, Nord
Regular meetings are scheduled
for the first Monday of every
because the quarantine has been
lifted is no reason to begin relaxing
preventive measures.
With the pending start of the
waterfowl season, a new in
troduction of AI remains a threat.
Towers says poultry growers
should continue their common
sense precautions to prevent
another problem.
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, October 13,1984-Al7
School Food Week
Governor Dick Thorn
burgh has proclaimed
the week of October 14-
month at 7-30 p.m. in the
Tulpehocken High School library.
New members are welcome, and
anyone interested may contact one
of the above officers.
Also, effective immediately,
restriction imposed by the
Maryland Department of
Agriculture on the sale of poultry
at auction markets and the
congregations of birds of any
species are rescinded. This an
nouncement was made by State
Veterinarian, Dr. John C. Shook.
20 as Pennsylvania
School Food Week, in
cooperation with the
Pennsylvania Depart
ments of Agriculture
and Education and the
Pennsylvania School
Food Service
“Nutritious and well
balanced meals provide
our children with the
valuable fuel they need
to meet the physical and
mental challenges of
each new day. It is also
essential that children
leam good eating habits
in their formative years
to prepare them for a
life of good health and
fitness,” the governor
said during signing
ceremonies in the
Following the
governor’s lead in
emphasizing increased
nutritional awareness,
the Departments of
Agriculture and
Education and the
Pennsylvania School
Food Service
Association have
scheduled a special
kickoff ceremony for
11:30 a.m., Oct. 16 at the
Northside Elementary
School, 411 Walnut
street, Mechanicsburg.
State Education
Secretary margaret A.
Smith, Deputy
Agriculture Secretary
Michael McGovern and
Robert Freiler,
Regional Director,
Special Nutrition
Programs, USDA Mid-
Atlantic Regional Of
fice, and several state
and local officials will
be the featured guests.
“The main thrust of
Pennsylvania School
Food Week is to en
courage awareness in
our schools of the vast
resources of nutritious
fresh and processed
Pennsylvania agricult
ural products available
to them,” according to
state Agriculture
Secretary Penrose
As part of that thrust,
the Agriculture and
Education Departments
are conducting a series
of six workshops in
several sponsoring
school districts during
the week. Sites of those
sessions include: North
Penn High School,
Lansdale, 2 p.m.,
Monday, Oct. 15;
Riverside School
District, Taylor, 2 p.m.,
Oct. 16; Williamsport
High School, 1:15 p.m.,
Wednesday, Oct. 17;
Millcreek High School,
Oct. 18, Erie, 10 a.m.;
North Hills High School,
Pittsburg, Thursday,
Oct. 18 at 3 p.m.; and
Hempfield School
District, Lancaster, 2
p.m., Friday, Oct. 20.