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Moving, Storing or
Winterizing Appliances
Americans are movers. Each
year, about 20 million of us move
and take everything we own with
us. Another 3 million move only
ourselves, as we travel between
our year-round residence and
vacation home.
Whether the move is to the other
side of town or across the country,
there are certain steps that should
be taken to protect your large
investment in major home ap
pliances. The first step in
preparing for a move is to review
the installation and operation
instructions that came with the
appliance. These instruction will
frequently include suggestions for
disconnecting, packing, storing, or
winterizing the appliance and
To us, agriculture is still
the backbone of America
At Hamilton Bank one of our pnmarj objectives is
to ser\e, and help preserve, the family farm
We still believe that agriculture is the backbone of
America, and the farnilv farm is the cornerstone of
agriculture in our area
That's wh\ wc ha\c developed a complete range
of financing, credit, trust and estate services all
designed to help \ou the famil\ farmer fulfill
> our obligations
With the \alue of farm production m our area
increasing e\er\ \ear, the need for capital
continues to rise along with it We are here, and
will continue to be here, to help you meet that
Hoffman Farms Inc R D #2 Barto Berks County Pictured (t to R) are Larry A Rush Hamilton Bank Vice President and Area Manager Bruce A Hoffman
Operator and Vice President Richard C Hoffman Operator and Secretary Treasurer James C Gierlich Hamilton Bank Loan Officer and Charles R Hoffman
President absent The Hoffmans have a 170 cow herd and farm 400 acres
Have You
By Doris Thomas
Lancaster Extension
Home Economist
for reinstalling it in the new home.
Appliances are moved most
easily and safely when they have
been emptied, cleaned and packed
with protective padding. An ap
pliance should never be used as a
packing container for loose items
or boxes. During handling and
movement, items stored inside an
appliance may scratch, dent or
damage its interior. Also, moving
week is the perfect time for giving
an appliance a thorough cleaning
and performing any needed
routine maintenance. But, to avoid
mildew, rust and musty odors, be
sure to allow the appliance to dry
thoroughly before wrapping or
putting it in a carton.
Appliances to be stored in an
unheated warehouse or left
standing in a vacation home where
■%. 'CMT'
temperatures may go below
freezing, also require winterizing
to prevent damage. It is a good
idea to ask the mover about
warehouse storage conditions.
Extremely high or low tem
peratures and humidity levels can
cause problems with some fur
niture, electronic equipment and
Some major home appliances
such as automatic washers and
dishwashers can be damaged if
they are not winterized before
being stored in unheaded buildings
where temperatures may drop to
freezing. Taking a few minutes to
properly pack an appliance for a
move or winterize it for storage
may prevent a costly repair.
Fall Fashion Preview
Now is the time to plan your fall
wardrobe. Here are some tips on
fall fashion trends.
Fall color schemes will include
neutrals and weakened tones from
basic color families. Popular color
families will also include winter
pastels, gem or lacquer brights
and smokey tones.
The major trends in fabrics and
textures will include knits and
jerseys. Flannel will continue to be
popular. The look of handwovens
and heathered textural looks that
are soft and warm will be big this
When \u‘ v\ork together, through a relationship of
mutual trust, we can all continue to mme ahead
We can continue to keep agriculture strong
Contact \our local office for complete details on
Hamilton Bank Agn-Pmanee Program
Lancaster Fanning, Saturday, September 29,1984—817
Houndstooth checks will be
important as will tartans, box
checks and glen plaids. For silks
and cottons, bold, wide
herringbone and bold stripes will
be in vogue.
General fashion trends this fall
will include man-tailored gar
ments with shoulder emphasis.
Rich fabrics and textures will be
more important than constructed
garment details. Several layers of
boldly surfaced wovens and knits
will be worn in combination.
Poular suits will include those
with longer jackets or shorter boxy
' For dresses, the chemise
remains popular, but hip
accenting blouses with flared,
pleated or softly gathered skirts
will also be favorites.
Hamilton Bank
A Core States Bank
Member F-OIC
There will be a few new ideas on
blouses, but jersey blouses with
soft cowl necklines are the one new
Sweaters will be highly textured.
Elongated cardigan jackets,
doublebreasted menswear, tunics
and sweaters with asymmetric
closures will also be fashionable.
Skirts will be less important than
pants, but they will include soft
pleats, straight lines and longer
hem lengths.
Traditional or fuller-cut trousers
will be very important. Many
pants will be cuffed and may be
ankle-length or cropped.
For accessories, fall fashion will
mclude almost no jewelry. Belts in
reptile or textured leather will be
visible, and silk scarves will be
returning in importance.
(■'" Y'l - STARTERS
Ronks, PA
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