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    Hesston expands tractor line
HESSTON, Kan. Hesston’s 90
Series tractors now have 81 and 91
PTO horsepower models which
feature new technology five- and
six-cylinder engines built by Fiat.
The 81 horsepower Model has been
designated 90-90, while the 100-90 is
the new name for the 91 PTO hp
Both are available in two- or
four-wheel drive, and are equipped
with redesigned, high strength
crankshafts, featuring larger
bones and longer strokes for in-
creased displacement, lower fuel
consumption, high torque reserve
and clean burning. Model 90-90 has
a 298 cubic inch engine, and 100-
90’s engine is 331 cubic inches.
Key new engine features include
new heads with exclusive “Spiral
Stair” intake ducts, which in
crease air intake and turbulence
for improved fuel/air mixture.
Redesigned pistons, with a new
Omega profile combustion
chamber, produce increased
atomization of fuel and air for
improved fuel economy.
Several improvements have
been made also in the unique
Super-comfort Cab, which is
standard on these models. High
quality automotive-type con
struction is used throughout, and a
redesigned platform mounting
with rubber-cushion iso-mounts
reduces vibration for a smoother
ride. The new fuel tank design and
relocated cab mounting provide
excellent visibility to the drawbar
and hydraulic lift. New side glass
and door design, plus opening side
windows, offer extra visibility and
Another new feature for these 90
Series tractors is an exclusively
For Fn
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1 Vt" Rugged Alloy Tie-Rods...
Massive Spring-Cushioned Hitch
K Sizes 18', 21', 22 6", 25'
to 170 lb. per Blade
This is the new Model 100-90 tractor with 91 PTO hor
sepower from Hesston.
designed Lift-OMatic Three-Point
Lift, which gives push button
control of lifting/lowering without
using the normal control levers
and disrupting pre-set depth. Lift-
O-Matic’s memory automatically
returns to correct depth, saving
time in the field. The high-capacity
three-point lift offers precise
lower-link, flection bar sensing,
plus telescopic lower-link arms for
easy implement hookup.
An all new instrument panel
permits push-button electronic
check of the engine oil level. It also
features new “engage indicators”
for differential lock and PTO, plus
a fuel filter restrictor indicator.
Incorporated also in the cab’s
interior design are repositioned
the tillage
\ Own
hydraulic remote levers for easy
access and operation, and a new
location for the transmission shift
levers for easy operation and
unrestricted operator entry. The
newly designed tilt and telescopic
steering wheel also permits ex
cellent instrument visibility.
A 15-speed forward/three-speed
reserve constant-mesh tran
smission, with all gears in each
range fully synchronized, is
standard. Optional transmissions
include 20-speed creeper units for
specialized applications.
Both models are standardly
equipped with hydrostatic power
steering and wet disc brakes. The
540/1000-rpm independent PTO is
also standard.
ister F'—in*. Saturday, S«|
Good torque rise allows Kubota’s 85200 to work efficiently
when under a heavy load.
Kubota adds
new 3-cyl. tractor
COMPTON, Cal. A new three
cylinder, 13 horsepower diesel
tractor is now available from
Kubota Tractor Corporation. The
85200 has replaced the two
cylinder BSIOO, making all Kubota
B Series tractors conform to the
three-cylinder design.
The new tractor’s liquid-cooled,
three-cylinder diesel engine
produces good torque rise,
allowing the equipment to work
efficiently when working under a
heavy load. The three-cylinder
design allows for a smoother
running engine when compared to
a two-cylinder engine.
The 85200 comes equipped with
Fast, Efficient,
The Stormor EZEE-DRY'
Grain Drying system.
The EZEE-DRY has proven itself fast efficient and
dependable for more than 15 years Drying capacities
are available up to 2 000 bu /hr at 5 points removal
and it doubles as a storage bin after drying is complete
The thin drying layer and high volume low heat
airflow ensures uniform drying And, the EZEE DRY is
virtually maintenance free
Fora free, no obligation estimate,
stop In or call today.
RD #l2 Box 307
York, PA 17406
(717) 755-2868
front and rear PTO and three-point
hitch, allowing it to handle a wide
variety of implements.
The tractor’s tight turning
radius is coupled with its compact
size 100 inches in length and a
overall width being as narrow as
33.9 inches on the two-wheel-drive
model. The four-wheel-drive
model’s minimum overall width is
37 inches.
The tractor is designed to use
both agricultural tires and turf
tires. The fuel capacity for the
85200 is 3.8 gallons, compared to a
2.1 gallon tank on the B 5100; the
85200 instrument panel includes a
fuel gauge, another new feature.
The three-cylinder 85200 is
available through the nearly 1000
Kubota dealers across the United
States. Kubota Tractor Cor
poration markets a complete line
of tractors from 10 to 85 PTO
horsepower, along with a variety
of farm, lawn and garden im
plements. For more information
about his tractor, or other Kubota
products, please contact the
Kubota Tractor Corporation, 550
West Artesia Blvd., Compton, CA.
Manufactured by Stormor Inc Fremont Nebraska