Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, September 15, 1984, Image 56

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    Bl6—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, September 15,1984
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Needlepoint stitches from Loretta Swit
Loretta Swit is an Emmy- saying, so I needlepoint. I like
winning actress, an ardent cam- projects when I can carry them
paigner for animal protection and around and work on them.”
a needlepointer who invents her Two years ago, Loretta began a
own designs. She’s as creative in project she couldn’t carry around,
her handcrafts as in every other it still isn’t finished. The rug
area of her life. In fact, she canvas had been a Christmas gift
designed the sampler shown and from Harry Morgan’s wife. At the
all the flowers in it. time, Morgan played her com-
For 10 years, as Nurse Houlihan, manding officer in “M*A*S*H.”
she helped stitch wounds in the hit “It’s an ongoing project,” says
TV series, “M*A*S*H,” while Loretta. “It’s complicated in that
between takes she stitched pillows yoo must have a room in which to
for her home, close friends and do it. You can’t carry it around as
animal rights groups. Now that the conveniently as, for example, a
sow is over, she simply takes her pillow.
needlepoint elsewhere. “You know, when you fall behind
Already fluent in French and in a project, it’s hard to go back.
Spanish, Loretta is learning You pick up other projects, or a
German now. book you want to read or
“I can go to class and take my something else.”
needlepoint with me,” asserts Loretta finishes pillows,
Loretta. “You don’t have to con- however, and in quantity. In fact,
centrate that fully on what you’re her home is filled with them. In
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addition, she designs pillows for
friends, co-workers and charity
Animal protection is a passion
with Loretta. For that reason,
Actors & Others for Animals, The
Amanda Foundation and The Fund
for Animals have all received Swit
crafted pillows for fund-raising
While she donates her pillows
freely, Loretta has no idea how
much money they bring.
“I never find that out,” she
declares. “I just hope they get a lot
of money for the cause. ’ ’
Loretta’s pillows deserve high
prices because they’re so unique.
Each one is an original, the result
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<‘ r *
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'o* kLr"
’ 5 -
of experimenting with designs,
colors and stitches.
“I love sculpting with wool,”
Loretta declares.
She uses many different stitches
to give her work texture.
“The ability to do the different
stitches gives you the opportunity
to sculpt. You can bring things out
or set things back.”
The french knot is one of
Loretta’s favorite sculptural
stitches. Some time ago, on a
beach in Acapulco, she used french
knots to stitch flowerettes of
broccoli on canvas. The broccoli
looked so real that she attracted a
crowd of needlepointers.
“They said it looked edible,”
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Loretta remembers.
She also uses french knots for
tiny roses, other flowers and
“If I do words, I will sometimes
dot my i’s or exclmation points
with french knots. If I trim with
flowers, I absolutely always do
daisies with a yellow french knot
center,” states Loretta. “They’re a
handy stitch.”
Loretta designed the flowers
shown here by combining the basic
continental stitch, straight stitches
and french knots. The flowers all
came from the original “Swit”
sampler pictured.
Loretta’s flowers are pefect for
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