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Buying And Caring
For Leather And
Genuine leather or suede gar
ments are more than just at
tractive, they are a sound in
vestment that will probably last
twice as long as woven fabric
garments. Quality leather softens
Berks Society 4
Berks Society 4 recently held
their monthly meeting at the home
of Margurite Rush, Boyertown.
The group will hold a Sho-fly pie,
pie and cake sale at the Reading
Fair on Sept. 25.
Bingo is scheduled at the Berks
Wniwar nf Finance On New Ford 1000 Series To The Largest 4WD TW Farm
Tractors. Effective Till March I, 1985 Qi 9*A% Financing Qc Large Cash Rebates.
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Have You
By Doris Thomas
Lancaster Extension
Home Economist
and conforms to your body with
wear and becomes even more
comfortable and good looking as it
To get the full value for your
money, I would like to suggest the
following tips for buymg leather
and suede clothing.
• Buy from a reputable store
Heim on Nov. 1 for all patients.
The group will hold a hoedown
dance at the 4-H building in Bern
Township, on Oct. 12.
The evening’s program was
provided by Verna Taylor, who
showed slides of a trip to Canada.
All Used Farm Tractors 9%% Financing Qi Waiver 6f Finance Till March 1, 1985
that knows its suppliers.
• Know what quality of leather
you’re buying. Top grain leathers
come from the outermost layer of
the skin. They’re the most ex
pensive, but they are also the most
durable and take the best finish.
Split leathers come from ac
tually splitting the skins. They are
less expensive, tend to be more
porous and are more likely to
roughen during wear, stretch
during tanning and then shrink
during cleaning. You’ll know
you’re looking at a split when you
see little rivers running through
the material where the veins used
to be.
• Look for uniformity in texture
and color. Thin spots will weaken
your garment and mismatched
skins will get worse with aging and
• Avoid a snug fit. Hides are
stretched during tanning and you
should expect some shrinking. Buy
leather garments a little larger
than you buy other clothing.
• Read and save all iden
tification and care information.
Smooth leathers may be marked
finished or unfinished. Unfinished
leathers and suedes are more
susceptible to spotting and
The new Ford 2110 is economical to
own operate and mamlam Yet with
34 PTO horsepower and an amazing
number of standard features it can
handle just about any kind of work
you ve got to do
Economical diesel power The
4 cylinder diesel engine delivers an
honest 34 horsepower Precision
balancing lightweight pistons and a
barrel and plunger type in line fuel
injection pump contribute to smooth
efficient performance Standard glow
plugs make for quick cold weather
The standard transmission offers
12 forward and 4 reverse speeds
Compare that to the competition If
you frequently shuttle from forward to
reverse specify the Synchronized
staining. Finishes are usually lost
during cleaning and must be
• Foreign made garments may
react differently. They are not
always compatible with U.S.
cleaning and refinishing
To care for your leather and
suede garments, use the following
• For suede, brush regularly
with a terry towel or soft brush to
keep the dust from settling on the
nap. Remove light spots with a soft
gum eraser or an emery board.
" • For smooth leather, wipe with
a damp sponge or cloth to remove
surface dust. Avoid home cleaning
fluids, shoe creams, detergents or
saddle soap. Most wrinkles will
hang out. If they presist, place the
garment between layers of heavy
brown wrapping paper and set
your iron on its rayon setting.
Press with a quick light hand. Do
not steam. Do not allow the iron to
rest on the garment.
• For all leather and suede, wear
dress shields with next-to-the-body
tops. Use a scarf inside necklines.
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J »
Manual Shuttle (SMS) option
Double reduction (mal drive
live 540 rpm PTO sealed brakes and
a toot operated differential lock
round out this excellent powertrain
Mechanical Iron! wheel drive is
Powerful 8 6 gpm hydraulics offer
more capacity than the competition
Theres plenty of power to make full
use of the standard Category I three
point hitch And with the optional
two spool remote valve you can
quickly and smoothly operate remote
cylinders Top link draft sensing for
the three point hitch is standard The
power steering pump is independent
of the hydraulic pump so full hydraulic
capacity is available to the remotes
and three point hitch
NEW TOLL FREE NO. 1-800-822-2152
Rt. 419 Between Schaefferstown & Cornwall, Lebanon County
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, Saptambar 15,1984—815
If your garment becomes wet, dry
it away from heat on a wooden or
padded hanger. Store garments in
a cool, ventilated place. Never
crowd them or store them in
Meaning In
Children’s Art
Drawing and other forms of
creative artwork provide children
with opportunities to express
fantasies or moods, but you
shouldn’t expect your children to
explain their creation in terms of
Children’s creations are usually
expression of feelings, ideas and
emotions. The “things” they draw
or make may be far removed from
You can show your approval and
encourage your children’s
creativity by telling them that the
artwork is nice, they did a won
derful job or simply that you like it.
Don’t bombard them with
questions such as “What is it?” or
“What does it do?” Simply saying
“Tell me about it” may result in an
enlightening experience.
A pleasure to work The well padded
seat adjusts to fit the operator Controls
are close at hand and easy to use
Instrumentation includes a tempera
ture and fuel gauge tachometer
hourmeter and warning lights The
handy foot throttle is one of many other
standard conveniences
The 2110 is simple to service too
Fuel and coolant can be added without
raising the hood The entire hood tilts
forward tor engine access Grease fit
tings oil filter and the dry element air
cleaner are easy to reach
The new Ford 2110 proves you don t
have to sacrifice performance and
features to get an economical tractor
Test one It might just be the Ford
for you
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