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    Bl2—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, September IS, 1984
Staff Correspondent
NEW CASTLE - Jeffrey Moon’s
3-year-old Brown Swiss, Locust
Spring Titan Michelle, earned the
title of supreme champion of all
breeds during the Lawrence
County junior dairy show, held in
conjunction with the county fair.
Steve Moff of Select Sires, of
ficial judge for the junior show,
had a tough decision to make in
selecting the supreme winner
when all the grand champions
paraded around the ring at the
conclusion of the day’s show.
All the junior exhibitors an
ticipated who would receive the
supreme champion trophy, the top
honor that wraps up the county
round-up. Hillcrest Jersey Farm
sponsored the supreme champion
All the breed champion banners
for the junior show were sponsored
by the Joseph W. Snyder family
and were made by the Princeton
Pins and Needles 4-H Club. Breed
champions were: James Bauder,
Ayrshire; Jeffery Moon, Brown
Swiss; Betsy Perschke, Guernsey;
Dean Kind, Holstein; Tom Clark,
Jersey; and Maggie Whiting,
Milking Shorthorn.
The county’s top exhibitors in
four age categories competed for
trophies sponsored by Milk
Marketing, Inc., Farm Credit,
Snyder Dairy Farm, and Kemland
Farm. Winners were: Jay Clark,
17 and over; Jill Snyder, 14-16;
Greg Telesz, 11 - 13; and Thad
Sturgeon, 8 - 10-year-olds.
Serving as announcer for the day
was Dave Ward, Wilmington Area
FFA advisor. The
Beaver/Lawrence Dairy Princess,
Jill Snyder, and her alternate,
Kristen Swick, handed out ribbons
to the recipients.
Here are the junior round-up
Intermediate CaH
1 Jodi Lukas
Senior Call
1 Maggie Whiting 2 Bridget Whiting
Junior Champion
Jodi Lukas
Reserve Junior Champion
Maggie Whiting
Junior 2 Year Old
1 Maggie Whiting
3-Year Old Cow
1 Bridget Whiting
4-Year Old Cow
1 Maggie Whiting
NEW CASTLE A large crowd
gathered to watch the Little
Woolies 4-H Club present their
je ity Fair's
Ladies Lead Contest was Kelly Unger. She also took home an
auuar ' l for displaying tne division's most appealing craft.
Brown Swiss named supreme champion in junior show
Best Bred/Owned
Maggie Whiting Senior Call
Senior A Grand Champion
Maggie Whiting 4 Year Old
Reserve Senior Champion
Bridget Whiting 3 Year Old
Reserve Grand Champion
Jodi Lukas Intermediate Calf
Junior Calf
1 Jeffrey Moon
Juntor Yearling
1 Diana Weisz 2 Walter Gerber 3 Jerry
Senior Yearling
1 John Slick
Junior Champion
Jeffrey Moon
Reserve Junior Champion
Diana Weisz
Junior 2 Year Old
I Jeffrey Moon
Senior? Year Old
1 John Slick 2 Walter Gerber
3 Year Old
I Jeffrey Moon 2 Diana Weisz 3 Waiter
4 Year Old
I Jeffrey Moon
5 & Over
1 Waiter Gerber
Best Bred/Owned
Diana Weisz 3 Year Old
Senior & Grand Champion
Jettrey Moon J Year Old
Reserve Senior &
Reserve Grand Champion
Walter Gerbe r 5 & Over
Junior Calf
1 Scott Palmer
Intermediate Cali
1 Jerry Wilson 2 Amylukas
Senior Calf
1 Beth Bauder
Junior Yearling
1 Jame* Bauder 2 James Bauder
Junior Champion
James Bauder
Reserve Junior Champion
Scott Palmer
Junior 2 Year Old
1 James Bauder 2 Beth Bauder 3
Senior 2 Year Old
1 Scott Palmer
3 Year Old
1 James Bauder 2 Beth Bauder
5 & Over
1 Beth Bauder
Best Bredt Owned
James Bauder Junior Yearling
Senior Champion &
Grand Champion
James Bauder Junior 2 Year Old
Reserve Senior &
Reserve Grand Champion
James Bauder 3 Year Old
Junior Calf
1 Cindy Fisher 2 Christina McDowell
Senior Calf
1 Cindy Fisher
Junior Yearling
1 Timothy McDowell
Junior Champion
Timothy McDowell
Reserve Junior Champion
Cmdy Fisher Junior Calf
3 Year Old
1 Charles Dean
4 Year Old
1 Christina McDowell
S-Year Old
1 Betsy Perschke
Best Bred Owned
Timothy McDowell
Senior 4 Grand Champion
Betsy Perschke
Lawrence ladies add elegance with leed contest
second annual ladies lead com
petition at the Lawrence County
A carpeted stage complete with
Reserve Senior Champion
Christina McDowell 4 Year Old
Reserve Grand Champion
Timothy McDowell
Junior Calf
1 Matthew Lawrence 2 Jodi Marshall 3 Jerry
Intermediate Calf
1 Mark Marshall 2 Bryan Dickinson 3 William
Senior Calf
1 Todd Martin 2 Thad Sturgeon 3 Tncia
Junior Yearling
1 Jerry Wilson 2 Jill Snyder 3 William Scott
Intermediate Yearling
1 William Snyder 2 Dean Kind 3 Robert
Glenn II
Senior Yearling
1 Jill Snyder 2 Nicki Bozlinski 3 Thad
Junior Champion
Matthew Lawrence Junior Calf
Reserve Junior Champion
Todd Martin Senior Calf
Junior 2 Year Old
1 Dean Kind
Senior 2 Year Old
1 Dean Kind 2 Thad Sturgeon 3 William
4 Year Old
1 Gregory Telesz 2 William Snyder
5 & Over
I Nicki Bozlmski ? John Dice
Best Bred/Owned
Todd Martin Senior Calf
Senior & Grand Champion
Dean Kind Junior 2 Year Old
Reserve Senior &
Reserve Grand Champion
Nicki Bozlmski 5 & Over
Junior Calf
1 Edward Clark 2 Brian Walters
intermediate Calf
1 James Clark 2 Brian Walters
Senior Calf
J Andrew Clark 2 Thomas Clark 3 Brian
Junior Yearling
1 Thomas Clark 2 Matthew Clark 3 Thomas
Intermediate Yearling
1 Tammy Clark
Senior Yearling
I Brian Walters
Junior Champion
Andrew Clark Senior Calf
Reserve Junior Champion
Thomas Clark Junior Yearling
Junior 2 Year Old
1 David Clark 2 Amv Lukas
ROSEMONT, 111. - Charles
Gregory Harding of Brookville
recently received a $5OO UDIA
Employee Dairy Shrine
Scholarship. Scholarships go to
outstanding high school seniors
who are entering college to study
dairy marketing or a related field.
Also receiving awards were
Jana Kay Peterson of Wykoff,
Minn., and Shelly Ann Keller of
Muscoda, Wis. Peterson received a
$5OO scholarship and Keller a $l,OOO
Award recipients are selected on
the basis of ability, interest and
flowers and pine trees added a
touch of elegance to the
fairgrounds’ hog and sheep bam
housing the evening event. Both
junior and senior divisions were
recognized, with the show’s 16
contestants being judged on the
quality of their sheep as well as
their own wool outfits and poise.
A panel of three judges was
responsible for choosing the
winners. Cindy Van Ord, a senior
at Westminster College, judged the
ladies’ outfits, which had to be
composed of at least 75 percent
wool to qualify. As Pennsylvania’s
representative, Miss Van Ord was
recently named first runner-up in
the national “Make It With Wool”
Judging contestants for poise
and stage presence was Jodi
McConnell, a frequent Keystone
state pageant entrant who was
recently featured in “Women’s
World” magazine.
Mercer County extension agent
Robert Calvert handled sheep
judging duties. A noted sheep
judge, Calvert, along with his
family, raises Hampshires,
Cheviots, Shropshires and
A special award in the form of a
hand-embroidered plaque stating,
“Ewe’s Not Fat-You Fluffy!”,
went to Maggie Whiting’s ewe for
recognition as the show’s plumpest
Taking top honors in the junior
division was Gayle Clyde, who was
Jeff Moon proudly displays his trophies earned by Locust
Spring Titan Michelle, supreme grand champion of the
Lawrence County junior dairy show.
Senior 2 Year Old
1 Roseann Pisano 2 Roseann Pisano
3 Year Old
1 Carl Cassidy 2 David Clark
4 Year Old
1 Thomas Clark 2 James Clark
5 & Over
I Brian Walters 2 Thomas Clark
Harding receives UDIA scholarship
need by a committee of impartial
dairy experts assembled by the
Dairy Shrine Club. The club will
present the scholarships at its
annual meeting on Nov. 5 in
Louisville, Ky.
Harding will apply his
scholarship toward studies at Penn
State where he will major in
agriculture business management
with a dairy marketing emphasis.
The son of Jan and the late C.
Eugene Harding, he is the fourth
Harding to win a UDIA scholar
Harding earned a high school
also recognized for having the
most appropriate outfit. She
received a plaque and gift cer
tificates from Carol Martin. In
second place was Nichole
McGeary who was awarded a
halter. Other placings included:
Maggie Whiting, third; Wendy
Hixenbaugh, fourth; Melinda
Lamb, fifth; Amy Musser, sixth;
Frances Shich, seventh; Bridget
Gayle Clyde took first place in the junior division, and
received an award for the most appropriate outfit.
Best Bred/Owned
Thomas Clark 5 & Over
Senior & Grand Champion
Thomas Clark 4 Year Old
Reserve Senior &
Reserve Grand Champion
Brian Walters 5 & Over
grade average of 87 out of 100
points while particiating in the Key
Club and 4-H, wrestling on the
Varsity team and serving as
treasurer of his class.
He grew up on the family’s 400-
acre.dairy farm, helping to milk
their 80 registered Guernseys and
Holstems, raise their calves and
grow feed crops. At the age of 16 he
started managing the family’s
dairy processing plant for a year
before it was sold.
Whiting, eighth; and Rhonda
Raisley, ninth.
Kelly Unger was named the
winner in the senior division, and
was also selected as having the
most appealing outfit. Other
winners included: Jodi Dean,
second; Connie Cunningham,
third; Julie Maxwell, fourth;
Cathy Dean, fifth; Janet Shich,
sixth; and Missy Berg, seventh.
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