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    DlB—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, September IS, 1984
Hunterdon plans farm tours on Saturday •
terdon’s agriculture is a highly
diverse industry. To see this, plan
to participate in the “Ag
Awareness Day” activities
scheduled for next Saturday from
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Of course, there will be a dairy
farm and' a horse
breeding/training facility. There’ll
be beef, sheep and grain farms.
And more, there will be tree and
shrub nurseries, greenhouses and
garden center, a couple of modern
fruit farms, an excellent
winery/vineyard, and a general
farm that’s diverse in itself.
The 12 farms involved will be
opening their doors to the public.
The committee coordinating the
event is the Agriculture Awareness
Committee of the Hunterdon
County Board of Agriculture.
Susan Blew, chairman of the
committee, and her husband, Ted,
have their “general” farm on the
list. Oak Grove Plantation is a
classic example of diversity. They
started out producing grains for
the wholesale market. It’s difficult
to compete with the Midwest, so
they considered moving into more
direct marketing, what with our
proximity to heavy populated
They now grow vegetables,
bedding plants, sunflowers for
birdseed, hay, popcorn, soybeans
for seed, other grains and straw.
They produce High Hope Hogs for
table and home freezer, home
nulled grains for flour.
Wool Production
At Fred and Linda Walker’s
Woods Edge Wool, visitors will see
still another operation that’s quite
unique. The Walkers have a farm
west of Ringoes, at Bowne Station,
Competitive Prices
Slaughtered under
government inspection
Frank Fillippo -
Residence - 215-666-0725
Elam Cinder - 717-367-3824
C.L. King - 717-786-7229
and specialize in dual-purpose
sheep. They have 100 head of
registered Romney, Border
Leicesters, and Coopworth sheep
for meat arid wool. The long
lustrous fleeces are processed by
handspinning into knitting and
weaving yams. Other products are
freezer lambs and washable
On the day of open house, a
caterer at the farm will be selling
G. Tammen, former head of the
Department of Plant Pathology at
Penn State and current president
of Olgevee Associates at Con
nellsville, has been named a
Fellow of the American
Phytopathological Society.
Tammen was elected in
recognition of his outstanding
contributions to the science of
plant pathology and to the Society.
Perhaps Tammen’s most
significant work has been the
development of “pathogenfree”
propagating plants and of the
growing systems that preclude
reinfection of such plants. After
becoming a member of the Penn
State faculty in 1956, Tammen
devoted several years of research
to testing methods of identifying
and growing healthy plants. By the
early 19605, he had developed a
foundation stock of cultivars that
remained free of systemic bac
terial, fungal and viral pathogens
for several generations. He then
began working directly with
growers to help them establish
their own foundation blocks and
lamb burgers and lamb sausage
sandwiches from 10 to 4 p.m. There
will be demonstrations of sheep
shearing and processing raw wool
to yarn. There is a yarn shop on
Other Stops
Other farms open to the public on
“Ag Awareness Day” are: in the
northern part of the county, Dan &
Lynn Vernon’s Tewksbury Wine
Cellars; Fred Clucas’ grain farm;
Society elects Tammen
James Tammen
growing systems for the com
mercial production of pathogen
free geraniums. Commercial
production of geraniums has since
become an international industry.
Tammen’s efforts in the Society
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Farms, a dairy farm; Mr. & Mrs Wools there will the 0 6
Surge’s Ripple Spring[ apple and rtunit to see Col James £
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operation- Herman Panaceks
have been equally productive and
include serving as President
during 1973. Among his
achievements are the development
of the Disease Management
Coordinating Committee, which
provides a meeting ground for
pathologists with diverse interests,
and the co-founding of the In
tersociety Consortium for Plant
Ag in Action
Somerset County Board of
Agriculture will be holding its
“Agriculture in Action” Day
tomorrow from 1 to 4 p.m. at Tom
D’Altrui’s D.I. Farm on River
'Road, Belle Mead, N.J., south of
Millstone. Free milk will be
distributed by the Somerset
County Dairy Princess and her
Court. There will be free hayrides
and agricultural informational
pamphlets. Roast pork and hot
dogs will be available for pur
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During his career, Tammen has
been awarded several research
grants. Among them is the NATO
Senior Fellowship grant, which he
received in 1971. Tammen used his
grant to finance a six-month
sabbatical at the Agricultural
University of Wageningen, the
Netherlands, where he studied
epidemic diseases of plants grown
in enclosed environments.
Day slated
Exhibitors will include a nur
seryman, sod grower, three
Standardised horse organizations,
a feedmill, as well as, the Soil
Conservation District and Ex
tension Service.
There will be a small petting zoo
of farm animals to interest the
children. This will be held rain or
shine, as most of the exhibits will
be located in a large indoor riding
Follow the signs from rt. 206 east
to rt. 533 (River Road). For further
information call Dave Kyle or Jim
Laine (201) 369-7445, (201) 369-4967.
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