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    D6—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, August 4,1984
Northern Lights introduces a new, self-priming portable
pump, "Super Pump."
Portable ‘Super Pump’ available
SEATTLE, Wa. - Northern
Lights has introduced a new self
priming portable pump. Named
the EP-41, it is really more
deserving of the name “Super-
A little bigger than a breadbox, it
weighs only 18% lbs. The rubber
gripped handle and balanced
carrying point make it easy to take
to any job or emergency site. The
“Super-Pump” has a removable
gas tank and an easy pull recoil
It is truly versatile. Boat owners
use it to pump bilges and wash
down the decks. Home owners
pump pools and drain flooded
New Idea starts on road back
COLDWATER, Oh. - New Idea
Farm Equipment Corporation, a
wholly owned subsidiary of Allied
Products Corporation, announced
the appointment of Bernard L.
Nielsen as vice president and
general manager.
Nielson said, “We will continue
with the manufacture and sale of
existing product lines and main
tain an aggressive attitude toward
new products. The future prospect
for profitability will be
significantly influenced by New
Idea’s ability to respond to new
product requirements and the
opportunities that may exist for
supply of products to other farm
equipment companies. New Idea
must continue its all out effort to
return to a profitable status. This
can only be achieved through its
most important resources which
are the people and the existing
dealer organization. I am con
fident that with continued hard
work and commitment, New Idea
will make a profitable contribution
to Allied Products Corporation. ”
In the original announcement
regarding the sale, Richard A.
Drexler, president of Allied,
stated, “While the farm equipment
industry in general has suffered
along with the American farmer in
recent years, Allied’s farm
equipment business has remained
profitable. We therefore believe a
farm equipment business can
achieve good profitability even
when it is geared to present
depressed industry sales levels
and that both the farmer and the
farm equipment industry have an
excellent longer term future.”
Company operations through
May of this year employed the
services of over 700 people. Due to
the continued depressed status of
the farm equipment industry,
basements. With a discharge
capacity of 80 gallons per minute,
even farmers consider it a handy
irrigation tool. Its 136 foot reach
makes it a reliable choice for fire
The compact pump is engineered
to combine heavy-duty features
with lightweight materials. Its cast
aluminum engine block is heavily
gusseted for strength and has an
integral cylinder liner of hardened
steel. Smooth operation, even in
muddy water, is assured by the
pump’s open-type impeller.
From Alaska Diesel Electric,
P.O. Box 70543, Seattle, WA 98107.
employment had dropped to less
than 400 people in early June. The
outlook for the future is somewhat
difficult to project due to the status
of the industry. At present,
however, the company has been
calling back some plant workers as
production is required.
New Idea Farm Equipment
Corporation has agreed to
recognize the United Steelworkers
of America as the representatives
of its production, maintenance and
plant clerical employees.
Negotiations with the Steelworkers
on a new contract are scheduled to
begin in late August. During the
interim period the Company has
indicated its intention to hire
needed employees from the pre
existing Avco layoff recall roster
based on seniority, skill and
ability. Letters to that effect were
sent out on Friday, July 20 to all
active and laid off employees to
Chevron cites
Chevron Chemical Company has
announced that it has placed into
its development program a
postemergence grass herbicide
called Selectone.
The company hopes to have the
Chevron-discovered compound
registered and on the market
within four years, said R.D.
Wessel, Manager of Development
projects. Entering the compound
in a full-scale development
program represents a major
resource commitment to the new
herbicide on the part of the com
pany, Wessel said.
Selectone, which is the
trademarked name for ex
perimental compound number RE
-36290, has shown excellent pre- and
postemergence control of grassy
• ••
Silage mixer feeders reported
DES MOINES, la. Massey-
Ferguson has introduced three
new silage mixer feeders for more
efficient livestock feeding for open
feedlot and dairy farmers, as well
as hog and sheep producers. They
are the MF 546, MF 544 and MF 542
Silage Mixer Feeders.
The MF 546 is available with a
mixing box capacity of 250 bushels
(310 cu. ft.), the MF 544 with a
capacity of 175 bushels (218 cu. ft.)
and the MF 542 with a capacity of
155 bushels (193 cu. ft.).
Their low box profile and
compact design make them easy to
load in bunkers and maneuver in
tight areas, under grain chutes and
around feedlots. *
All three units rapidly and
thoroughly mix and blend various
ingredients, corn silage, oatlage,
haylage, grain and supplements. A
chain driven endless apron inside
the box provides a unique tumbling
action for a uniform ration.
A rear baffle and top shield
reduce load on the chain during
over-full conditions, and a top
chain cleaner prevents feed from
travelling behind the baffle.
A 12-inch diameter power
unloading auger allows quick, even
bunk filling. An optional hydraulic
door opener with automatic clutch
is available on the MF 544 and MF
546. This feature automatically
engages the discharge auger when
Honr ie nnpn tVIP
proposal to create a national
commission on farm trade and
exports was endorsed here today
as a step toward “preserving and
expanding” international markets
for U.S. agricultural products.
Alex McGregor, vice president
of The McGregor Company, a
fertilizer retail business in Colfax,
Wash., speaking on behalf of The
obtain an indication from those
employees of their interest in
obtaining employment with the
new company.
Offers of employment were also
made on Friday, July 20, to those
salaried employees to be hired by
the new company. Due to the
present level of business it was
necessary to further reduce the
number of salaried employees.
New Idea has incurred significant
losses in the past which cannot be
continued in the future.
It should also be recognized that
without the support and com
mitment of Avco Corporation in
the past and currently, New Idea
would probably not exist for sale.
Over the past few weeks Avco
Corporation personnel have been
working with local management to
facilitate the sale and assist with
the personnel matters.
new herbicide
weeds when applied over-the-top of
broadleaf crops. All broadleaf
crops tested show excellent
tolerance to Selectone, according
to Wessel. These crops include
cotton, soybeans, peanuts, peas,
beans, sugarbeets, tomatoes,
alfalfa and sunflowers.
Selectone has been in evaluation
at university and private field
research stations worldwide for
the past two years, Wessell said.
Currently scientists are focusing
on residue studies, as well as
evaluating various product for
“Research to date indicates the
product is competitive with
existing and experimental
postemergence grass herbicides,
and superior in some respects,”
Wessel said.
f ■*“
The MF 546 is one of three new silage mixer feeders in
troduced recently by Massey-Ferguson. Mixing box capacity
of the MF 546 is 250 bushels (310 cu. ft.) A rear baffle and top
shield reduce load on the chain during over-full conditions,
and a top chain cleaner prevents feed from travelling behind
the baffle. A 12-inch diameter power unloading auger allows
quick, even bunk filling.
auger when the door is closed. An
optional axle riser raises the box
four inches for increased
discharge height.
An electronic digital scale
system is another option available
on all models. This system
nrnvirtps total cost-rontrol of ration
Commission to study
agriculture export policy
Fertilizer Institute, told a joint
House committee hearing that
“tour years of declining farm
exports and steady ebbing of
America’s share of the farmers
and those who supply them.”
With two-thirds of U.S. wheat
and much of the nation’s com and
other crops now raised for export,
he said, stronger, more effective
methods must be found to expand
U.S. farm shipments oversees.
McGregor, a member of the
Institute’s agricultural policy
committee, appeared in support of
a House joint resolution calling for
establishment of a National
Commission on Agricultural Trade
and Export Policy. He said such a
commission would provide
Pertl gets Sire Power post
Pertl, Butler, is named to a new
position as District Sales Manager
for Sire Power, Inc. He will be
serving the Western Pennsylvania
area, according to Michael Creek
Sire Power’s National Sales
Pertl will be managing
established areas and opening up
new territory for Sire Power in
Western Pennsylvania. His duties
will include direct herd semen
sales, delivery of semen, supplies,
and nitrogen direct to the farm,
teaching A.I. training schools,
supervising A.I. technicians, and
promotion of the GOLD Sire
Development Program.
He brings to his new position a
strong background in agriculture.
He is a May, 1983 graduate of Penn
State University with a Degree in
Dairy Production. Roger also
carried many related subjects and
other courses supporting his
employment interests. While at
tending school, he was a member
of the Penn State Dairy Science
Club, member of the Penn State
Dairy Judging Team, and
secretary of Delta Theta Sigma, a
social and professional agriculture
fraternity. He was on the dean’s
list three times.
Prior to his appointment, he
worked during the summer of 1983
as Administrative Officer and
Intern for the PA Department of
Agriculture in the Department of
by measuring ingredients ac
curately. It will also weigh rations
out to the bunks for accurate
feeding and record keeping. Two
scale pivot brackets allow scale
placement to suit individual far
ming operations.
evaluation and analysis of the
current “patchwork quilt” of
federal farm export programs, and
would offer an opportunity to build
a foundation for more productive,
better-coordinated programs that
will “better serve the farmer and
the nation.”
The proposed national study
commission would be composed of
35 members - 20 to be chosen from
the private sector, 12 from the
Congress, and three from the
executive branch. The secretary of
agriculture would provide some
resources, and private donations
would be sought to fund an in
dependent staff.
inf jm
Roger C. Pertl
Agricultural Exports. He compiled
an Agriculture Export Directory
for Pennsylvania and visited
farms and companies as a
representative from the PA
Department of Agricultural Ex
port. He acted as liaison between
foreign buyers and domestic
sellers. During the summer, 1982,
he was a salesperson for Northrup
King Seed Company managing
consumer products for three states
in the Eastern Division.
He was bom and raised on a 300
acre dairy farm in Erie County.