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    *l2—Lancaster Fanning, Saturday, July 21,1984
Now is
the Time
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and then discover the supply is
exhausted. Certified seed is
strongly suggested in order to
realize the most from all inputs.
If you plan to use homegrown
seed from a healthy field, they
should be tested at the Penn
sylvania Department of
Agriculture seed lab; don’t waste
time and money on poor quality
seed; you could be spreading
disease and more weeds.
To Take Time To Be Safe
Once every four years the
average farm laborer can expect
to be injured so severely that
medical attention is required. Our
safety engineers tell us that
agricultural workers are much
more susceptible to accidents and
injury than industrial workers.
Many pieces of farm machinery
need to be repaired and adjusted
on the job. Some of this is done
while the machinery is on the run.
This is dangerous and we urge you
to stop the machine and shut it off
before any adjustments are made.
Just a few seconds of patience
could save your life or a vital part
Your S7 — TSx-o-Wik dealer has
great deals on great grain dryers. He
has recirculating batch dryers in
stock and ready for harvest.
G7 — Tmx-a-wsh dryers are loaded
with features to get the most out
of every dollars worth of fuel. And
they handle the grain gently to
keep the quality in while taking the
moisture out
These dryers are on sale now so
you can beat the harvest rush and
save thousands.
So see your dealer today and get
one of these hot deals before his
inventory dries up.
Gilmore A Tatgc Mfg. Co* Inc.
Clay Center, Kansas 67432
mmmmm. tsr—Tmx-o-wih
Farm Calendar
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4-H Fair, Farm Show Complex,
Harrisburg, continues through
York County Holstein Show,
Grange Poultry Conference, 7:30
p.m., Lancaster Farm and
Home Center.
Saturday, July 28
Private Landowner Conference,
Pa. Forestry Assn., Pocono
Hershey Resort, White Haven.
Pa. Ayrshire Breeders Field Day,
Lewis Thomas Valley Furnace
Farm, Ligonier.
Delaware Holstein Sale, Del.
Fairgrounds, Harrington, 6-10
Rutgers Vegetable-Flower Open
House, 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.,
Ryders Lane, New Brunswick,
of the human body. Farm
machinery has replaced the dairy
bull as the main cause of farm
accidents. Keep in mind however,
it is not the machinery that is at
fault in most cases, but the
operator who does not take time to
be safe.
The Penn State Extemion Service te an
affirmative action, equal opportunity
educational imtltntian.
G&M Livestock
Monday, Jnly 16
Duncans ville, Pa.
Report supplied by auction
DAIRY COWS; 600.00-890.00 per
Choice 64.00-68.50; Good 58.00-
64.00; Standard 52.00-58.00; Utility
44.00- Heifers- Choice 62.00-
65.00; Good 54.0032.00; Standard
50.00- Utility 42.00-50.00.
Cows- Choice 44.00-46.00, couple to
48.00, 1 at 53.00; Good 42.00-44.00;
Standard 40.00-42.00; Utility 38.00-
40.00; Cutters 36.00-38.00; Canners
down to 33.00. Bulls 1200-1950 lbs.
48.00- 900-1100 lbs. 44.00-54.00.
Choice none; Medium and Good
300-600 lbs. 48.00-58.00. Heifers-
Medium and Good 300-600 lbs.
CALVES: Vealers- Prime and
High Choice 75.00-85.00; Good and
Choice 60.00-75.00; Standard 45.00-
60.00; Utility down to 35.00. Farm
Calves- Holstein bulls 90-120 lbs.
70.0038.00; Heifers 90-120 lbs.
HOGS: Barrows and Gilts 210-
250 lbs. 56.00-59.00; 170-300 lbs.
50.00- Sows 300350 lbs. 42.00-
49.50. Boars 34.00-36.50.
FEEDER PIGS: 25-35 lbs. 20.00-
30.00 per head; 35-50 lbs. 30.00-
SHEEP: Slaughter lambs none
Ewes 12.00-28.00.
GOATS: Small 10.00-18.00.
Name _
[ Phone ___ . I
CATTLE: Steers: Active;
mostly Holsteins offered; 1.00
higher. Choice Holsteins 58.00-
60.25; Good 56.25-58.25; Medium
57.00 down. Heifers: .50 higher.
Choice 59.0032.85; Good 55.00-
58.50; Medium 54.00 down. Cows:
Mostly steady. High Yield 42.50-
45.75; Average 39.00-43.00; Big
Middle 37.75-41.50; Shelly 37.00
down. Fat Bulls; Medium 46.50-
FEEDER CATTLE; Good run of
mostly Holstein Feeders. Steers;
(300-550 lbs.) Good to Choice 53.00-
58.50; Medium Holsteins 41.50-
46.00. Steers: (600-850 lbs.)
Medium to Good Holsteins 47.00-
52.50. Heifers (all weights): Mostly
Holsteins offered. Medium 42.00-
44.00; Dairy Type 35.00-41.00. Bulls
(all weights) Too few to test
VEAL CALVES: 10.00-15.00
higher. Choice 70.0030.00; Good
55.00-70.00; Medium 45.00-55.00;
Light/weak 44.00 down. Farm
Bulls- 74.0032.00. Farm Heifers
HOGS: Barrows & Gilts 210-250
lbs. 54.50-57.00; over 260 lb. 55.50-
SOWS; 1.00 lower. Over 450 lb.
39.25-45.00; under 450 38.5043.75.
Boars- 34.00-34.25; Light 41.00-
Sollenberger Silos Corp
Box N, Chambersburg, PA 17201
;st Time To Call
Carlisle Livestock
Carlisle, Pa.
Tuesday, Jnly 17
Report supplied by auction
FEEDER PIGS (by the hd) (25.
35 lbs.) 20.50-25.50; (50-70 lbs. 38.00-
49.00). Shoats (by the lb) few to
SHEEP: Lambs- Large run.
Choice 50.00-55.00; Good 44.00-
49.00; Med. 42.00-45.00. Ewes- 6.00-
20.001 b.
GOATS; (Lg) 45.0fr59.00 (hd);
Sm./Med 13.00-29.00 (hd.).
Valley Livestock
Valley Stockyards
Athens, Pa.
Monday, July 16
Report supplied by auction
Holstein Hfr. Calves to 66.00;
Veal Calves 60.00-73.00; Vealer
Bull Calves 55.00-79.00; Slaughter
Calves 40.00-55.00; Grassers &
Feeders 35.00-50.00; Lambs 45.00-
71.00; Sheep 15.00-21.00; Hogs, 200
to 250 50.00-54.50; Sows 40.00-46.50;
Boars 38.00-44.00; Pigs each 15.00
32.00; Heifers 40.00-49.00; Steers
42.0048.75; Steers, feeder 36.00
49.00; Bulls 44.00-49.00; Cows,
utility 39.00-42.50; Cows, fat 38.50
44.00; Cows, medium 35.00-37.00;
Cows, poor or small 25.00-34.00;
Cattle Market steady; Calf Market
easier; Horses 100.00-235.00;
Ponies to 50.00; Goats each 10.00-
Please send information on
1~~1 I Upright Bunker
□ 2 Manure Pits
□ 3. Feed Bunk
f~l 4 Cattleguards
5 Monolithic
Concrete Silos