Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, July 07, 1984, Image 11

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    A common sense approach
to conservation tillage.
Conservation tillage isn’t just a specific type of tillage practice. It’s and other factors. But whatever your situation, an International®
an attitude toward crop and soil management. That’s why—whatever moldboard plow can help you do a better job.
kind of conservation tillage you practice—there’s a place in your Take our 735 Vari-Width plow. It’s built tough, with a strong
program for the moldboard plow. At least every few years, with a tillage tubular backbone and long-lasting Earth Metal ™ plowbottoms.
rotation system. With a Hill 34" vertical clearance, trash flow is exceptional. Plus
You see, the moldboard plow still does things for your soil that you can hydraulically adjust both width and draft on-the-go, to
other tillage methods can’t. plow from 14- to 22-inch furrows and leave as much residue on
Inverting the soil disperses soil microbes deeper, improving top as you want,
nitrogen availability to the crop. For many tough perennial weeds, the Your IH Dealer has an entire line of dependable, versatile
moldboard plow is still the best control method. And with modifications moldboard plows that can make a lot of ■
to past plowing practices, such as removal of covering boards, erosion sense in a lot of conservation tillage
control can still be accomplished. programs. See if one doesn’t ■ ■
and when you moldboard plow depends on your soil, crops make a lot of sense in yours. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER