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    '!. .Muimijt, Minroiy, nine is, 1984
Staff Correspondent
overall average for cows sold at
the Spring Run Jersey Farm
Dispersal, owned by the G.
Richard Moose family, June 2
came out ahead of most Jersey
sales where the averages have
been under the $l,OOO mark.
According to a sales member of
Jersey Marketing Service,
Columbus, Ohio, the sale was “real
good” because the average of
$1,175 was not far off from the
recently held National Sale.
Topping the sale was Spring Run
Soldier Spotty, who is contracted
for her calf sired by A-Nine Top
Brass and due this month. The
calf, if born a bull, will be pur
chased by Louisiana Animal
Breeders Cooperative. S. Braden
Ring, Maryland, was the top
bidder at $3,500 to seek the popular
Briarcliffs Soldier Boy daughter.
King also purchased two others in
the sale.
The next high seller brought only
$5O more than the third high selling
consignment. Dean Moose, a
nephew who will taking over the
farm, purchased the second high
seller, Spring Run Magic Lassie,
for $2,800. Lassie, who has a 5.0
percent fat test and has scored
Very Good-80, is sired by
Quicksilvers Magic of Ogston.
Spring Run Samson Peggy sold
for $2,750 and was taken home by
Dennis Hippley, Salem, Ohio.
Peggy freshened in March and has
records over 12,000 pounds of milk,
a 5.0 percent fat test and over 600
pounds of butterfat.
Order 4 milk price $14.86 for July
ALEXANDRIA, Va. - Middle
Atlantic Order Market Ad
ministrator Joseph D. Shine today
announced a Class I milk price of
$14.86 per hundredweight for July
This price is up one cent from
June but is 43 cents below last
July’s Class I price. Order No. 4
prices are announced for milk
testing 3.5 percent butterfat f.o.b.
plants located within 55 miles of
Philadelphia and also within 75
miles from the nearer of
Washington, DC, or Baltimore,
MD. There is also a 6-cent direct
delivery differential applicable to
producer milk received at plants
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Spring Run Jersey Sale averages $1,175 per head
A heifer calf bom May 30 was
third high selling heifer at $9OO.
Delmas Moore, Beallsville, Ohio,
purchased the 3-day-old Boss Man
daughter. The calf’s dam, Spring
Run Lad Margot, has recorded
18,000 pounds of milk at a 4.5
percent fat test and is a butterfat
producer hitting the 1,000-pound
The sale’s volume buyer was
Dean Moose who retained 13 head
of cattle at the home farm. Son
Gerald Moose bought 10 bead for
his farm which is located four
miles from his parent’s farm.
The five-hour-long sale was
watched over by a bam crew
headed up by Dave Parkinson,
Shelboume Falls, Ma., the area
Jersey representative. Also
helping were Danny Mermer,
Indiana, and Fred Stout, Mt.
Carmel, 111.
Auctioneer Merlin Woodruff,
Urbana, Ohio, sold the herd to a
majority of buyers from Penn
sylvania and Ohio, with New York,
Kentucky, Maryland and Illinois
also represented. Pete Giacomini,
Columbus, Ohio, read pedigrees
with Sara Schirm and Brenda
Spence, also of Columbus, clerking
the sale.
MONTEREY, Calif. - Penn
sylvania Jersey breeder Donald
Roontz, Fredonia, is among 24
dairymen representing 13 states
who will be presented the Cam
located within 55 miles of
Shine announced a Class II milk
price of $11.98 per hundredweight
for May 1984 and a butterfat dif
ferential of 16.4 cents for the
month. The Class II price was
down two cents from April while
the butterfat differential was
The July Class I price and the
May Class n price are based on the
May 1984 Minnesota-Wisconsin
manufacturing milk price of $12.08
per hundredweight at a 3.5 percent
butterfat content.
The USDA reported that the
wholesale price of Grade A butter
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Top selling cow, at $3,500, Spring Run Soldier Spotty was purchased by Mr. and Mrs.
S. Branden King, left, of Maryland. Also pictured are area Jersey representative David
Parkenson, at halter, and breeder/owner Dick Moose, right.
Koontz to receive national Jersey award
paign Equity’s “Five Year In
vestor Award” at the 26th annual
meeting of National All-Jersey Inc.
to be held in Monterey, Calif, June
at Chicago for May was $1.4292 per
pound and the nonfat dry milk
price was $.9109 per pound, f.o.b.
plants in the Chicago area.
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The 24 “Five Year Investor
Awards” to be presented this year,
combined with those given
previously, make a total of 173
dairymen who have received this
The investor awards are given to
those dairymen who have invested
money in National All-Jersey’s
Equity Program for five con
tinuous years. The awards are in
recognition and appreciation of
longtime support and promotion of
equitable milk pricing.
The Equity Program has been
the pioneer in promoting and
developing a more equitable milk
pricing system. A pricing system
that includes payment for protein,
in addition to butterfat. Today,
most major cooperatives and
cheese plants pnce all or part of
their milk using some form of
“Equity" Pricing.
The Equity Program was started
in June 1976. During the eight
years of its existence the program
has grown. Approximately 800
dairymen are investing in the
The 13 states boasting award
winners are California, Colorado,
Indiana, lowa, Massachusetts,
Michigan, Missouri, New Hamp
shire, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma,
Pennsylvania and Vermont.