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    B2B—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, June 9,1984
ITHACA, NY After a cold wet
spring, it’s finally time to enjoy
outdoor barbecues. To avoid the
ills of ourdoor grills, though, care
must be taken.
“Planning, preparation, and
precaution” is the simple advice
that works every time, says food
safety expert Robert Gravani, an
assistant professor of food science
at Cornell University.
Coqking outside is one of sum
mer’s popular pleasures; 80
percent of U.S. family household
own at least one grill. More than
1.15 billion family barbecues are
forecast for the 1984 season.
To prevent a dinner from turning
into a disaster, Cornell’s Gravani
suggests some guidelines that
should be followed. To start a fire,
for example, use only an approved
lighting fluid with water nearby to
quelch sudden flare-ups.
“Gasoline never should be used
because of its explosive nature,”
warns Gravani.
Once a fire has started, never
add starter fluid because fire can
follow the stream of the liquid back
to the can and cause an explosion.
Coals should be white hot with
not flames; It takes about 35
minutes to have a fire ready for
cooking. To determine if the coals
are ready, place the palm of your
hand over them at grill height.
Delaware Co. forms seeing eye dub
MEDIA Delaware County 4-H
is forming a Seeing Eye Puppy
Club. The purpose of this club is to
raise puppies for about one year
that will then be trained as a leader
dog for a blind person, according to
Nadine B. Albany, Delaware
county extension, 4-H Youth Agent.
The club is open to any Delaware
County boy or girl between the
ages of 8 and 19. The
organizational meeting will be on
June 20, at 7:30 p.m. in the 4-H
Center in Rose Tree Park. At that
time a presentation will be made
by “Seeing Eye” - the organization
Keep your pit or lagoon
liquefied and spreadable with
Hesston’s Slurry Agitator.
Get quality at a budget price rake a
variety of widths fast and clean in
smooth or uneven fields with a mm
imum of maintenance
Barbecues require planning, preparation and precaution
“If you can keep it there for two
seconds, the coals are hot, four
seconds means the coals are
medium hot, and five seconds
indicates low heat,” Gravani
points out.
More and more people are
turning to liquified petroleum gas
(LPG) to fire home barbecues, but
an LPG cylinder has an explosive
force equivalent to several sticks
of dynamite.
Ernie Thurston, an officer with
Cornell’s Division of Life Safety
Services, stresses that LPG
cylinders never should be tran
sported in trunks of passenger
vehicles, but should be placed in an
upright position on the floor of the
“Never leave a cylinder in a
parked vehicle, and be sure that all
the connections are tight when you
hook the gas up to a grill,”
Thurston warns.
It’s important that grease does
not drip on the hose or cylinders
because it can catch fire. And, he
adds, keep children clear of gas
fired barbecues.
“Never store spare LPG
cylinders or ones attached to a grill
inside any structure, including
porches and balconies,” Thurston
says. “Instead, they should be
stored outdoors in cool, shaded
that trains leader dogs for the blind
and a demonstration with puppies
will also be given.
Youth mterested in joining this
club will need family cooperation
and support. Monthly meetings
will be held at the 4-H Center and
outings will be planned.
For further information or if you
cannot attend the meeting but are
mterested in joining this club call
the 4-H Office at 565-9070 and talk
to Nadine. Penn State is an af
firmative action, equal op
portunity university.
■ ***«“
Bethel, PA
Phone 717-933-4114
When the meat is barbecued, the
best part of the cookout or picnic
follows soon. In the anticipation of
eating, some other precautions
should be remembered in order to
avoid becoming one of the two
million annual cases of bacterial
food poisoning.
“Don’t use platters or utensils
that were used for raw meat to
serve cooked foods,” Gravani
warns, “unless they have been
washed with soap and water to
prevent cross contamination.”
probably taught your children that
touching a hot kitchen range can
be dangerous, but Nancy B.
Stevens, Penn State extension
home economist, suggests you
extend the lesson to include out
door cooking fires.
Young children are often the
victims of outdoor cooking ac
cidents, many of which are the
result of careless use of charcoal.
That innocent-looking gray ash on
a chunk of charcoal hides a very
hot fire. Any piece showing even a
tiny fleck of gray ash can produce
a serious bum.
Before starting a fire, make sure
your grill is sturdy and set firmly
on the ground so it will not tip or
spill. Keep children and pets away
from grills and do not permit small
children to hlep build or extinguish
Never use additional starter or
lighter fluid on a fire that is
already burning. Flare-ups have
caused many serious accidents.
Use only approved starter fluids;
gasoline, kerosene, fuel oil and
lighter fluid are dangerous and
should not be used.
Make sure your fire is dead
before you leave the area. Soak the
area beneath the grill or fire with
1505 Agitator
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Teach children dangers of charcoal fires
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Be sure to keep hot foods hot and
cold foods cold until after the meal.
At that time, food should be
refrigerated as soon as possible.
Although many people think that
picnic foods containing mayon
naise can cause food poisoning,
mayonnaise actually discourages
the growth of most harmful bac
teria because of its high acidity.
Adding mayonnaise or salad
dressing to a food, in fact, may
help reduce the likelihood of food
poisoning, although it is no sub
stitute for proper refrigeration.
water. Many children have been .... . , _
seriously burned by running the hot ground lett under a tire or
through hot ashes or stepping on portable grill, warns Stevens.
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High protein and starchy foods,
such as meat, fish, poultry, and
potato salad, can cause problems
quite readily if they are pot han
dled properly and kept cool.
Handle all foods correctly and
picnics will be enjoyed by
everyone. If there are any doubts
about foods that have been left at
room temperature for long periods
of time, it’s better to throw them
away than to risk food poisoning.
“When in doubt, throw it out,”
says Gravani, a specialist in
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