Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, June 09, 1984, Image 44

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    M—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, June 9,1984
-And o
Joyce B
It’s so simple to give directions
in the city.
For instance, go south on Market
from Route 000, turn left at the
third traffic light, right at the first
stop sign and look for house
number 12345.
Most of us can handle that.
But head out into the country,
and it’s a different story. No - or
few - traffic lights. No house
numbers. We do have stop signs,
And while quite a few rural roads
now have names, we locals
generally pay precious little at
tention to them. After all, we know
where we’re going around home.
Since I often have to track down
country locations, I’ve learned the
sensibility of writing down
While I take pride in not getting
lost too often, when I did just that a
few weeks ago, and went a couple
miles beyond my original intended
destination, it bugged me to figure
out what went wrong as I carefully
retraced my tracks.
Let me add, it was a dark and
stormy night (with apologies to
Snoopy, who uses that line to start
the novels he types atop his
doghouse). Well, not that dark, but
certainly foggy. And, retracing my
travels, I discovered that the sign
on the road where I was to turn had
been bent back at a sharp angle,
probably scraped by some truck or
hay wagon.
An excusable direction-finding
goof, I comforted my ego.
My lessons in country directions
have come from a real pro, one
who usually issues me instructions
on how to find some obscure
location along with a request to
pick up some part urgently needed
- '•••'(s'
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a week Detore.
I grabbed for paper and pencil as
he recently began rattling off
“Aw, you won’t need that - this is
easy.” Sure.
“Just go out Route 30, and turn
right at the airport. Keep going
until you come to the crossroads at
the town and then go straight
through.” Yep. I can handle that.
“Then, take the gravel alley to
the left, between the three car
garage and the board fence.” Uh,
“Where it looks like the road
goes straight through the guy’s
machine shed, you’ll bear to the
left.” Huh?
“You’d better go about 45. Go 40
and you’ll hit every bump - and
there’s a bad one. If you’re going
45, you ought to fly right over the
A little tongue-in-cheek sarcasm
in that last one. I think.
Sure enough there was a nasty
bump. And another. And another.
Plenty in fact. I found ’em all.
Doing 35. Even 25 at some spots,
since I have an emotional at
tachment to my car muffler*
Sure enough, there was the shed
in the middle of the road, and the
town to go straight through at the
But suddenly I couldn’t
remember which way to turn on
the gravel road, since one went
both ways, with fences and
garages. Instinctively I went right
- which was wrong - and found a
lady smiling quizzically at me
from where she stood behind a
station wagon in a driveway.
I smiled back and threw it into
Only one way left - and sure
a * *
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Naveen says he had a clear
picture of what to expect in the
United States because of the many
Americans he has met. “My father
was in the Lions Club and we met a
lot of people from the United
States. Every year a foreign
enough, there was the little
machine shop. Right next to the
fence. Which had cows on the other
side. He forgot to tell me about
Go ahead. Laugh at our country
I’d rather follow them any day
than instructions printed by the
\i * *
R. Smith
Myerstown, PA
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410 Main St.
family comes and stays with us.”
Naveen, of course, had never met
Tom because he had not yet been
born when Tom visited India.
He has visited relatives and
friends in Texas, California and
Minnesota, and will visit
Washington, D.C. and New York
before continuing on a trip that will
take him back to Europe before
returning to India.
He claims that Santa Barbara is
the most beautiful city in the
world, and says that Californians
are more liberal and wealthy than
others. He also said he found that
everyone in Texas has a pick-up
truck and a horse.
Another observation Naveen
made is that cars last longer in
India than in this country, because
Any Size
• Akron, PA 17501 • (717) 859-2074 or 733-9196
people take much better care of
them. “They may last 20 to 30
years," he said, “We just keep
replacing parts.”
Perhaps the most significant
observation made by Naveen was
a feeling, experienced when he
landed in the United States after a
visit in Prague and other European
capitals. “When I came here I felt
really free,” he says simply.
For this 20-year-old the trip to
the United States and to the
Williams farm in Dauphin County
is simply part of his six-month
adventure before further work on
the farm or study. For Tom and Tiz
Williams the visit is the second
part of an exchange, showing how
important bonds can be and how
extensive, carrying through
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