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    (Not every piece of information
that comes across my desk is
worthy of a column and yet some of
diem are just too good to throw
away. So today we use up some of
those bits and pieces. A collection
of small items that relate to far
* « *
Mqre than 200 women attended a
conference in New Mexico recently
titled “American Farm Women in
Historical Perspective”. Here are
a couple of their quotes:
“If farm women had been
more assertive against over ex
panding and over leveraging of
debt in the 70’s agriculture today
would be in better financial
—“We must raise the con
sciousness of farm men. Not long
ago I attended a farm
management club meeting along
with my husband. Would you
believe that when the men
discussed financial strategy they
asked the women to leave the
• • *
As I’ve saicfbefore there are all
kinds of ways to get into farming.
The 1983 FFA Star
ROSKAMP: the roller mill
Testimonial FromT]
FOWL’S FEED SERVICE (717) 548-2488
All of the feed processing done in our recently completed mill is done with a
Roskamp Roller Mill and Ear Com Crusher. We make feed for dairy, hog and com
mercial layer operations.
Our rolled and coarse textured feeds have been well received by our customers.
Comments we frequently hear are:
1. A lot less dust
2. Flows much better in our bins & feeders.
3. Works very well in our computer feeders.
4. Butterfat has increased .2% or more.
5. Feed conversion is just as good or better.
6. Feed is very uniform and consistant
7. Very little if any separation.
We are very pleased with the high capacity and low horsepower requirements of the
Contact Your
Local Dealer
Barrett Equipment Co,
Smicksburg, Pa
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Clapper Farm Equip., Inc,
Alexandria. Pa
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Fred Crivellaro
Easton, Pa
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Tom Dunlap
Jersey Shore, Pa
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Jerry Webb
Delaware Extension
Agribusinessman of America
turned his mother’s houseplant
hobby into a business grossing
over $200,000 a year. Clint Albin of
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, started
with 25 ferns in his backyard when
he was a high school freshman. It
takes very little land, a lot of labor,
and a strong marketing
philosophy. He started selling to
roadside stands, now sells to chain
stores and is even renting plants
for weddings and other special
Most Pennsylvania farmers
favor a state sponsored farmland
preservation effort, according to
an opinion poll conducted by the
American Farmland Trust and the
Pennsylvania Farmers
Association. Those who felt the
continuing loss of farmland would
hurt the economy said preser
vation was the answer. According
to the surveyors, the public now
sees farmland preservation as a
pocketbook issue.
Some folks who are wondering
about all the fuss over avian in
fluenza haven’t read the latest
figures concerning the importance
P.O. Box 15, Peach Bottom, PA 17563
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Specialty Co.
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J & M Machinery Co., Inc. North Penn Sealstor
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• * •
• * *
Greetings From Fowl Country
S.G. Lewis & Son, Inc.
West Grove, Pa
R.T. Markie
Farm Equip., Inc
State College, Pa
Marshall Machinery, Inc
Honesdale, Pa
717 729-7117
MKS Enterprises, Inc
Hanover, Pa
717 637 2214
Northeast Equipment Co
Northeast, Pa
814 725 1888
of the broiler industiy on the
Delmarva peninsula. First off it’s
the fourth largest broiler
production area in the United
Those few counties of Delaware,
Maryland and Virginia rank right
up there with the entire states of
Arkansas, Georgia, and Alabama.
The value of broilers processed
and delivered from the Delmarva
peninsula last year was $B6O
million. That meant jobs for some
18,000 people and countless
millions of dollars spent in local
communities throughout that area.
What would an outbreak of avian
influenza do in this highly con
centrated broiler area? The ex
perts seem to agree it would be
devastating. No one even wants to
speculate what the final results
would be.
« • *
When egg prices go up in the
supermarket, consumers tend to
blame the farmer. But let’s look at
the facts. When it comes to food
prices the farmers share it
woefully small. When eggs were
selling for 88 cents a dozen on the
average, the farmer got 53 cents. A
one pound loaf of bread retailing
for 59 cents netted the farmer only
6 cents. He got 58 cents from a half
gallon of milk costing $1.12 in the
store. The farmer got 18 cents for
the com in a 12 ounce box of
breakfast cereal retailing for $1.75
and he got 90 cents for a pound of
pork chops costing about $2.00 in
the butcher shop. He got $1.71 for
the cotton in a pair of $18.75 blue
jeans and 39 cents for the peanuts
in an 18 ounce jar of peanut butter
that retails for $1.75.
« « •
The latest reports show that
most college ag students don’t
come from the farm. In fact over
half call big cities home. A
University of Florida study in
dicates that 57 percent of last
year’s ag college students had
Sollenberger Silos Corp. . _ WI ..
Chambersburg, Pa MARYLAND
Stouffer Bros., Inc,
Chambersburg, Pa
717-263 8424
Swope & Bashore, Inc. & $ Equipment, Inc
Myerstown Pa Street Md
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lived most of their lives in cities
larger than 50,000 population.
Students from rural backgrounds
amounted to only 8 percent of the
total. This study shows that a
majority of ag students have never
lived or worked on a farm and
nearly a third have no agricultural
Grange confers degrees
OAKRYN Fulton Grange No.
66 held its regular meeting May 14
at the Grange Hall in Oakryn,
when the first four degrees were
conferred upon a class of thirteen,
also two from Elizabethtown Area
Grange and two from Pequea
Valley Grange.
Master Thomas Galbreath
presided at the business session.
Women’s Activities committee
chairman Annaßell Wiley reported
on activities the past two weeks.
Tour committee chairman Clifford
Holloway Jr. reported that the bus
is pot filled for the trip in June to
Atlanta, Chattanooga, AshviUe,
Avian flu among
ITHACA, NY Contagious
avian influenza that broke out in
epidemic proportions in parts of
Pennsylvania last fall is among the
topics set for discussion at this
year’s Cornell University Poultry
Conference, July 25-26.
To be held at the Holiday Inn in
Ithaca, the 1984 conference will
examine lessons learned from the
outbreak of avian influenza and
steps to protect New York State’s
|B6-million egg industry from this
Other topics on the agenda are
broiler production in New York
State, principles and procedures
for molting layers, dietary protein
levels for young birds and layers,
Phone or Send for Free Literature
2975 Airline Circle
Waterloo. lowa 50703
319 232 8444
| Cheek here
I Stationary Feed Processing Center
■ Portable Ear Com Mill
! Portable Gram Roller Mill
> Silage Roller Mill
I Have representative call or stop in
Atlee Rebert Terre Hill Silo Co., Inc.
Littlestown, Pa
Rovendale Supply Uniontown Farm Equipment
Watsontown, Pa Uniontown, Pa
717538-5521 412 437 9851
Tam Agri Corp. Tri-State Farm Automation
Dillsburg Pa Hagerstown Md
717 432 9738 301 790 3698
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, May 26,1984-D5
Poultry Conference in July
R R or Box No
Terre Hill, Pa
Arnett’s Garage
RR 9 Box 125
Hagerstown Md
301 733 0515
experience of any kind prior to
Well, I’ve cleaned my files a
little bit, maybe I’ve shared some
useful information. Considering
the flow of agricultural copy
across my desk these is bound to be
another catch-up column some
where down the line.
Great Smokies, Ruby Falls, Rock
City, Chimney Rock, Billy Graham
Park, Blue Ridge Parkway and
J. Everett Kreider reported on
installation of lights for two ad
ditional volleyball courts. A new
ceiling and new lights are being
installed in the Grange Hall kit
On May 28 at 8 p.m. Lecturer
Sandy Galbreath will present the
annual memorial program. June
11 will be home-made ice cream
and strawberry night in ob
servance of June Dairy Month.
topics at Cornell
and expanding markets with new
products made from poultry meat
and eggs.
Sponsored by Cornell
Cooperative Extension and the
department of poultry and avian
sciences in the New York State
College of Agriculture and Life
Sciences at Cornell, the two-day
meeting is expected to attract
about 150 poultry farmers from
throughout New York State.
Dan L. Cunningham, assistant
professor of poultry science, is the
conference chairman. For further
information about the July 25-26
meeting, contact Cunningham, 202
Rice Hall, Cornell University,
Ithaca, NY 14853, or at (607 ) 256-
BrooKhill Equipment
& Supply Co.
Pittstown, NJ
Sharon Springs Garage, Inc
Sharon Springs, NY
518 284 2346
Ed Lipscomb’s Equip
Eglon WV
304 735 5239