Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, May 19, 1984, Image 66

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    B26—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, May 19,1984
Hesston's Slurry Agitator.
Get quality at a budget price, rake a
variety of widths fast and clean in
smooth or uneven fields with a min
imum of maintenance
Have You
By Doris Thomas
Lancaster Extension
Home Economist
Bethel, PA
Phone 717-933-4114
1505 Agitator
Dimension* and Waighta
Total weight 840 IDs
Overall length —22 t 5 )
Overall width 39
Overall height 37
Working depth 102 |trom ground
level may vary from tractor to tractor)
Propeller dra -22
Weasler L 55 telescoping U (cunt
assembly with 2 shear bolts
Treclor Requirements
3 point hitch Category II or 111
Narrow (Category 111 Narrow requires
reducing spacers m b#» (omts oi
tower kit arms )
Mydraukca single remote outlet
ASAE 8 mch stroke cyknder required
(not furnished)
PTO MO rpm
HP 65 PTO minimum
Spring Cleaning Doesn't
Have To Be A Drag
Warm breezes, buds on the trees,
the first robin - these cheery signs
of spring also bring not so cheery
thoughts of spring cleaning.
This year, plan your cleaning so
it is less of a chore. For many
people the worst part of cleaning is
the thought of doing it. If you begin
on a positive note you many find
the work gets done more quickly
and easily.
First, make a plant for spring
cleaning. Make a list of what needs
to be done and who will do it. Will
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you do it all yourself or can family
members help?
Then take the list of the jobs and
break each down into steps.
Because there are several ways to
do almost any cleaning chore,
decide which way will be best for
For example, if you know all of
the curtains need to be washed and
pressed, you can decide to do the
curtains for each room as you do
other tasks in that room. Or, you
may choose to wash the curtains
from all over the house on one day
and get the job done all at once.
After you’ve made a list with all
the steps that need to be done for a
clean home or apartment, the best
thing to do is jump right in. Do one
step at a time. You may want to set
a goal for yourself to do at least
three tasks each day. Then, for
example, if you get foui done on a
Thursday, you’ll be one ahead and
will only have to do two on Friday.
If you tire easily or work outside
the home and can’t spend a lot of
time at cleaning all at once, you
can further divide your list of steps
into small parts. Then, when you
have a few minutes, you can do one
part of a bigger task. Say you have
decided to wash all your curtains
on one day, you can start taking
down the curtains in each room as
you have time before that day.
You’ll have the whole job done
before you know it.
Also think about yourself when
planning your cleaning schedule.
Do you work better in the morning,
afternoon or evening? Take ad
vantage of the best work time for
SitS pSELs
wn-um+nnu rm suaase. m m m f
R Lsbzeitsr&ssii
1062 Manheim Pike. Lancaster, PA
you. And if a pretty warm day
comes along, don’t stay inside
feeling sorry for yourself because
your list says you’ll do a certain
task that day. Instead, change
your plans and work on something
outdoors. After a long winter,
there’s plenty to do in even the
smallest yard or garden plot, not to
mention the outside windows.
Take care of yourself when
you’re doing spring cleaning. Don’t
take risks by using unsafe
equipment like weak stools or
shaky ladders. Use tools suited for
the job you’re doing. And keep
your amount of energy in mind,
too. Plan to take rest breaks so
you’ll not only work better when
you get back to the job, but so you
have enough energy left when
you’re done to feel proud of
Fireplace Bricks
Cozy winter fires may have left
your hearth blackened and
smudged, but you can perk up
those drab bricks by washing them
with warm water and a washing
powder, say Extension home
management specialists at The
Pennsylvania State University.
Try using a cleaning compound
such as trisodium phosphate
available from paint dealers and
hardware stores. Follow directions
and dissolve the recommended
amount of washing powder into a
gallon of warm water.
If the bricks are badly soiled, use
a brush to apply the cleaning
solution. Rinse off the cleamng
solution and let dry.