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Heading the cookbook committee,
Miriam Forney said they received
about 1,600 recipes which occupied
the majority of her dining room for
several months.
A Grange member for 45 years
and a past home economist,
Miriam said she was honored when
Grange Master Charles Wismer
asked her to chair the cornmittee.
While the job required much
tune and effort, Miriam said she
believes, “nothing is worthwhile
unless it involves work and effort.”
Jane Gilbert and Barbara
Whritenour, who both live near
Miriam’s home in Nazareth, made
up the remainder of the com
mittee. Working together, the
three women wrote a form and a
letter, which-they sent to each of
the over 500 Women’s Activities
Committee chairmen.
Knowing that Pennsylvanians
love desserts, the committee in
cluded this sentence in their letter:
“I realize we all enjoy sweets and
desserts, but we encourage you to
look over all the categories we
have listed.”
Miriam admitted that she also
has a sweet tooth. “It’s in my
heritage,” she chuckled. “I’m not
Pennsylvania Dutch for nothing.”
Despite the warning, the dessert
recipes came pouring in, making
up nearly one quarter of the total
number of recipes. However,
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recipes for other foods also came
pouring in. Miriam said zucchini
and broccoli recipes were other
favorites second to the desserts.
Although the cookbook com
mittee didn’t have time to test the
1,500 recipes, Miriam said she is
confident that all are good ones
that have been tested in the homes
of the women who sent them.
“When I’m asked to submit a
recipe, I use one I know works,”
she said.
In addition to the traditional
recipe categories, the committee
included space for microwave
cookery, cooking with herbs and
spices, and ethnic foods.
Eliminating 100 recipes because
of space requirements was not an
easy task, Miriam admitted. The
committee decided to limit the
number of recipes per person to
“We had to limit it because we
wanted every woman who took the
time to send recipes to include
them,” she said.
Where two or more women sent
m the exact same recipe, the
committee decided to put all the
women’s names beneath the
The committee had hoped to
have the cookbook completed for
Grange Week m April, but printing
errors lead them to fall behind
The first printed copies of the
book that the committee received,
“were really rough versions,”
Miriam explained. Sentences were
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missing from some of the recipes,
and the committee had to
proofread all 480 pages.
The committee members split up
the work and got to the task
quickly because, “we didn’t wapt
to be the holdup,” she explained.
The second printing also con
tained errors and the committee
had to proofread once again.
“We found lots of mistakes,”
Miriam, said, expressing her
concern that all the recipes be
entirely correct.
After still another proofreading,
the committee hopes to soon
receive a perfect copy so that the
book can be printed.
Proceeds from the cookbook will
go to the Grange for community
service projects, Miriam said.
The cookbook will be available
through the State Grange office in
Now that the cookbook com
mittee’s task is nearly finished,
Miriam said her dining room is
filled with a new project - furniture
that she is refinishing for her
Miriam and her husband,
Charles, who is county extension
director in Northampton, live on a
148-acre crop farm that has been in
Miriam’s family since it was built
in the early 1800’s.
Although they do not farm the
land themselves, they do spend
much of their free time working in
their large vegetable garden and
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Lancaster Fanning, Saturday, May 19,1984-825
Ida Kisser
Having just returned from a visit
to an herb farm in Maryland, I got
to thinking about how I ever
became interested in plants.
I believe that it started when I
was a youngster and was sent
down a long cinder lane to bring
the cows from the pasture. We had
a hilly and rolling pasture that
bordered on the Conestoga River.
It had a large wooded area where I
found hepaticas, bloodroots and
Each of these flowers had their
own peculiarities, so I’d come
home with stained fingers from the
bloodroot and celadine flowers. I
even tried to transplant some
Dutchman’s-breeches to a damp
spot under our pussywillow tree.
They lived for several years. As I
had relatives on both sides of my
family who earned their living
growing flowers to sell at market,
I’ve always felt that I came
naturally to love plants and to help
them grow.
The herb farm that I visited had
a larger variety of plants than I
realized existed. Some were dried
and some were used as extracts
while others were used to flavor
vinegars. Herbs are often used in
teas and potpourri. Many potted
plants were for sale.
One way to enjoy an herb garden
is to leam the lore connected with
each plant. Rosemary is a fragrant
herb that symbolizes remem
brance. Thyme is a symbol of
courage, while sage is a symbol of
long life. Sweet marjoram is a
symbol of happiness and was used
in love potions.
Only those people who are
willing to give time to properly
tend wild flowers should attempt to
move them from their native soil.
This spring I was pleased to see the
white violets, jack-in-the-pulpit
and spring beauty, that I tran
splanted last year, growing under
our persimmon tree. Most of us
appreciate the beauty of a meadow
blue with wildflowers, but few can
recognize each flower by name.
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