Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, May 19, 1984, Image 17

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    Weekly Summary
Friday, May 18
Report supplied by PDA
CATTLE; 7943. Compared wtih
9671 head last week, and 7476 head
a year ago. Compared with last
week’s market: Slaughter steers
weak to 1.00 lower, spots 2.00
lower; SI. heifers uneven; SI. cows
steady to 2.00 higher; SI. bulls &
bullocks steady to 1.00 higher. SI.
steers: High Choice & Prime No. 3-
4,65.50-67.50; Choice NO. 2-4,63.00
67.00; Good 58.00-63.50; Standard
50.00- SI. heifers; Choice
59.00- Good 54.00-60.00;
Standard 47.0954.00. SI. cows:
Utility & Commercial 45.00-49.25;
Cutters 41.00-45.50; Canner & L.
Cutter 37.0043.00; Shells down to
25.00. SI. bullocks; Choice 58.50
62.85; Good 52.00-58.10; (few)
Standard 50.75-53.75. SI. bulls:
Yield Grade No. 1 1000-2250 lbs.
49.00- Yield Grade No. 2 900
1450 lbs. 44.00-52.00.
Medium Frame No. 1, 350-700 lbs.
50.00- Heifers, Medium
Frame No. 1 300-750 lbs. 42.00
54.00; Medium Frame No. 2 300-700
lbs. 34.0047.00. Bulls, Medium
Frame No. 1, 300-750 lbs. 44.00
CALVES: 3360. Compared with
3948 head last week and 3266 head a
year ago. Vealers unevenly steady,
(few) Prime 90.00-119.00; Choice
ftn 00-90.00; Good 64.0045.00; 110-
130 lbs. 60.00-75.00:90-120 lbs. 50.00-
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65.00; 65-90 lbs. 45.0055.00; (few)
Utility 50-110 lbs. 30.00-52.00.
FARM CALVES: Fairly active.
Hoi. Bulls 90-135 lbs. 60.00-120.00,
mostly 80.00-110.00; Hoi. Heifers
85-140 lbs. 55.00-90.00.
HOGS; 6900. Compared with 8858
head last week and 7276 head a
year ago. Barrows and gilts .50
2.00 higher. US No. 1-2 200-245 lbs.
49.0051.50 No. 1-3 200250 lbs. 47.00
50.00; No. 2-3 200285 lbs. 44.00
47.75; No. 1-3 140190 lbs. 43.00
47.00; Sows strong to 2.00 higher.
US No. 1-3 300685 lbs. 32.0038.00.
Boars 30.0037.00.
FEEDER PIGS 897. Compared
with 1327 head last week and 1278 a
year ago. Steady to 2.00 higher. US
No. 1-3 2035 lbs. 20.0034.50 per
head; No. 1-3 35-50 lbs. 31.0044.00;
No. 1-3 5085 lbs. 40.0054.00.
SALES: 2130. Compared with 2911
head last week, and 2789 head a
year ago. All sales by CWT. Feeder
Pigs uneven, mostly steady to 10.00
higher. US No. 1-2 2030 lbs. 130.00
152.00. 3040 lbs. 104.00125.00, 4050
lbs. 100.00122.00, 5060 lbs. 91.00
105.00, 6085 lbs. 67.00101.00; US
No. 2-3 3040 lbs. 106.00116.00, 4050
lbs. 92.0098.00, 5070 lbs. 71.00
SHEEP; 1611. Conu, ed with
1249 head last week and 1103 head a
year ago. Steady to 3.00 lojver.
High Choice & Prime 80-110 lbs.
64.00-78.00; Choice 35-100 lbs. 58.00-
70.00; Good 3080 lbs. 40.0083.00. SI.
ewes: 8.00-25.00.
with violating avian flu quarantine
H os tetter, in business as Harry
Hostetter Egg Hauling, Atglen,
Pa., has been charged with
violating a federal avian influenza
quarantine in southeastern Penn
sylvania, a U.S. Department of
Agriculture veterinarian reports.
Dr. Gerald Fichtner, director of
the state-federal-industry avian
influenza task force headquartered
at Lancaster, said Hostetter
moved eggs on Jan. 4,11,16 and 20,
1984, interstate from a quarantined
area Oxford, Pa., to Elizabeth,
N. J. without obtaining a permit.
In addition, Hostetter moved the
eggs on each occasion without
having them cleaned and
sanitized. Emergency regulations
restrict the movement of eggs and
poultry from quarantined areas to
prevent the spread of avian flu.
Hostetter has 20 days to respond
to the charge and may request a
hearing before an administrative
law judge. USDA officials are
asking for a civil penalty of $4,000
if Hostetter is found in violation.
“Success in the eradication of
avian influenza requires everyone
in the quarantine zone to strictly
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_T lic
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Pa. egg dealer charged
observe regulations and
procedures," Fichtner said. “So
far, we have had to destroy nearly
12 million birds because of the
disease. We just cannot afford to
permit the nroblem to spread.” He
Studies indicate high-path
AI evolved from low-path
(Editors note: The following in
formation was taken from the May
4, National Broiler Council
“Washington Report,” as printed
in this week’s Pa. Poultry
Federation newsletter).
LANCASTER - Dr. Robert
Webster Director of the World
Health Organization Influenza
Reference Center at St. Jude
Children’s Research Hospital and
a member of USDA’s outside avian
influenza technical advisory
committee told NBC this week
there is no doubt the highly
pathogenic form of the HSNo avian
influenza virus in Pennsylvania
evolved from the low pathogenic
SP is
v ;
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, May 19,1984—A17
added that a previous spread of the
disease from Pennsylvania to New
Jersey was successfully contained
and eliminated, but at con
siderable cost and trouble.
form. Mapping of the genetic
amino acid sequences in the two
viruses, which contain in the
neighborhood of 1,700 amino acids
each, indicates the two viruses
differ only a few sequences, which
apparently can result through
normal mutational changes.
Webster also said that although
there has been no evidence to date
that the low pathogenic form of the
virus exists in wild waterfowl, they
have found component parts of the
virus. He postulated that the low
pathogenic virus indeed may have
originated from such waterfowl
since viruses in the wild are
constantly mixing (mutating).
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