Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, May 19, 1984, Image 143

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    8 Pa. bulls enter Sire Power program
TUNKHANNOCK Sire Power, Repeatability 99%.
Inc., R 2 Tunkhannock, has His dam is Lynnacres Jemini
acquired eight young Holstein Linda with a top record at 2-0 305 d
bulls bred in Pennsylvania for its of 22.000 M 4.0% 871 F, a cow index
GOLD Sire Development of +IOB6M +.02% +43F +sl43.
Program. She is sired by Shardale Arlinda
The bulls include: Chief Jemini.
Blackcrest Knight-Rider-ET Browncroft Frontier-ET 1927133,
1924406, bred by Blackcrest bred by William Brown, Rome, is
Farms, Altoona, is sired by Ca-Lill sired by Cal-Clark Board Chair-
Standout Cavalier, with +1123M - man, with +1520M -.06% +43F
14% +I4F +s96, Repeatability +sl7o, Repeatability 82%.
99%. His dam is Browncroft King Jet
His dam is Blackcrest Star Flop-twin, with a top record at 3-6
Karen with a top record at 8-4 305 d 305 d of 28.810 M 3.5% 1020 F, a cow
of 30.670 M 3.8% 1152 F, a cow index index of +743M +22F +sBs. She is
of +67IM +2SF +sB6. She is sired sired by Arlinda Jet Stream-twin,
by Penstate Ivanhoe Star. Browncroft B C Fame-ET 192781,
Russelldale Pioneer-ET 1924056, also, bred by William Brown,
bred by Ray E. Bicksler, Richland, Rome, is sired by Cal-Clark Board
is sired by Cal-Clark Board Chairman, and his dam is
Chairman, with +1520M -.06% Browncroft King Jet Flop-twin.
+43F +sl7o, Repeatability 82%. Mat-Will Fagin Garfield-Red-ET
His dam is Russelldale Chief 1926418, bred by William Davis Jr.,
Pnlly with a top record at 5-5 305 d Troy, is sired by Coldsprings
of 21,250 M 4.5% 961 F, a cow index Elevation Fagin, with +942M
of +43IM +14% +4IF +s9B. She is + .01% +3SF +sl2o, Repeatability
sired by Pawnee Farm Arlinda 74%.
Chief. His dam is Mat-Will T T Gracy- -
Lynnacres Mars Lindbergh Red-Twin with a top record at 3-5
190181, bred by Lynnacres Farm, 305 d of 26,872 M 3.3% 900 F, a cow
New Tripoli; is sired by Lime- index of -312 M +.11% +SF -$ll.
Hollow Elevation Mars, with
+ 920 M -.11% + 31F_j+$81, [—*—««««««« -naan.i ..
—- Dairy Farmers
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She is sired by Hanover-Hill Triple
Walebe Jesse-ET 1905809, bred
by Walebe Farms, Collegevijle, is
sired by Carlin-M Ivanhoe Bell,
with +II4BM -.02% +37F +sl37,
Repeatability 99%.
His dam is Hertzler Elevation
Jessie with a top record at 3-9 305 d
of 29.550 M 3.7% 1087 F, a cow index
of +B29M +.06% +4OF +sl22. She
is sired by Round Oak Rag Apple
Walebe Fantazma-ET 1917506,
also bred by Walebe Farms, is
sired by Twin-Lawn Elevation
Jason, with +1199M -.07% +3OF
+sl2B, Repeatability 84%.
His dam is Redroof Glendell AC
Fame with a top record at 1-11305 d
of 24,170 M 3.3% 801 F, a cow index
of +IOISM +29F +slls. She is
sired by Glendell Arhnda Chief.
Tackle debut delayed
Rhone-Poulenc Inc. has an
nounced that Tackle herbicide, its
new postemergence contact
Conservation post filled
sylvania Association of Con
servation District Directors, Inc
has a full-time Executive
Secretary located in the
Harrisburg area. Patricia Weiss
assumed the duties of a full-time
Executive Secretary on May 7.
Weiss is 24 years old, receiving
Corn conference slated
National Corn Growers
Association (NCGA) will sponsor
this nation’s first International
Corn Conference here in July as a
major part of its 26th annual
convention, according to NCGA
President John Stevenson, of Ohio.
'During the 1970’s we set a new
herbicide for soybeans, will not be
available to farmers this season.
Rhone-Poulenc had expected
Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) registration for the her
bicide this spring. But with
registration sitll pending, com
pany officials have decided to
cancel plans for 1984 product
distribution now.
c extra R 3
motor o\\\w
U S QUART (0 946 IlleO
Vanellus MG 15W-40 is recommended for diesel and gasoline engines used in
cars trucks farm and construction equipment Meets API Service SF/CD
55 Gallon Drums - s l6l°°
universal type motor oil for
use in all gasoline and diesel
engines used to power car
and truck fleets of all types,
and in farm earth moving,
mining and construction
equipment It provides
optimum engine protection
for both heavy and light duty
service Vanellus MCS-3
excels in API Service SF-CD
and is available in SAE 10W,
20W 20 30 40 and 50 single
55 Gallon
24 Quart
Eldoran UTH is a hydraulic fluid designed to function effectively m the complex
lubrication systems of modern tractors In these systems the same lubricant may
be called upon to serve the hydraulic system torque converter transmission
and differential Eldoran UTH is a virtually universal tractor hydraulic oil It can
be used for makeup or refill in most tractors
55 Gallon Drums -
Lancaster Fanning, Saturday, May 19,1984—D1l
her Bachelor of Science Degree in
General Agriculture from Penn
State in May, 1982. She also had
major course work in technical
writing and communications. Pat
served as Research Analyst for the
Pennsylvania Association of
Residences for the Retarded from
December, 1982 to the present
corn export volume record nearly
every year,” Stevenson noted.
"but so far in the 1980’s we find
those markets harder to maintain
or to expand.”
For that reason NCGA decided
this year members needed to hear
directly from leaders representing
countries who are out best
customers as well as those com
peting with us for those important
foreign sales.
David Lacroze, former president
of the Agrentme Grain Board, has
accepted an invitation to par
ticipate. Othqr countries to be
represented include Japan,
Mexico, the USSR and the
European Community President
Ronald Reagan has been invited to
keynote the Conference on July 31.
B P VANELLUS' C EXTRA 15W-40 motor oil is
the result of the latest universal oil additive
technology which provides the best potential for
extended oil dram intervals with less wear and
cleaner engines Its multi grade 15W40
characteristics make possible all season use plus
lower fuel and oil consumption
VANELLUS C EXTRA 15W-40 excels in API
Service SF-CD and exceeds the lubrication
requirements for all gasoline and diesel engines
in car and truck fleets of all types and in farm
earth moving mining and construction equip
55 Gallon Drums - * 182.00
24 Quart Cans - *22.98
superior lubrication protectionf_or jasolme
and diesel engines used to power con
struction earth-moving and farm equipment,
trucks and automobiles operating in light or
medium-duty service Vanellus Super D & F
exceeds most auto and truck makers'
gasoline and diesel engine warranty
requirements Vanellus Super D & F is
recommended for API Service SF CC and it is
available in SAE 10W-30 and 10W-40 multi
grades plus SAE 10W, 20W-20, 30 and 40
single grades
55 Gallon
Drum *l63°°
24 Quart
Cans- *2O“
(Available in SAE 30 Only)
s lB4°°
PH: (717) 367-1438
6/1 Gal. Jugs -
164 00
•20 M
sGal.Cans- $ 21 30