Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, May 19, 1984, Image 13

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    Livestock market and auction news
Omaha Cattle
Thursday, May 17
Report supplied by USDA
Fed cattle prices held mostly
steady through midsession this
week, belying the fact that dressed
beef levels moved 1.00-2.00 lower.
Demand ran generally good, as
buyers replenished depleted live
inventories. Some stability was
also afforded the market by
purchases of 1000-1100 lb. Steers
suitable for a short turn in the
feedlots. Overall finish proved
very uneven, with a fair sized level
of weighty top choice cattle,
countered by goodly numbers of
“Under Weight”, weather stressed
kinds. Cows 3.00-5.00 higher. Bulls
2.00 higher.
Estimated 5 day receipts 10800;
actuals last week 13384 and last
year 9881. Steers comprised 47 pet.
of the week’s receipts; Heifers 40
pet.; Cows 6 pet.; Feeders 6 pet.
close, Scattered loads and lots
Choice, some Prime 2-4 1050-1325
lbs. 66.00-68.00. Mixed Good and
Choice 2-31050-1250 lbs. 64.00-66.00.
Few Good 61.00-64.00. Several lots
mixed Good and Choice 2-3 1100-
1300 lb. Holsteins 55.00-57.00.
Inside every untreated silo, pit
and bale of hay lurks rot The mon
ster that eats protein and energy,
leaving a trail of waste, nutrient loss
and musty, stale forage behind it
Now you can stop this rot with
Anchor silage moculants -Sila-Lator
2X for dry application or Silage
Inoculant 160 X for liquid Both are
proven microbiotic products that
help preserve most types of silage
—corn silage, haylage and high
moisture corn —and now baled hay
With Anchor silage moculants,
you get the fastest protection possi
ble against rot That's because they
contain a specially selected team
of beneficial bacteria, aided by tour
enzymes, featuring something
no one else has —Streptococcus
faeaum Cernelle 68 * U S Pat«oiNo 3
Scattered loads and lots Choice 2-4
950-1100 lbs. 64.0065.50, load 65.60.
Mixed Good and Choice 2-3 900-1100
lbs. 62.5064.00. Good 60.0063.00.
Average of LS-214 detailed
quotations for 900-1100 lb. Choice
Steers 66.00, 1100-1300 lbs. 67.00.
Average cost Steers 65.86, average
weight 1146 lbs.; as compared 65.63
and 1147 lbs. a week ago. Average
cost Heifers 63.57, average weight
1002 lbs.; as compared 63.83 and
982 lbs. a week ago.
COWS: Breaking Utility and
Commercial 2-3 43.50-49.50. Cutter
and Boning Utility 1-2 43.00-47.00,
high dressing 47.25-49.60, low
dressing to 41.00. Canner and lot
cutter 37.00-41.50.
BULLS: 1-2 1100-2000 lbs. 48.00-
53.00, high dressing to 56.50.
Penns Valley
Centre Hall, Pa.
Tuesday, May 15
Report supplied by auction
Beef Cows: Utility and Com
mercial 46.00-49.60; Cutters 40.25-
45.75; Canners 36.00-39.25; Shells
Heifers: Good 55.75-59.75;
This patented bacterial wj
strain beats rot to the punch, X.
multiplying more than twice \
as fast as other strains And, £
unlike other strains, it grows S
in highly preservative pH's £
as low as 32 in both hot and £
cold conditions "j
With rot under control you I
get more protein and energy
more dry matter, improved
palatabihty, less heat loss
and runoff That's proven in
leading university trials So
you can store your silage
or baled hay longer, and get
better-doing animals
from better-quality silage
or hay
You might think that
fighting rot is a costly
battle Not true with
Anchor silage mocu
lants It's less than a
dollar a ton to treat silage And
it’s only a fraction of the cost of
acid preparations to treat baled
hay Application’s also a snap
Now’s the time to control musty,
rotten forage And nothing does it
faster than Anchor silage mocu
lants—for higher-protein, higher
energy silage and hay
Standard 52.50-55.50; Commercial
Steers: Choice 58.2560.75; Good
55.2567.00; Standard 50.0Q63.75.
Bulls: Good 51.8564.25; Stan
dard 47.2560.'50.
Feeder Cattle: 300600 lbs. large
frame 54.5663.00; 300600 lbs.
small frame 51.0065.00; 500-700
lbs. large frame 5C.0564.00; 500-700
lbs. small frame 42.00-48.00.
Veal Calves: Prime 102.00-
111.00; Choice 85.00-101.00; Good
70.0064.00; Standard 54.0069.00;
Utility 45.0062.00.
Farm Calves: Bulls 95.00-115.00;
Heifers 60.00-72.00.
Hogs: 45.25-46.75.
Sows: 38.5042.25.
Boars: 30.5031.50.
Shoats: 2030 lbs. per head 9.50-
18.00; 30-35 lbs. per head 20.00-
32.00; 3560 lbs. per head 34.00-
Lambs: 48.00-51.00.
Sheep: 9.00-12.00.
Goats per head 8.00-26.00.
Greencastle Livestock
Greencastle, Pa.
Monday, May 14
Report Supplied by Auction
CATTLE: 354. Butcher Steers-
Choice 64.00-68.50; Butcher Steers-
Ask for Anchor Sila-Lator 2X or
Anchor Silage Inoculant 160 X today
from your Anchor animal health sup
plier Or call toll-free 1-800-821-7467
(In Missouri, call collect
2621 N Belt Highway, St Joseph, M 064502
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, May 19,1984—A13
Medium-Good 52.0064.50; Butcher
Heifers-Choice 63.0066.25; But
cher Heifers-Medium-Good 47.00-
63.50; Butcher Cows-UtilityGood
43.0049.50; Butcher Cows-Canners
and Cutters 39.00-48.00; Butcher
Cows-Shells 39.00 and down;
Butcher Bulls-Medium-Good 48.00-
56.00; Stock Steers-MediumGood
up to 65.00; Stock Heifers-Medium-
Good 54.50.
CALVES 219. Medium-Good
Calves-160-220 lbs. 80.00-95.00;
Medium Good Caives-125-160 lbs.
70.00-85.00; Medium Good Calves
-100-120 lbs. 60.00-75.00; Medium-
Good Calves 80-100 lbs. 55.00-70.00;
Holstein Bull Calves up to 115.00;
Holstein Heifer Calves 75.00; Light
and Green Calves down to 45.00.
Medium Good Lambs 35.0069.00;
Butchering Ewes and Bucks 16.00-
HOGS 73. Good-Choice Butcher
Hogs 190-225 lbs. 43.00-18.50; Good-
Choice Butcher Hogs 225-250 lbs.
46.50-48.50; Good-Choice Butcher
Sows 400 lbs., up to 44.50; Good-
Choice Butcher Sows 400 lbs., up
46.50; Heavy Boars 34.75; Pigs-Per
Head 16.50-35.00.
Compared to last week slaughter
steers and heifers steady to 1.00
lower. Cows steady to 1.00 higher.
Bulls steady. Trade opened the
week moderate, but turned slow at
midweek responding to a lower
trending wholesale beef trade.
Majority of supply good to choice
steers and heifers with increase
showing of YG 4’s receipts this
week about 1600 as compared to
1413 a week ago and 1752 a year
2-4 1150-1350 lbs. 65.00-67.00, load
67.25 package 1275 lbs. 67.50. 975-
1150 lbs. 64.50-66.00. Good and
choice 2-3 1000-1200 lbs. 62.5045.00.
Good 60.00-63.50. Holsteins:
Package choice 2-31150 lbs. 56.00.
Choice 24 850-1050 lbs. mostly 900-
1050 lbs. 62.50-65.00. Two loads 975-
1050 lbs. 65.50. Good and choice 2-3
850-1050 lbs. 61.00-62.50. Lot 750 lbs.
60.50. Good 58.00-61.50.
COWS: High cutting and boning
utility 1-2 mostly 41.0045.00.
Canner and low cutter 36.0042.00.
BULLS: YG 1-2 1300-1850 lbs.
Feeder Cattle
Friday, May 11
Report supplied by USDA
Last Friday
Last Year 251
TREND; Insufficient volume in
recent weeks to test trends.
Demand good for available supply.
Supply included 212 in graded sale,
sold in lots of 10 or more.
MEDIUM FRAME 1: One lot 530
lb. 63.75; few lots 715-850 lb. 58.60
FRAME 1: One lot 490 lb. 62.00;
couple lots 690-730 lb. 57.00-60.50.
LARGE FRAME 1: Few lots 600
800 lb. 60.0061.26, one lot 635 lb.
MEDIUM FRAME 1-2: One lot
560 lb. 60.50; several lots 590725 lb.
LARGE FRAME 1-2; One lot 830
lb. 55.25.
HOLSTEINS: One lot 700 lb. 45.25.
LARGE FRAME 1: One lot 585
lb. 56.00.
FRAME 1: One lot 675 lb. 53.50.
FRAME 1-2: One lot 585 lb. 47.50.
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drinking water may be hazardous to your health
Test for nitrates in water using a simple single test
strip Range oto 500 ppm utilizing E Merck quant
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Peoria Cattle
Thursday, May 17