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No, that’s not the problem, says
Turhan Murad, a physical an
thropologist at California State
University at Chico. Murad
teaches a course called “Bigfoot
and Other Monsters; Myth or
Reality?” '
“It’s not that scientists are
unwilling to accept Bigfoot, but a
matter of having to prove its
existence - coming up with
physical evidence of some type,”
says Murad, who uses the mystery
as a lesson in how science works.
Krantz bases much of his case on
more than 1,000 footprints found in
a single area of California that
suggest a giant creature with a
clubfoot. Only someone with a
detailed knowledge of anatomy
could fake such a deformity, he
But Murad, who has examined
the same prints, says a human foot
can be deformed in many ways.
Thus, he says, anybody could have
faked the prints.
No Bones About It
No skeletons, bones, or fossils
have ever turned up for a Bigfoot,
a major reason most scientists are
skeptical at best.
But the people who believe in its
existence offer explanations, some
admittedly bizarre. Take, for
example, Robert Warth, president
of the Society for the Investigation
of the Unexplained.
Warth suggests that an
aberration in the earth’s elec
tromagnetic field may have
caused a tune warp that enables
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the creature to appear and then
disappear, baffling scientists.
And John Beckjord, a Seattle
man who operates a “Bigfoot
Hotline” and says he has seen the
creature three times, offers this
explanation of why people shoot at
Bigfoot but don’t kill it:
“It suggests something science
isn’t ready to face yet, and doesn’t
have the tools to study. It could be
that Bigfoot isn’t from this earth,
that it’s able to prevent us from
seeing it. Now this is just
speculation, but we need to have an
open mind.”
Beckjord has sent samples of
purported Bigfoot hair to experts
for analysis. The result, he says, is
that the .experts agree that the
hairs were unique and didn’t
match that of other North
American mammals including
One of the experts, Ellis Kerley,
a University of Maryland an
thropology professor, puts the
matter slightly differently.
“The hair resembled the
Eastern black bear a good bit, it
had components of gorilla hair,
and some of human hair,” he says.
“That is, it was difficult to
distinguish; you couldn’t say it was
one of the three. I keep an open
mind, but if there is a Bigfoot, it’s
surprising it hasn’t left any
skeletal remains.”
Snowman, No;
Bigfoot, Yes
John Napier, former director of
the Smithsonian Institution’s
primate biology program and an
authority on hand and foot
anatomy, wrote a thorough study
of the Abominable Snowman and
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Prevent disaster by poison-proofing your home
NEWARK, Del. An accidental
poisoning is reported to the Food
and Drug Administration Division
of Poison Control an average of
once every three minutes.
Accidental poisoning killed four
Delawareans last year and the
Poison Information Center in
Bigfoot in 1973. He concluded that
the Snowman is not real, and that
the 1967 Bigfoot film was not
genuine. But, because of the
number of unexplained footprints,
he concluded that Bigfoot does
Those who agree and venture a
guess, such as Krantz, think the
creature is a living Gigan
topithecus, a big ape that lived 1 to
2 million years ago.
But there is no clear-cut
evidence that would satisfy either
side. Meanwhile, new sightings are
reported frequently. And what of
the Beast of Truro? Most of the
sightings have occurred on
national parkland. Federal of
ficials, who have jurisdiction over
the land, have decided to call off
the search, says Oswalt, the town
But if there are any new
sightings, he promises they will be
investigated fully.
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Delaware safety specialist Ron
Jester. This means taking a brief
inventory of each room in the
house and checking for potentially
dangerous substances.
Jester says common examples of
household poisons include:
detergents, drain cleaners,
scouring powder, oven cleaner,
furniture polish, floor wax, metal
polish, wax remover, floor and
wall cleaners, kerosene, ammonia,
bathroom cleaner, some food
extracts, perfume, cosmetics,
medication, and high potency
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Calling
some past U.S. Department of
Agriculture policies
discriminatory, Secretary of
Agriculture John R. Block has
announced changes that will allow
either spouse to sign USDA
documents on behalf of the other in
connection with government price
support and acreage reduction
Under the change, county offices
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vitamins or mineral supplements.
Store all potentially poisonous
products out of children’s reach,
and reinforce opened lids with
heavy-duty tape.
Poisons are harmful when
inhaled, swallowed, absorbed
through the skin, or injected.
Jester says most poisonings occur
when children swallow medicines,
cosmetics, or kitchen or gardening
substances that have been left in
easily accessible areas.
If an accidental poisoning does
occur, know first aid procedures
and administer according to label
directions, if available. In case of
doubt, call the Poison Information
Center in Wilmington at 655-3389.
Stabilization and Conservation
Service will be provided power-of
attomey forms which will permit
either spouse to execute com
modity program documents.
The change is effective im
Previously, only owners or
operators whose names were on
record at the county office were
permitted to sign USDA program