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Rutherford blasts
SYRACUSE, N.Y. - A dairy
cooperative leader has leveled
blasts against producers and
dealers who deride cooperatives
for operating coats but want a free
ride from the services the co-ops
provide for the dairy industry.
In a talk to Cobleskill
Agribusiness Association, Clyde
Rutherford, president of Dairylea
Cooperative Inc., also hammered
hard on the need for common
cause and unification of dairy
cooperatives in the Northeast.
“When it comes to fighting the
battles for dairy farmers, the only
troops on the battleground with
any ammunition are the dairy
cooperatives,” charged Ruther
ford, who is also the operator of a
dairy farm in Otego, N.Y.
“The so-called independent
producers have admitted they
would be worried if they thought
big dairy co-ops were in danger of
disappearing. They recognize the
principal reason they feel
reasonably safe in shipping as
independents is because the co-ops
are around to fight for better
prices, balance surplus milk
supplies, do legislative work and
deal with a hundred other com
plications of this industry. They
recognize all this, but they want a
free ride.
“If enough dairy farmers toe*
the non-co-op route, we would be
bade in the 1930’s in very short
order. For those who may not have
studied what happened in the 20’s
and 30’s I can only say: take the
time to find out. You may be
surprised by a story of the virtual
serfdom of American dairy far
mers until the Dairymen’s League
was founded in 1907, later to
become the Dairymen’s League
Cooperative Association, and then
the Dairylea Cooperative in 1969.
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< Rutherford stressed that
Dairylea has constructed a
business organization during the
past two years that has increased
opportunity for ongoing
profitability, greatly reduced debt,
and established ownership par
ticipation in successful
cooperative ventures.
He cited:
Part ownership of Atlantic
Processing Inc., a growing
organization that markets milk of
Dairylea members in Nor
theastern Pennsylvania.
Membership interest in
Upstate Milk Producers, which
markets milk and dairy products
in Western New York.
A working relationship with
Agri-Mark involving the use of a
Dairylea plant in New York and
the marketing of Dairylea
members’ milk in New England.
Joint ownership of the O-AT
KA manufacturing cooperative in
Batavia, N.Y.
Working relationship with
Associated Milk Producers Inc. of
San Antonio, Texas for computer
tiem leasing at a very favorable
Affiliations with other
cooperative Allied Federated
Cooperatives, Oneida-Madison
Cooperative, Holland Patent
Cooperative, St. Albans
Cooperative, and Lehigh Valley
Cooperatives to provide various
services from market order and
information activities through
marketing of milk.
In citing the need for more unity
among cooperatives, Rutherford
emphasized, “Perhaps the most
important thing we have done for
our members is to open up new
avenues for solving problems that
are common to all producer
organizations... to make common
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‘free-riders,’ urges co-op unity
cause with all dairy organizations
in the Northeast.
“I have said it often that there is
no justification for the present
number of dairy co-ops in the
Northeast... and particularly in
New York State. There are about
75 dairy co-ops in the state and only
about 15,000 dairy farmers. There
were not many more co-ops 30
years ago when there were more
than 50,000 dairy farmers. Far
mers should not be expected to
cany the burden of duplicating
hauling routes, duplicating office
staffs, and services.
Ag Day opens in Del.
NEWARK, DEL. Education
and entertainment are striking a
perfect balance at Ag Day at
Townsend Hall on the University of
Delaware campus in Newark to
Starting at 10 a.m., animal
lovers have the chance to visit the
barnyard petting zoo and small
animals from the SPCA. They can
also watch a beekeeper at work,
learn how cows are milked, and
see able young competitors take
wool from sheep to shawl.
Plant fanciers can talk to ex
tension gardening specialists at
the plant clinic, and attend a
continuous series of lawn and
garden demonstrations on
pruning, transplanting, plant
propagation, cultivation of
strawberries, vegetable gar
dening, tree planting, lawn care,
and the selection care and safety of
lawn and garden power equip
ment. Early arrivals could pur
chase seedlings at bargain rates
while their children keep busy
making seed pictures.
Hungry people will be able to
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“Dairylea has stated publicly
that we are ready and willing to
talk unification with other co-ops.
Let’s not worry about who is to be
president or who is to be the
general manager. The important
thing is to see if we can make that
one big jump that will end the
inter-cooperative rivalry which
has hampered effective
representation and effective
marketing of milk in the past. It
has been done in other parts of the
country. It should be done here...
and it can be done if dairy farmers
start right in on the hot dogs and
homemade bread, but the chicken
barbecue, opens at 11 a.m. All food
items will be available through the
afternoon until sold out.
A bluegrass band is entertaining
from 11 a.m. until 12:30 p.m., and
pony rides are available for 25
cents from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. A
livestock show Is scheduled from
noon until 3 p.m. University of
Delaware riders will display
dressage techniques (dancing on
horseback) from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Ag Day is open to everyone, and
most events are free.
Farm Calendar , ■sSj
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herd improvement sale, 7:30
p.m., Mercer 4-H Park.
Intercollegiate Horse Show, Farm
Show complex, continues
Spring Feeder Calf Sale, 1 p.m.,
Hackettstown, N.J. auction
Pa. Shorthorn Association annual
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themselves demand
Rutherford emphasized.
Now is I 1
the Time I
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health maintenance in all cattle. In
nursing mother cows, more feed is
required to keep up milk
production. Severe infections can
also result in lowered resistance to
secondary infections and anemia.
Along with repeat wonnings,
good pasture management can
prevent massive parasite buildup.
Leave pastures idle for several
months if possible. This allows
most of the infective larvae to die
off without being replenished by
eggs from infected hosts. If sup
plemental forage is supplied, feed
troughs should be used to avoid the
ingestion of infective parasites on
the ground.
To Develop Safety Habits
We are aware that fanning is not
the safest occupation. In fact the
average farm worker can expect
that once every four years he’ll be
injured so severely that medical
attention is needed. We also know
that farming is even more
dangerous than industrial work.
Farmers have a work accident
rate that’s two and a half times
greater than the average for all
industries. The problem is, that
unlike industry, farmers w;ork with
a minimal amount of supervision
and they may not be properly
trained for the job. We urge far
mers during this busy season to
take time to be safe.
The Extension Service is en affirmative action
equal opportunity educational institution
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