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    Bl2—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, April 7,1984
Project winners at the annual
Delaware-County 4-H Spring Fair
held at the Granite Run Mall,
Media, have been announced by
Elmore R. Hunter, Urban 4-H
compared with the sun’s 8 billion to
10 billion years, says Stencel.
The fact that its’ relatively short
lived could mean that its com
panion has not yet formed, he
notes, or that it somehow is
preventing its companion from
At least 55 professional and
amateur astronomers in about a
dozen countries have telescopes
pointed toward Epsilon Aurieae to
try to detect its secret companion.
Besides groundbased instruments
taking photometric, spectroscopic,
polarimetric, and infrared
measurements, satellites also are
making ultraviolet and infrared
“It has to be protoplanetary
system. I don’t know how it could
be anything else,” says
astronomer James C. Kemp of the
University of Oregon, who
bases his statement on
preliminary results of his -■
monitoring of the polarized light.
Kemp and his assistants have
been watching Epsilon Aurigae
since late July 1982, through
telescopes at the Pine Mountain
Observatory, perched 6,300 feet up
in the mountains of Oregon’s
central desert region. His research
is supported in part by the National
Geographic Society.
“The pattern of polarized light
indicates that the eclipsing body is
a highly organized dense disk
strongly condensed and probably
rapidly spinning. Presumably
there is a star buried in the middle
that holds it together. Given what
we know of the formation of
planets, this disk seems to have the
right properties,” Kemp says. “It
may be in the process of con
densing, shrinking, and cooling
into cooler gaseous blobs that may
further condense into planets at
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Agent with the Penn State
Cooperative Extension Service.
Over 200 4-H members exhibited
for judging the projects they had
worked on during the winter
Star disappears
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the same time becoming flatter
and flatter.”
At this point, his studies indicate
that the disk is about 100 million
miles thick, with a billion-mile
diameter. However, preliminary
infrared measurements by Dana
E. Backman of the University of
Hawaii show the disk to be
somewhat thicker. Epsilon
Aungae’s mysterious companion
was first thought to be disk-shaped
and dense by astronomer Su-Shu
Huang of Northwestern University
in 1965.
It may be about a year after the
current eclipse ends before
scientists will be able to agree
about what they saw, Stencel says.
“It’s a matter of comparing
notes from all sources and trying
to decide what best explains the
data,” he says. The infrared
studies, which can probe regions
that appear transparent in or
dinary visible light, may hold the
“With infrared we hope to see
through to what’s going on in the
center, whether there’s a hot
center, a cold center, or none at
all,” says Stencel.
An orbiting infrared telescope,
which last year provided the first
direct evidence of pther solar
systems, is expected to give clues
about Epsilon Aurigae when
further data are analyzed. The
Infrared Astronomy Satellite
found two potential planetary
systems around the stars Vega
and Fomalhaut.
Barring some astronomical
surprises, Stencel believes
scientists should be able to say the
same thing about Epsilon Aungae.
“I hope those studying the eclipse
of 2009 to 2011 will be affirming
what we have discovered,” he
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months. The following are
champion and reserve champions
respectively of the projects which
they entered.
Indoor Gardening; Decorated
Pot - Shawn Cassidy, Marcus
Hook; Christine Tiffany, Verna
Jeant, Shawn Greaves, Chester;
Begonia A - Maureen Cross,
Upland; Crystal Kitt, Chester;
Begonia C - Chris Nurell, Chester,
Lisa Speed, Media; 1981 Ivy
Wreath - Vincent Seals, Chester;
John Grover, Norwood; Fall 1983
Geoff Nangle, Middletown; Duane
Godshall, Ridley.
Woodworking: Decorated:
Michele Macßone, Ridley; Kelly
Dostillo, Ridley; - Woodworking I;
Maria Gentile, Woodlyn; Tim
Kapishki, Upper Darby; -
Woodworking II: Eddie Sheehan,
Newtown Square; Nicole Peap
ples, Rose Tree; - Woodworking
III: John Casaneckia, Holmes;
Kerry Kynett, Rose Tree.
Archery Unit 1; Chris Smith,
Springfield; Marc Mclntire,
Springfield; Unit II: Stephen
Harmon, Matt Trumbull, Mid
Rocketry - Unit I; Tom
Lukenbach, Norwood; Nancy
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“S" Senes
Parker, East Lansdowne; Unit II;
Jeff Purfield, Springfield; Unit
III; Bill O’ Brien, Springfield.
Needlepoint - Duane Godshall,
Marc Hoffman, Ridley.
Clothing and Textiles - Denise
Ditmore, Collmgdale.
Demonstrations - Garner
Gollatz, Media; Jason Hess,
Newtown Square; Mickey Hess,
Media; Patrick McGrath, Media;
Lynoor Hiller, Middletown;
Melhssa Newtown, Upper Darby;
Wanda McKiltnck, Havertown;
Lauren Weaver, Haverford.
Spectators had an opportunity to
choose their favorite poster.
Mickey Hess, Media, was chosen
first place winner by the nearly 400
persons who voted. Second place
went to Jason Hess, Newtown
Square, and Matt Trumbell,
Middletown was in third place.
During the fair the 4-H Drill
Team put on a performance and
Robert Flickenger of Marcus Hook
performed magic performance on
Friday night. For information on
membership or leadership call the
4-H office at 565-9070. Penn State is
an affirmative action, equal op
portunity university.
toration or farmhouses is our
4-H Dairy Club
The Central 4-H Dairy Club met
on March 12 at the home of Rod
man Thompson. Dr.»David Kun
selman gave a short program on
"A Factory Designed For Making
The next meeting will be the on
April 9 at the home, of Steve
Eisenhart. Ray Branus will speak
on “Feeding Calves Ad Lab Way
and Dairy Beef.”
4-H Horse and
Pony Club
The meeting of
the Saddle Cinches 4-H Horse and
Pony Club was held on March 26 at
the home of leaders Keith and
Kendy Allen.
The club elected the following
officers: Rhonda Gibble,
president; Guthrie, vice
president, Yvonne Peters,
secretary; and Vickie Creighton,
The club’s next meeting will be
on April 23 at the home of club
member Kathy Smith.