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    Weekly Summary
Fit, April 6
Report Supplied by PDA
Markets; 16.
CATTLE: 7856. Compared with
6281 head last week, and 7177 head
a year ago. Compared with last
Friday’s market: Slaughter steers
.50-1.50 lower; SI. heifers uneven;
SI. cows mostly steady, 1.00 lower;
SI. bullocks 1.00-2.00 higher; SI.
bulls mostly steady to weak. SI.
steers: High Choice & Prime YG 3-
4 68.00-70.60; Choice NO. 2-4,60.50
68.75; Good 59.00-65.75; Standard
50.00- SI. heifers: Choice
60.00- few at 67.00; Good
55.00- Standard 49.00-54.50.
SI. cows: Breaking Utility &
Commercial 43.0047.00; Cutter &
Boning Utility 38.0044.00; Canner
& L. Cutter 33.0040.50; Shells down
to 25.00. SI. bullocks: Choice 58.50
62.50; Good 53.0058.50. SI. bulls:
Yield Grade No. 1, 10002400 lbs.
48.0055.50, few to 60.00; Grade No.
2,9001450 lbs. 45.0052.00.
Medium & Large Frame No. 1,300
750 lbs. 52.0059.00, few at 67.00.
Heifers, Medium Frame No. 1,300
600 lbs. 42.0049.00. Bulls, Medium
Frame No. 1, 400-800 lbs. 44.00
CALVES: 3850. Compared with
3666 head last week and 3561 head a
year ago. Vealers very uneven,
(few) Prune 115.00-125.00; Choice
83.00- few at 110.00; Good
65.00- Standard & Good 110-
130 lbs. 60.00-75.00 ; 90-110 lbs. 45.00-
60.00; 65-90 lbs. 40.00-51.00; Utility
50-110 lbs. 30.00-46.00.
FARM CALVES: Hoi. Bulls 90-
125 lbs. 54.00-107.00, mostly 74.00-
Best Bar
Conservation Tillage.
For nine years, university
tests have shown COUNTER®
systemic insecticide-nemati
cide to be the most effective
corn insecticide there is—
whether you apply it banded
or remove your banders and
apply it directly in the seed
furrow. Now, with more and
more growers going to some
form of reduced or minimum
tillage, field tests are also
proving COUNTER to be
the best insecticide for con
servation tillage.
m i i in j . tr« mif i u 'hi < *ui i
f i iitripq O' If iofi is 1U IBt
94.00; few Hoi. Heifers 90130 lbs.
HOGS: 7710. Compared with 7717
head last week and 6512 head a
year ago. Barrows and gilts
unevenly steady. US No. 1-2 200245
lbs. 48.0050.10, some at 51.50; No.
1-3 200250 lbs. 47.0049.00; No. 2-3
200285 lbs. 44.0047.00; No. 1-3
lightwewights 140190 lbs. 40.00
46.00; Sows steady to weak. US No.
1-3 300585 lbs. 38.0047.75; No. 2-3
300750 lbs. 34.0040.00. Boars 28.00
FEEDER PIGS 1110. Compared
with 1025 head last week and 821 a
year ago. Feeder pigs uneven. US
No. 1-3 2035 lbs. 15.0030.00 per
head; No. 1-3 35-50 lbs. 29.0045.00;
No. 1-3 5080 lbs. 45.0065.00.
SHEEP: 1979. Spring si. lambs
steady to strong, bulk of supply
spring si. lambs for Easter trade.
Compared with 1419 head last week
and 511 nead a year ago. High
Choice & Prime 2040 lbs. 88.00
135.00 ; 4060 lbs. 70.0095.00; 60100
lbs. 60.0080.00; Good 2040 lbs.
60.0090.00; 4080 lbs. 50.0060.00.
Choice wooled si. lambs 71-110 lbs.
60.0071.50; Good 6095 lbs. 50.00
66.00. SI. ewes: 10.0030.00.
SALES: 1861. Compared with 1486
head last week, and 2849 head a
year ago. All sales by CWT. Feeder
Pigs weak to 8.00 lower,spots to
18.00 lower. US No. 1-2 20-30 lbs.
144.00-157.00, 30-40 lbs. 115.00-
144.00, 40-50 lbs. 92.00-128.00, some
at 134.00, 50-60 lbs. 83.00-116.00, 60-
70 lbs. 80.00-92.00; US No. 2-3 30-45
lbs. 85.00-106.00, 65-70 lbs. 67.00-
Banded or In-Furrow.
For trashy fields,
apply in the seed furrow.
COUNTER can be applied
safely and directly in the seed
furrow where it won’t get
lost in the trash or be blown
away. At the same time,
COUNTER m-furrow or in
a band controls more corn
pests than any other insec
ticide. Plus, COUNTER acts
systemically, as well as on
contact, so it works through
the plant for total root and
early-season foliar protection,
Melvin R. Weaver Spray Materials
2213 Leabrook Road
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17601
proximately 250 members and
friends of the Bucks Co. Unit of the
National Farmers Organization
attended the 18th annual dinnci >•
the Plumsteadville Firehouse
President William Garges, a
Bucks dairy farmer, introduced
the speaker of the evening, Robert
Kessler, a member of the national
Board of Directors of NFO, and a
Louisville, 111. gram farmer of 540
Kessiei called farming the
“greatest profession in the world”
and farmers “the most critical
person in the world”.
“Farmers are attacked by
consumers who do not realize that
what they pay for food has very
little to do with the price that the
producer receives for his
product,” Kessler said. “The label
on a can of tomatoes costs more
than the farmer receives for
raising the product going into the
“Farm debt has grown from
$12.7 million in 1960 to $220 billion
ill 1983,” he said, “and servicing
the interest on that debt took the
entire farm income plus all the
payments from all the government
programs in 1983. Higher prices for
farmers’ products is in the best
interest of all consumers, since
many jobs are generated by farm
purchasing power. ’ ’
Kessler said that U.S. grain is
being exported to other nations at a
lesser price than the cost of
production, and “while American
Safe for seed.
Since 1975, tests by univer
sities in all the major corn
states confirm that COUNTER
won’t hurt your seed.
Broadest spectrum control.
COUNTER controls more
corn pests at one low rate than
any other insecticide. Check
the charts and compare.
For all the facts about
the best corn insecticide
available, come see us today
about COUNTER.
Read md follow label dilutions cartfulK
Agricultural Division
W i,< p M 0/4/1
C» N
Jlto* ■'-v ><*> MHHHB^^HHHi
‘ 1984
250 attend Bucks NFO dinner
livestock producers were receiving
poor prices last year, beef was
being imported equal to 80,000
animals per week and pork equal
to 100,000 head to meet the demand
of our consumers.” ■
“A farm-worker now feeds
himself and 80 other persopns,
AEB names cholesterol group
PARK RIDGE, 11. - In one ot his
first actions as new AEB Chair
man, Edward L. Houston, has
appointed a Special Cholesterol
Action Group to develop, on an
expedited basis, a cholesterol
educational communications
program to present the posits
aspects of egg nuln'HM
Selected to head this group, is
Sheldon A. Vermes, Crystal Foods,
Inc., Gaylord, Mn. Other members
are: Norman J. Hecht, Hecht’s
Started Pullets, Walden, N.Y.; and
John W. Buffington, Olson Farms,
Inc., Sherman Oaks, Cal. All are
members or alternates of
American Egg Board.
The group will seek to find ways
to balance the recent negative
publicity on cholesterol and eggs
which has resulted from the
Arbor Day to be observed
DOVER, Del. Delaware will
be joining 17 other states this
month in observing the 112th an
niversary of Arbor Day. Since
Arbor Day traditionally falls on the
last Friday of April, this year’s
observance will be on April 27.
Walter F. Gabel, Delaware State
Forester, says several special
events have been planned to
promote the importance of tree
planting for the future. And, he
says this years observance takes
on special meaning.
“This just happens to be Smokey
Bear’s 40th birthday, so we’ll be
Two High Capacity
Haymakers -
Bat Gentle And Effieient
GF 452 GYROTEDDER—4 rotors
have 6 heavy-duty tines each, for
fast, efficient tedding in heaviest
crops Special process conditions
hay for fast drying Works 17'width,
transports in convenient B'2" width
Very effective in tight areas,
negotiates curves easily Optional
reduction gearbox available for
raking into night-time windrows
Low power requirements
GA 402 GYRORAKE— GentIe,
productive windrowing without leaf
loss Minimal maintenance 2 rotors
bring long elastic double tines under
the crop and rake gently with no
roping or stone collecting 13’ single
swaths, or 23'4" double swaths may
be made Unique cam design is
housed in a sealed greased gearbox
for complete protection from residue
and dust Minimum maintenance
and long life are assured Transports
in just 9'B" width Wheels are height
adjustable Balloon tires optional
Call or write for more information.
uncunr rarmtiig, s*n»(iay,*pnr/, iwrot
compared to 6 others in the early
20th century,” Kessler said. “If
farmers would work together,
resolving their differences, they
can be in control of setting their
prices for their production, so that
all will be able to stay in business
and pay off the enormous debt.
National Institute of Health Study
released several weeks ago.
Chairman Houston has in
structed the group to coordinate
closely with United Egg Producers
and other animal agriculture
organizations in the development
of AEB’s effort. The first meeting
of the group is scheduled for early
In a related action, AEB has
approved a recommendation to
conduct focus group interviews in
four geographic locations around
the country to determine if any
consumer attitudes or behaviors
can be determined which will be
helpful in the development of the
cholesterol communications
program, as well as AEB’s general
advertising and promotion.
having Smokey help us distribute
seedlings to school children and
civic groups in observance of
Delaware Arbor Day. Nobody
promotes the message of forest
conservation better than Smokey.”
Gabel and county foresters will
be visiting several schools
throughout the state prior to Arbor
Day. Many students will receive a
seedling grown at the state nursery
near Ellendale.
Persons wanting more in
formation about Arbor Day or
Delaware’s forest resources
should contact the State Forester’s
Office_at 736-4811 or 800-282-8685.
Dealer Inquiries Invited
PHONE 315/829-2620
Kuhn Farm Machinery, Inc.