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    Alo—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, April 7,1984
T his Week
The victims of the Avian flu outbreak have
been many and varied Their number extends
well beyond the actual producers who have
contracted the disease, had their flocks
depopulated and are receiving indemnification
and cleanup funds
One such group caught up in the Avian swirl
are the hatcheries located within the
quarantine area -- both the larger operations
and the smaller specialized family operations
Normal activities at these hatcheries have
been essentially halted, bringing income levels
down to a trickle of their former levels
A story on Page one tells one such tale
Another family operation that has been hit
hard is the Willow Hill Hatchery, R 1 Richland
Willow Hill, according to owners Fred and
Marge Wright, have been attempting to
comply with regulations of the quarantine, but
without permitting Task Force personnel
entering their property They’re simply afraid
that such admittance could bring them the
disease and wipe out their breeders and gene
Farm Calendar
Saturday, April 7
Bradford Holstein bus tour to
Muncy and Millville.
Del. feeder lamb sale, 10 a.m.,
Hickory Hill Farm, four miles
west of Route 13 on Road 42.
Tuesday, April 10
Adams County Beef Producers,
7:30 p.m., Adams Electric Co
op Building.
Penn State Poultry Sales and
Service Conference. Continues
Ephrata adult farmer corn study
meeting, 7.45 p.m., high school
ag shop.
Wednesday, April 11
NEDCO dairy meeting, 8 p.m.,
Risser’s Restaurant,
Thursday, April 12
Home Landscaping Workshop,
7:30 p.m., Adams County Ex
tension Office.
Hunterdon County NJ poultry
short course, 7:30 - 10 p.m.,
Extension Center.
York County Fruit Growers, 7
p.m.,4-H Center.
Friday, April 13
Maryland State Holstein Show,
j* Ar 1/
• v-
heifer classes, Stale
Fairgrounds, Timonium.
Bio-Ag Seminar on Disease
Prevention, 9:30 - 4 p.m , Farm
and Home Center.
oduaUay, April 14
McKean County All-Ag Banquet,
Dog law officer helps save cow
Thanks to York City Dog Law
Enforcement Officer, Aaron T.
Smith and his volunteer assistant,
one of our cows is alive and well.
As soon as the problem was
spotted we called the Vet for a
Tranquilizer Gun so the animal
could be helped. They did not have
a gun, but would help us when we
located one. The Tranquilizer Gun
was necessary in getting the cow
down and relaxed so we could help
After hours and hours of phone
calls and messages left on an
swering machines, we got a call
from Mr. Smith. He immediately
put our mind at ease and assured
pool of fancy show birds and other rare fowl
that are irreplacable
The conflict between their efforts and the
operating procedures of the Task Force has
resulted in charges and counter-charges The
Wrights have attempted to comply to the
extent of swab sampling and blood testing
with their own vet and using a private lab for
With hatching operations at a standstill, the
Wrights are trying to economically survive by
selling hatching eggs as table stock at a small
fraction of their value, dressing game birds
and filling shipments through hatcheries
outside the quarantine area But their con
tmumg losses have dried up savings
And the frustration of trying to survive,
avoid the disease and comply with regulations
have been expressed in another way ov a
hatchery representative
From a much larger commercial hatchery,
this representative must stay away from the
company headquarters, all other company
facilities and even meetings attended by other
"You almost start to feel like you’ve been
ostracized,” he said
And these are just a few examples of the
many operations who are Avian victims but fall
outside any assistance programs
So, the typical Avian statistics of poultry
houses infected, birds killed and indemnity
payments only tell part of the story of the
There are many people who are paying the
price of the disease just as if they had con
tracted it
And, in a way, they’re paying an even higher
Price Because for them there is no chance of
financial help through either the state or
federal programs
j V
7.30 p.m., Eldred Legion Hall,
Maryland State Holstein Show,
cow classes, Timoniuni.
Delaware feeder pig sale, Carroll s
Auction, Felton, 10 a.m.
us he would help. Keeping us
posted as to the tune he would
We were ready with the help of
friends when Mr. Smith and
assistant arrived, Within 15
minutes the cow was resting
peacefully and 2 hours later she
was up and around doing fine.
This was an unreal experience
for everyone involved. However, if
you bke animals and would like to
become involved in helping them,
a donation to the Friends of the
White Rose Animal Shelter would
really help save animals lives.
They need larger facilities for their
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April 8,1984
Background Scripture
Mark 12 28-34
Devotional Reading:
Mark 12: 28-34,
Let’s be fair at least this once
to the chief priests, scribes and
elders. The question they directed
to Jesus is a good one that has to be
raised from time to time in
religious and moral issues; “By
what authority are you doing these
things 9 ” tll.28)
The "these things” at least in
cluded what Jesus had recently
done in the precincts of the temple:
driving out the temple merchants,
overturning the tables of the
moneychangers and the seats of
the pigeon sellers, and forbidding
all commercial traffic in the
temple area. And, of course, there
was that stinging rebuke: “Is it not
written, ‘My house shall be called a
house of prayer for all nations”?
But you have made it a den of
robbers” (11:18).
There is not recorded m the
Gospels an incident in Jesus’ life
more dramatic and forceful than
this. The normally quiet and gentle
teacher on this occasion became a
man of vigorous, if not violent,
action. The Bible doesn’t say he
was angry that day, but we can
hardly imagine him doing what he
did and saying what he did and
saying what he said without some
evidence of righteous anger on his
Lancaster County Agriculture Agent
Phone 717 394 6851
To Store
Unsold Tobacco
A number ol tobacco growers
have not sold their ‘B3 crop and
need to store the bales on the above
giound floor of a tobacco shed oi
barn It's important to place some
1 by 4 s or similar size lumbei
undei the bales to allow lor an
on culalion Then put the bales only
2 oi 3 high to reduce fermentation
ti om squeezing pressure
Cover the lop layer ot bales to
keep them clean of bird droppings
and dirt Use old tobacco muslin
loveis, canvas tarps or loose
material, not air-tight. Avoid light
plastic Air should move freely
abound the bales
Be certain no water drips on the
stored bales or wind driven ram
blows on them.
You can expect some weight loss
due to fermentation and possible
sweating as the weather warms.
If someone came into your
church on Sunday morning and
began to upset things the way
Jesus did in the temple, wouldn’t
the clergy and authorities of the
church want to know “by what
No matter how democratic
religious organizations have
become itter how much we
have elevated the priesthood of
all believers,” there is still a . ~
for duly constituted authority in
the church Someone has to be
authorized by ordination, by
election of the congregation to
speak and act for the religious
body. If everyone could perform
weddings, baptisms, and ad
minister Holy Communion, we
would have utter chaos in no time.
Yet, at the same time we
acknowledge the need for
authority in the church, we also
must be, not only eternally vigilant
to detect and correct the misuse of
that authority, but also to be able
to recognize an even higher
authority when it is mediated
through some unusual or irregular
In Jesus there was an authority
that went beyond priesthood,
training, or ecclesiastical
recognition. Questioned as to the
source of it, he asked them where
John the Baptist had gotten his
authority. For the source of Jesus’
authority, irregular and un
sanctioned as it appeared, was the
very same: the God who alone can
say “My house...”
In God’s house as well as in his
world he is not bound by human
conventions and standards of
authority. And there may be times
when the normal channels are
blocked or unresponsive and he
may have to turn over some tables
and chairs before we remember
that it is really God alone who can
say, “My house...”
By Jay Irwin
Willi the amount of moisture in
me soil this spring, warm wealhei
will bring growth veiy rapidly in
mosi pasture areas This will also
be true with producers that are
planning to graze winter grains
such as rye or barley. The herd or
Hock should be controlled at first,
and not allowed on the area for
moie than a half hour, bloating
and scouring may result if they
consume 100 much of the lush
forage the first few days. Also, it's
best to feed the animals some dry
matter such as silage, hay or straw
before turning them out to pasture,
the first few times Dairymen
should keep milking cows from the
glazing area at least 4 to 5 hours
befoi e the milking period.
To Operate
Machinery Sensibly
Fanners are always in a big
burry when the good spring
weather arrives. As a result, they
operate their tractors and other
machinery at 100 high a speed.
This presents safety hazards and is
the cause of too many accidents.
(Irani drills and corn planters are
designed loi accurate planting, if
operated at a normal rate of speed.
Often in the rush ot things, we
travel too fast and the planting job
is disappointing We urge tanners
to take the lime to properly
piepare and adjust their
machineiy and then drive at a
speed Dial will give good pei
toimance With many pieces ot
machineiy the -.peed is listed on
To Start
Grazing Gradually
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