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    Bl6—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, February 11,1984
Quilter Wants to Sponsor Contest
NARVON With sheep
peacefully grazing by a pond
dotted with geese, the large, white
Koser home appears to be a place
to relax, to kick your feet up by the
fire. And it is, in a way.
But it is also a home buzzing with
activity, creative activity.
At the back of the house is a
room, complete with wood stove
and a quilting frame. It is a cozy
room and you almost do not notice
the shelves of homemade crafts
that line the walls. There are
pillows, quilts, stuffed animals and
This room is in fact the Mt. Rock
Family Shop, but it is also a
favorite living room for J. Melvin
and Minerva Koser. It is also the
room where Minerva, her
daughters, daughters-in-law and
sisters get together to quilt.
And if Minerva and her
daughter, Phoebe Oellig, have
their way, this room will also be
the scene of a quilt patch contest
this summer.
Minerva explained that she had
read about quilt patch contests in
one of the quilting magazines that
she enjoys reading. Since she had
never heard of anything like that in
her Lancaster County area, she
thought it would be fun to try.
The patches that she receives for
the contest will be judged the week
of Aug. 6 by all of the customers
that come through her shop.
“I like it better when the people
chose the winner, because they are
the buyers,” Minerva explained in
a quiet voice that is characteristic
of her.
Patches for the contest, which is
open to everyone, should be nine
inch quilt patches made in the
design of the quilter’s choice. The
deadline for Minerva to receive the
patches is July 30. And if quitters
want the patches returned, they
should send a self-addressed,
stamped envelope to the Mt. Hock
Family Shop, Box 203, Narvon R 2
Minerva also asked that the
name, address and phone number
of the quilter be included with the
patch. Also, she would like to have
the name of the quilt design, if it is
Awards will be given in adult
categories and in categories for
children age 16 and under.
Minerva’s interest in quilting
began when three of her six
children got married within nine
months of each other.
The Mt. Rock Family Shop is indeed a family operation. which belongs to one of Minerva's sisters. Shown from left
Many of the crafts on display have been made by a member of are: Ruth Snader, Minerva's sister; Grace Landis, Minerva's
Minerva Koser's family, with Minerva contributing most of sister; Minerva, and Cafol Koser, Minerva’s daughter-in-law.
the homemade goods. Above, the women work on a quilt
These animal pillows are another one of the homemade
crafts featured in Minerva's shop.
“I had to tmd something to do at
home,” Minerva laughed. “It (her
interest in quilting) went from one
small thing to another.”
However, even before that time
she was making quilts, but that
was due to necessity. She
remembered how when her family
was going through “poorer tunes,”
she made a quilt from an old feed
"When I look at it (that quilt)
now, it wasn’t so beautiful,”
Minerva said.
The same cannot be said of the
intricately designed’quilts she now
One quilt found in her shop is a
sampler quilt. “It is all handmade,
every stitch,” Minerva explained.
There is also a crib quilt, done in
the bridal wreath pattern, which
contains 150 tiny leaves, all ex
pertly done. Another quilt is done
in the frontier girl pattern.
And in addition to making quilts
for her family and her shop,
Minerva enjoys helping other
“I help anybody that wants to
make a quilt top,” she said. “I do
more helping other people than I
do selling, but I love it. It (quilting)
is only a hobby.”
She explained that she thinks the
interest in quilting is growing and
hopes that due to that interest
people will be interested in her
Minerva Koser and her daughter, Phoebe Oellig, left, are interested in sponsoring a
quilt patch contest which will be judged by the customers in Minerva's store. Above,
Minerva and Phoebe display one the quilts made by Minerva.
Carol Koser, Minerva’s daughter-in-law, makes these
stuffed toys which are on display at the Mt. Rock Family Shop,
Narvon, Lancaster County. Minerva’s daughters and
daughters-in-law often help keep the shop supplied with
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