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    M2— Lancaster Farming, Saturday, February 11,1984
Is the enemy us?
Mr. Poultryman: Where does
your real “enemy” he?
If we can believe the steady
drumbeat of the news media over
the last 4 months, your almost
unbeatable foe is the particular
“hot strain” virus alleged to be
causing the avian flu epidemic. In
view of the drastic, and for many
diastrous measure of depopulation
now being advocated, the writer
feels compelled to express the
thinking of a growing, contrary
minded group. For reasons that
follow we believe the answer lies in
apTv't ,
{ Now is
the Time
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production, but more slowly
available. In the year of ap
plication, about one-half of the
nitrogen in manure is available.
Studies show that corn fertilized
with fresh manure applied and
worked into the soil in the spring
produced the most com silage.
Yields were lowest when the
manure was applied in the fall, left
exposed on the soil surface all
winter and plowed down in the
spring. It’s important to manage
manure application just as you
manage other areas of your
operation. Another important
factor, by incorporating the
manure into the soil immediately,
you reduce the possibility of water
contamination and odors.
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the proper management of the
basic dynamics of life; air, water,
feed, light and environment. Since
it is generally acknowledged that
some or all of these factors are
causative in some diseases, who
can really say that is not true in all
Good air is the primary
requirement for all forms of life
excepting certain bacteria, Herb
Jordan, Penn State extension, told
the writer at least 30% of the states
poultry houses are un
derventilated. It probably goes a
lot higher in the winter.
To Train and Prune Trees
General pruning of apple trees
should be in full swing at this time
of year, especially if you have a lot
of pruning to do. I’d like to remind
growers and homeowners not to
over-prune young trees or those
which haven’t yet started to bear
fruit. There is a tendency to either
prune the small trees too heavily,
or simply to leave them alone. A
middle-of-the-road course is best.
The training of young trees
should involve just enough cutting
to maintain a healthy central
leader and to develop the desired
number of well-spaced scaffold
branches. Branches that are either
poorly spaced, or ones making
narrow-angled crotches should be
Keep in mind, when you start
pruning early start with your
hardier trees, the apple and pear,
with plums and sour cherries next,
and leave your peach till near the
end; they’re quite tender.
Available with electric or gaso
line power and a complete line
of special application accessories
'lni e*. Lions agents merely take
advantage of poor environment to
produce disease. This is backed up
by the fact that agents capable of
causing disease can be found m
virtually all flocks, the majority of
which are clinically normal. Poor
environmental conditions often
bring on respiratory infections by
these organisms. Ammonia above
certain levels an effect weight
gains, feed conversion for ad
versely as well as increase bird
“Quoted from Poultry Digest,
July 83. In same issue is excellent
article detailing Dr. Siccardi’s
environmental optimizer for
producing better quality broilers
at 60% savings on energy. The
oxidation/reduction cycle is
critical in ALL disease conditions.
Is this being studied? Air
ionization equipment has been
developed for clucken houses that
is making a big improvement in air
quality and dust reduction.
“Poor Feed & Water Can Wipe
You Out”, states Charles Fisher,
Clemson University in the same
P.D. Magazine. “When folks start
talking about preventing disease,
the conversation immediately gets
around to sanitation, vaccinations
and depopulation... And that’s as it
should be. But one thing that’s
often overlooked is feed and water.
“Water is two-thirds the bird’s
diet. Mineral content, bacteria,
PhH, polutants such as nitrates all
affect health. A high PH water
intake over a period of time will
adversely affect warm blooded
animals. Nitrates, fairly common
in Lancaster Co. water will affect
the friendly bacteria ratio in the
gut, a key health promoting factor.
The intestinal flora of any animal
or human is the area of dynamic
life energy interchange where the
“rubber meets the road.” Is this
Pasturing a single component design to
fast Installation and completion The
sections bolt together and the use of
a sealant placed In the tongue and groove
creates a sealed wall surface
The sections may be dismantled and
relocated Customers may select any length
or width In S' 2" increments
A special center wall Is available to
permit placing bunker silos side by side
or dividing existing trench silos
In addition to silage storage, these
upright units may be used as retaining
walls or manure pits
p '
being checked? There are several
simple ways of dealing with
nitrates in water costing as little as
25 cents per day per thousand
chickens. Have you checked your
water for nitrates?
Feed opens up a Pandora’s box
of possible problems and
questions. Is high temperature
corn drying and long storage
causing rancidity of the oil due to
cracked kernals? Molds? High
nitrates? Does the routine addition
of waste scraps from the processed
food industry, candy, cookies,
noodles, etc detract from feed
quality? What about the effect of
drugs on the friendly bacteria?
The strong ammonia odor in many
Farm Calendar
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Fesl Control short couise.
University of Delaware,
continues tomorrow.
Thursday, Feb. 16
Pa. Draft Horse and Mule Sale,
Farm Show Complex
Manor Young Farmers, 7.J0 pm ,
Penn Manor High School
ag classroom, Tobacco
Production” by John
Yocum of the Southeast
Research Farm.
Home Vegetable Gardening, 1 JO -
7 p.m., Pleasant Acres,
Drug residue workshop, 9am -
noon, Sheraton Inn, Stale
Keystone Park Congress, 9am - J
p.m;, Penn Harris Motor
Inn, Harrisburg.
Farm Business Workshop, 9 a.m. -
3.15 p.m., Berks Ag
Center, Leesporl, con
tinues tomorrow.
Atlantic Breeders Workshop,
★ Leasing Available! *
Sollenberger Silos Corp.
A Nitterhouse Company
Box N Chambertburg, PA 17201 [7l7] 264-9588
A Producer of Quality Concrete Products Since 1923
houses says something un
favorable in happening in the gut
The addition of bacteria inducing
cultures can greatly improve in
testinal bio chemistry for 2 to S
dollars a ton. Is this being con
There is much research to show
that full spectrum lighting ranks
next to good water and air m
disease resistance. Incandescent
and regular fluorescent lights do
not provide this due to lack of U.V.
and certain colors in balance as
found in sunlight. One 200,000 flock
owner in Lancaster County states
that installing full spectrum
lighting was the best thing he did.
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North Lancaster #2, 7
p.m., Blue Ball Fire Hall
Wayne Dairy Day, 9 JO a ni - J 11
p.hi , Armory,
Honesdale, Dairy Herd
Management Conference,
Penn State, continues
Fruit Production and marketing
meeting, 9 am,
Biglerville Fire Hall
Friday, Feb. 17
Beef conference, Penn
Cattlemen's Banquet,
Boalsburg Fire Hall,
conference continues
, ’morrow
Adams County Dairy Day, 10 a m,
York Springs I* irp Hall.
Delaware swine meeting, 9,
Georgetown Substation,
Saturday, Feb. 18
Adams County Fruitgrowers
dinner meeting, 6:30
p.m., Biglerville Fire
Cumberland County Holstein Club,
annual meeting, 10:45
a.m., Fenn Township
Fire Hall, Hunisdale.
\ 20' 30’ 40’ 50'
60' 215 323 432 540
70' 251 376 504 630
80’ 287 431 576 720
90’ 323 485 646 808
100’ 359 539 720 900
110’ 395 593 792 989
120’ 431 648 864 1080
130' 467 688 936 1170
140' 503 756 1006 1260
150' 539 806 1080 1350
‘Based on level fill with
45 lbs I Cu Ft