Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, January 21, 1984, Image 25

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Milk Producer’s Cooperative
District 12 held its annual meeting
Thursday to honor two of its
members and elect new officers
and delegates.
Receiving special recognition
were the Rev. F.S. Dymess and
dairymen Joseph L. Fisher. On
behalf of the Presbyterian Home
Farm, of Quarryville, Rev. Dyr
ness accepted a 50-year mem
bership award. The Presbyterian
Home Farm consists of three
farms managed under one
Joseph L. Fisher, of 162 Paradise
Lane, Ronks, received a quality
milk production certificate. The
award is presented to dairymen
who, for 11 consecutive months,
have been named to Inter-State’s
quality producer honor roll.
In presenting the quality
production certificate to Fisher,
district director Curtis E. Ackers
explained the quality bonus
payment Inter-State implemented
Jan. 1.
Producers will receive a seven
cent per hundred weight bonus
provided the following are met: a
standard plate count of 10,000 or
below; a PI (pre-incubation) count
of 40,000 or below; a somatic cell
count of 300,000 or less; no an
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Inter-State District
tibiotics nor added water; no
quality problems; and farmers
must receive a passing inspection
The quality bonus is based on a
monthly plan, Akers said, and
dairymen will receive the bonus
any month that all the above
requirements are met.
Guest speaker Robert Dever,
assistant general manager for
Inter-State, also stressed the need
for quality production. “Quality is
an important part of our whole
organization,” Dever said. “There
is a need for us to produce quality
products.” ■
Dever, who’s been with Inter-
State for 14 years, reported on the
national surplus situation, stating
that a surplus of 16 to 17 billion
pounds of milk was purchased by
the government in 1983. This
situation is “extremely in
tolerable,” he said, and the in
dustry realizes this problem.
In an attempt to correct the
problem, a dairy compromise bill
was passed, and the bill is just that
- a compromise, Dever said. While
much of the surplus milk is
produced in the mid-west, a
nationwide cutback in production
is needed, Dever said.
Dever told the dairymen that the
decision to participate in the
program is an individual matter.
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12 honors members, elects officers
Inter-State . Producer’s District 12 officer are, from left, David DeLong,
Quarryville local vice president; James Bowman, Christiana local president; Steven
Neff, Quarryville president: Kenneth Beiler, Christiana secretary-treasurer; and Willis
Krantz, Quarryville secretary-treasurer.
Farmers must look at their own
situations and determine if the
program will work for them.
An Equal Opportunity Lender
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In other business, new officers
and delegates were elected.
District 12 is divided into the
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, January 21,1984—A25
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Quarryville and Christiana locals,
and both locals elected officers.
Steven Neff, of R 4 Quarryville,
was elected president of the
Quarryville local. David DeLong,
of R 1 Quarryville, was elected vice
president and Willis Krantz, R 1
Quarryville, was elected
Delegates include A. Dale Herr,
John Brubaker Jr., Vernon D.
Umble, P. Robert Wenger, Ken
neth Rutt, James G. Kreider and
Donald Herr. Alternate delegates
are C. Dale Bollinger, J. Kenneth
Landis, Robert L. Weaver, R.
Edwin Hamish, Melvin Bren
neman, Kenneth W. DeLong and
John H. Myer.
In the Christiana local, James
Bowman, of Paradise, was elected
president. Vice president is Roy
Neff and secretary-treasurer is
Kenneth Beiler of R 1 Paradise.
Christiana local delegates are
Calvin D. Beiler, Ivan Bowman,
Lloyd G. Kreider and L. Delmar
Neff. Alternates include Thomas
L. Kackel, Kenneth 8.. Stoltzfus,
Jesse L. Irwin and Gilbert S.