Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, January 21, 1984, Image 11

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    If your corn herbicide cannot
“answer yes” to all the superior
weed control advantages shown
in the chart above, consider
Bladex' herbicide;
Bladex gives excellent control
of surface germinating grasses
in heavy crop residue. It stops
grasses like fall panicum and
foxtails which can germinate in
the surface trash and escape from
grass herbicides that work through
shoot uptake. And because of its
root uptake action, Bladex provides
more effective residual control of
both grasses and broadleaves.
Bladex alone controls 55 weeds —
14 grasses and 41 broadleaves —
more than any other corn herbicide,
Only Bladex gives you
all these advantages in
heavy crop residue.
So right for the times.
The list includes die-hard foxtails,
fall panicum, crabgrass, annual
morningglory, smartweed, velvet
leaf and nightshade.
Bladex with atrazine is the most
economical atrazine tank mix you
can use. Added savings result
because Bladex can end the need
for expensive contact herbicides.
Bladex is the only post-emergence
corn herbicide labeled for controlling
fall panicum after
Bladex delivers e:
lent burndown of
emerged weeds, i
to three inches tal
in heavy crop residue. This can be
an important advantage on fields
which have no spring tillage.
Using Bladex for burndown weed
control on no-till acres can end the
need for paraquat or other costly
contact herbicides. Even hotter
burndown is achieved when Bladex
is applied with 2-4 D and/or liquid
fertilizer containing nitrogen.
This year, more than ever, get all
the high performance weed control
you can muster with Bladex at new
' rates. Ask for
»r SOW. Always
'll Chemical Co.,
I. Box 3871,