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    Alo—Uocastr Fmrim, Saturday, January 21,19 M
An Ode to DO
TheU.S dairy industry
is like one big, swollen udder,
With the nation swimming
in excess milk, cheese and butter
This trend has continued
for a number of years,
As surpluses continued to grow
despite everyone's mounting fears
From time to time
the fed issued a warning sign,
Futilely attempting to keep
the market situation m line
Reagan and Block would murmur
an occasional get-tough stance
But they backed off, saying
“We’ll give you one more chance ”
A new program was announced
in time for dairying by the Bay,
Old Ronnie couldn’t resist making
just one more bale of political hay
Saturday, Jan. 21
New Jersey Farmers’ Week,
continues through next
Monday, Jan. 23
York County swine health diseases
and prevention, 4-H Center, 7:30
Adams County com clinic, 9 a.m. -
3 p.m., McSherrystown Fire
Third Annual Keystone Cor
nucopia, 6:30 p.m., Penn Harris
Motor Inn.
Adams County Beekeepers
workshop, 7:30 p.m., Vo-Ag
Shop, Biglerville.
Chester County milk diversion
informational meeting, 10:30
a.m., Cochranville Fire Hall.
Tuesday, Jan. 24
Endless Mountains Maple Syrup
Producers annual meeting,
10:30 a.m. - 3 p.m., United
Church of Christ Overton.
welcome to
Delaware Vegetable Growers,
Sheraton Inn, Dover, Del.,
continues tomorrow.
N.J. State Ag Convention, Cherry
Hill Inn, continues tomorrow.
Cattle Feeders Day, Lancaster
Farm and Home Center, 8:30
a.m. -3:30p.m.
Processing vegetable growers, 1-3
p.m., Schuylkill Mall Com
munity Room, Frackville.
Interstate Milk Producers District
3, Chestnut Level, 11:45 a.m.
Cumberland County Extension
Annual Meeting, 7 p.m., South
Middleton Fire Hall, Boiling
Penn Manor Young Farmers
meeting on Milk Diversion, 7:30
p.m., Penn Manor High School
ag classroom.
Wednesday, Jan. 25
York-Lancaster commercial
vegetable marketing session,
Avalongs, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Oh, I hope dairymen DO it and relieve some of
this pressure and pain.
The bureaucrats got together
and wrote a mountain of rules,
Which ended up being even bigger
than the surplus milk pools
They handed the whole plan
over to the people at ASCS,
Who are supposed to interpret
the complicated verbal mess
The call to sign up
went out across the land,
As farmers huddled with computer
their modern, electronic farmhand
Of advice and help
for dairymen there is no lack,
But each alone must face
the issue of cutting back
The big question now
is whether dairymen will DO it,
Or will they come back and say
“Well, once again we blew it "
N.J. marketing institute, Cherry
Hill Inn.
York County Corn Clinic, 10 a.m. -
3 p.m.,4-H Center.
Berks County Dairy Nutrition
School, continues tomorrow.
Bucks-Montgomery Crops Day, 10
a.m., Lansdale 4-H Center.
Mt. Joy Co-op Annual Dinner
Meeting, noon, Hostetler’s
Dining Hoorn, Mt. Joy.
Thursday, Jan. 26
Cumberland Corn Clinic, 9 a.m. -
3:15 p.m., Embers, Carlisle.
Delaware strawberry, raspberry &
blackberry meeting, Mt.
N.J. Dairy Interests Luncheon,
Charlie’s Other Brother, Mt.
Canners-Fieldman vegetable
meeting, Pleasant Acres, York,
9:30a,m. -3p.m.
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[THAT 0776? )l YEARS AGO, WHEN \
I ctMwprg ■»»)
January 22,1984
Background Scripture:
Isaiah 30 through 31.
Devotional Reading:
Psalm 107:1-9.
If your mind is already made up
on the subject of military
preparedness and the arms race,
maybe you’d do just as well to skip
Isaiah 30 through 31. You may not
like what Isaiah has to say and,
even if your response is not one of
hostility, his words may at least
prove unsettling.
Judah is a comparatively tiny
country. So, when threatened by
the mighty Assyrians, Judah at
tempts to make mutual defense
treaties with some of the more
powerful powers of the Middle
East, chiefly Egypt.
Today, you and I would likely
say that that is just smart
diplomacy. Survival in this world
means a strong national defense
and protective alliances. Even a
country as powerful as the United
States cannot “go it alone. ’ ’
So we can understand how up
setting was Isaiah’s prophecy to
the nation of Judah; “Woe to those
who go down to Egypt for help and
rely on horses, who trust in
chariots because they are many
By Jay Irwin
Lancaster County Agriculture Agent
Phone 717 394 6651
To Be Aware Of The Meeting
This is the time of year that a lot
of educational meetings are held.
And, they’re held during this
season of year for a good reason
you have more time to attend
meetings. During-the spring, the
summer and into the fall, there’s
just too much field work that must
be done. Take the time to become
acquainted with the meetings of
interest to you and your operation.
Some meetings are designed to
reach certain production groups
such as Dairy Days, Livestock
Day, Crops and Soils Day and
Poultry Day, but others are
programmed to reach all agri
business people like the Manure
Management, Estate Planning and
Farm Transfer Arrangement
Also, many agri-business and
leading institutions conduct
meetings to keep you abreast of the
changes in their organizations. We
urge you to mark your calendar as
and in horsemen because they are
very strong;; (31:1a)! Judah’s
only hope of survival in the face of
the powerful Assyrian Empire was
its alliance with mighty Egypt.
How could Isaiah even think of
critizing this vital alliance?
But Isaiah was not criticizing the
alliance on nolitical grounds. The
prophet’s concern was a spiritual
problem, not one of diplomacy
The problem was that Judah was
placing its trust in creatures in
stead of the creator: “The
Egyptians are men and not God;
and their horses are flesh and not
spirit” (31:3).
The source of Judah’s security is
God himself and he chastises the
leaders of Judah because they “do
not look to the Holy One of Israel or
consult the Lord!” (31;lb).
Whereas their Egyptian allies are
but human and prone to “stumble”
and “perish” (31:3), Good likens
himself to a lion who “growls over
his prey, and when a band of
shepherds is called forth against
him is not terrified by their
shouting or daunted at their
noise.. .”(31:4).
The issue is simply drawn for
Judah: Trust in God for your
national security, not alliances, not
weapons nor military might. We
know that Judah failed to heed his
warnmg and the disaster to the
nation was great.
How would we respond if God
were making that same
pronouncement to us concerning
our reliance on nuclear warheads
and political alliances? And how do
we know that He isn’t saying to us
what he said through Isaiah to
these meetings are announced and
attend as many as possible.
For An Avial Influenza Up-Date
Readers outside the Avian In
fluenza quarantine area are asking
how things are going. The in
formation here will be as of
January 17,1984. To that date there
have’ been 9.6 million birds
depopulated which includes 5.8
million layers and started pullets,
219,000 breeders, 3.45 million
broilers, 84,000 turkey and 47,000
other fowl. A tragic loss. A total of
239 flocks have been depopulated.
Veterinarians have collected a
wide variety of birds and rodents
for virus isolation attempts for
avian influenza. Of the 3,086
samples taken, 2,312 have been
confirmed all negative for HSN2
virus; the balance are pending.
The financial losses reach far
beyond the bird losses. The loss of
income to the farmer, the hatchery
sales losses, the feed sales losses
and the many other supportive
industries to the poultry farmer. It
will take everyone working
together for this industry to
recover and yes, it will recover.
To Recognize Fertilizer Values
Since the cost of commercial
fertilizers continues high, we
should take a look at other sources
of plant food; I am referring to
farm manure and legume sods in
the crop rotation.
The 1983-84 Agronomy Guide
gives a very good comparison of
these fertilizer values on page
twelve. With the amount of manure
that is being applied to some of our
livestock and poultry farms, it is
quite possible that very little
commercial fertilizer will be
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