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    *l6—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, January 14,1984
Adams outlines opportunities to Pa. Dairymen’s Association
CAMP HILL John Adams,
National Milk Producers
Federation, Tuesday evening
outlined opportunities to remedy
the ailing dairy industry.
Adams, who is director ot
NMPF’s Environmental and Food
Regulatory Affairs, offered his
suggestions in a speech before the
113th meeting of the Pennsylvania
Dairymen’s Association, held in
the ballroom of the Penn Harris
Award for his many contributions to promoting the dairy
industry and his involvement with advertising dairy products.
Making the presentation to Beshore and his wife, is David
--■•.pi -uent Roth presents
Bill Fofwefl with the Extension Award for outstanding service
to the dairy industry.
Convention Centor
“Opportunity number one,” said
Adams, “is to make the new
federal dairy program work by
decreasing milk production by 10
Adams called the program, “
an equitable solution Dairymen
have the responsiblity to make the
program work If the program is
unsuccessful by March ‘B5
dairymen will have to face the
political consequences Price
supports could fall beyond what we
expected, as much as by $2-$3-$4
per hundredweight. Many
dairymen would be forced out of
business, especially young
dairymen, our future leaders ”
Opportunity number two, said
Adams, is the dairy promotion
program soon to be implemented
The promotion deductions will
generate over $lOO million for hard
nosed advertising.
Part of this money should be
usea to dispeu ounie ol the myins
plaguing the dairy industry,
suggested Adams, referring to
false beliefs about cholestrol and
fat. New dietary requirements that
recommend eating less red meat,
milk and eggs should also be
targeted, said Adams.
Opportunity number three is to
develop uniform standards in the
United States for sohds-not-fat in
whole milk, non-fat milk and skim
milk, according to Adams
Opportunity number four is to
work at the state level to define
what an imitation dairy product is
Adams called imitation dairy
products the greatest challenge in
the future of the industry
Opportunity number five, "let’s
quit fighting among ourselves,”
Adams said. The dairy industry
has lost a lot of respect because of
disagreements between its many
“We cannot afford to be divided
and conquered,” Adams said
“Today there are many forces in
our society working against
animal agriculture ”
In closing, Adams remarked.
“We in the dairy industry must
become more consumer market
oriented and less big brother
dependent ”
Secretary of Agriculture
Penrose Hallowell said sentiments
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new cups they simply snap into the
desired location and the hose attaches
to the water line outlet These are some
in Pennsylvania indicate the
state’s dairy industry is moving
toward that consumer market
orientation Adams spoke about.
"We are dedicated to selling
more milk,” Hallowed said “We
have suggested to the USDA that
mat t'ennsylvania have its own
promotion program and have
requested that Pennsylvania have
a representative on the 36 member
promotion committee directing the
use of promotion funds.”
Hallowed was presented a
certificate declaring Pennsylvania
Brucellosis free by John Atwell, a
deputy administrator of the USDA
Pennsylvanis has had no outbreaks
of the disease since Jan ‘B2
However, he stressed the need to
keep a constant surveillence of
David Roth, president of the
Dairymen’s Association en-
Harold Probst, left and his wife Joan were honored for
Probst’s high level of accuracy, efficiency and years of service
as a DHIA supervisor in Lancaster County. Probst has 125
dairymen in his unit and makes over 1500 farm visits each
J\\ 1--^
Onlice (A) forces water onto
deflector (B| lip (Cl d verts n
down to suspend teed(Di
iH total commitment to quality t service
PO Box 187
Fitchville, CT 06334
Phone (203)642-7529
couraged anyone interested in
promoting the dairy industry and
advertising milk to become a
member of the association.
Roth recognized Don Ace for his
help and support as an advisor for
the association for many years
Ace, now retiring, will be missed,
said Roth.
E. Wayne Beshore of New
Cumberland was presented the
1983 Charles E. Cowan Memorial
Award for “leadership con
tributing to the improvement and
promotion of the Pennsylvania
dairy industry ”
Beshore’s herd of 45-cow
registered Holstems has received
the Progressive Breeder Award
ten times in the last 11 years
Beshore has been president and
vice president of the York County
Holstein Club, and state director of
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