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Staff Correspondent
Recreation Park, owned by
Philadelphia Electric Company,
hosted its first Christmas
Decorating Workshop recently.
Chotty Derr, activity director at
the communication and nature
center at the park, explained that
the interest in the workshop well
exceeded expectations.
Originally planned for fifteen to
twenty-five participants, coor
dinators had to stop taking
reservations for the free workshop
when replies reached seventy-five
in number. Although advertised as
a workshop for decorating with
things from nature, the workshop
incorporated other handcrafts as
Leaders for the evening
workshop were two local women:
Mary Sue Nissley, R 2, Columbia,
worked with part of the group
making silk and dried flower
basket ornaments and Cindy Derr,
Holtwood, instructed the rest of the
group in making fabric-covered
Christmas ball ornaments.
Several local craft persons
shared their decorations on display
tables and a large cut Christmas
tree was also decorated with
handmade ornaments designed bv
Mary, Cindy and others,
helping with the program.
Among those which utilized
natural items were ornaments
made from pine cones cut
crosswise to form flowers, milk
weed seed pods with figures glued
inside, half shells of English
walnuts forming beds for tiny,
stuffed, grey-felt mice, and other
walnut shells used to make a Santa
head complete with a felt hat on
top and a fuzzy beard at the chin.
Facial features were made from
felt, beads, and paint. Wood
shaving strips joined at the ends to
form a circle an attractive
frame to encash .wheat grain heads
crossed to form an X.
Other ornaments made from
natural materials included small
wreaths constructed from sweet
gum seed pods and tiny pinecones
glued to a cardboard disc and
decorated with tiny dried flowers
and bows.
To accent tables
Box 109 AA, R.D. 1
Abbottstown. Pa.
• Water Blasting
• Chemical Cleaning
• Brick gr stone Re
pointing & Water
At 11 A.M.
Phone 717-354-4341
Uoyd H. Kreider,
Muddy Run Park holds Christmas workshop
Cindy Derr, exhibits a shadowbox type ornament made
with a curtain ring for a frame. Inside the frame are mice
made from pussy willow buds with tiny pink sea shells for
with natural materials, Chotty
Derr exhibited several ideas. One
was a table centerpiece made from
an apple which is used as a base to
hold sprigs of greens. A candle is
placed in the top of the apple to
complete the arrangement. The
mingling of the pine and apple
fragrances add to the holiday
Another idea is to fill a crock to
the brim and pile it high with pine
“Marketing Strategies for In
creased Profits” will be the theme
for the second annual U.S.
Department of Agriculture’s Farm
Women’s Forum, scheduled for
February 7, 8 and 9, at USDA
headquarters in Washington.
Secretary of Agriculture John R.
Block said the purpose of the
meeting is “to provide women with
marketing strategies to aid in
strengthening the producers’ profit
margin. With bountiful crops and
low producer income, the
challenge now for agricultural
producers is how to market their
harvest profitably. It is my in
tention that the U.S. Department of
Agriculture direct its resources
and mantels
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Subject to minimum participation.
cones, uicn Ue a ribbon and bow
around the crock.
In addition to displaying many
ornaments and making one to take
home, the workshop also included
printed information for using
natural materials. Chotty en
couraged participants to string
popcorn and cranberries for birds
to eat outdoors. Other objects from
nature which could be used to
make tree trimmings and
decorations for the house included
USDA schedules forum
toward assisting producers in
meeting this challenge.”
The forum program will include
top government and industry of
ficials who will provide usable,
practical information on such
topics as market forecasting, use
of home computers, cooperative
marketing, electronic marketing,
marketing orders, boards of trade
and bow they work, domestic and
foreign market development.
The first such USDA-sponsored
meeting for farm women was held
in October 1980 and focused on
legislative processes. Some 60
women attended, representing
leading farm and farm women’s
organizations attended.
Application to attend the 1982
I New & Used Silos
New & Used Extensions
Tear down & Rebuilt
Gunite silo relining
& repairs
Replastering, roofs,
permanent pipe &
Oxygen Limiting Silos
above and below ground
manure storage
Jamesway Unloaders
Barn Equipment
Write or Call
Rd 2 Box 267-0
Newville, PA 17241
717-776-3288 |
incaster Farming, Saturday, December 19,1981—817
To the left is an apple, evergreen and candle arrangement.
Next is a six-gallon crock with checkered ribbon tied around it
and filled with pinecones. To the right is a glass jar with sweet
gum balls in it.
grasses, feathers, rose hips, ash
seeds, tulip seeds, orange peels,
acom caps, and ailanthus stars.
Pussy willow buds were used to
form tiny mice inside shadowbox
Directions for the apple candle
holder are:
Materials needed: 1 apple, 1
tapered candle. Evergreen pieces,
modeling clay (small amount).
Core hole in apple to fit a stan-
conference is open to all farm
women. They need not be
representatives of a farm
organization to attend. However,
because of space limitations,
participation will be limited to 100
women on a first-come-first-served
basis with consideration for
geographical representation.
Attendance at the Forum is free,
but housing and transportation
expenses must be paid by the
Farm women interested in at
tending may obtain registration
materials and information from:
Farm Women’s Forum, Office of
the Secretary, Public Liaison, U.S.
Department of Agriculture,
dard size tapered candle. Stick
several evergreen pieces into
apple, making sure all pieces are
pointed upward and the apple is
completely covered. Stick candle
m apple. If necessary, use a small
amount of modeling clay to hold in
place. The candleholder makes a
unique addition to any place set
ting. The juice from the apple will
help keep the evergreen pieces
fresh for an extended period of
Washington, D.C., 20250,
Telephone; (202) 447-3622.
Registration by mail mast be
returned by January 5. The first
100 registrants will be notified by
January 10,