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    DlO—Lancaster Farming, Saturday .December 19,1981
Adams Co. DHIA
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The featured speaker for the
evening was William Heald the
new director of the State DHIA
Program at Penn State. Heald, a
former Chester County native,
comes to State College from The
Virginia Polytechnics! Institute
where he completed his graduate
degree studies, taught, and did
research for a number of years.
He is a lactation physiologist
specializing in mastitis. He
outlined to the group where the,
state’s DHIA program' has "been
and new innovative changes which
need to take place to keep the
program progressive.
Heald stated that expansion of
the State testing facilities and the
programs provided through DHIA
are vital. This has included moving
the program into a new testing
facility at Penn State and pur
chasing new testing machines to
replace outdated models. The new
machines will test for both but
terfat and protein.
Heald sees protein testing as the
trend of the future already being in
demand by producers, processors,
and the A.I. industry. He sees this
as DHTs chance to lead the in
“After all, protein is what we’re
really selling. With only 40 percent
of the milk produced going for fluid
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'consumption, component pricing is
coming. No one wants to pay to
have water hauled over the
roads,” he said.
• The hardware involved in the
testing program is being in
corporated to be more efficient
both in time and operating costs.
Computers in the lab are now being
“married" so that they are in
corporated into one complex
computer, eliminating the need for
extra technicians.
Heald said he would like to
{purchase SIOOiOOO of the hardware
necessary for the DHI to do its own
data entry work. DHI presently
rents computer space from the
University. Dr. Heald agrees that
this looks like, a large-sum, but in
five years the investment could
return that value three times in the
savings on rented computer time
and space. “Through automation
DHI. hopes to/serve you better,
faster, and more efficiently,” he
Heald notedthat current trends
have shown that AM-PM testing is
now DHTsmost’ popular program.
With this program more herds can
be tested with the present number
of supervisors and studies have
shown that it is the second most
accurate-of the testing programs
preceded only by the owner
sampler program. Heald cautions.
. ;./ I,.
VI • /'
a «.< »\
Top herd awards went to: from left, Stanley
Weimer, R 2, New Oxford, partner in Weim-
Sharr Farms, third high herd with 19,424 lbs.
of milk, 727 lbs. butterfat on 64 cows; Leroy
Deputy, Rl, East Berlin, second high herd with
21,223 lbs. of milk, 782 lbs. of butterfat on
though, that any milk testing
program is only what the
dairyman makes of it in terms of
accuracy and effectiveness as a
management tool.
/ /
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waterproof, Ms” dia. brass
grommets set on 3 ft. centers with
triangular reinforcement patchs
in the comers.
*8 x 10
12 x 16
10 x 20
12 x 24
16 x 20
20 x 20
18 x 24
20 x 24
12 x 46
18 x 32
20 x 30
He strongly encouraged the
dairymen present to make use of
the somatic cell count program.
“The lower the somatic cell count,
the higher the production.
(This is not a misprint)
Truck Size Tarpaulins
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50 x 150 699.00
122 cows; Claude Holmes, Rl, Hanover,
partner in Noel and Holmes, top high herd with
20,458 lbs. ol milk, 798 lbs. of butterfat on 56
cows. Deputy was also honored for the nigh
cows milk production of 33,198 lbs. in a 305-
day lactation.
These tarpaulins are suitable
for most all bulk and pallet riding
materials. Should you wish to
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<' I)
Research has found that the
greatest loss of production is at the
level of 100,000 to 200,000.
“That would show up as a ‘l* on
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