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    Livestock market and auction news
Omaha Cattle
Thursday, August 13,1981
Report Supplied By USDA
Through midweek, slaughter
steers recovered rearly losses to
close steady but heifers weak to
1.00 lower, full decline mainly on
weights under 950 lbs. Cows 1.00
higher, bulls steady.
Four Day receipts 11,225; last
week 10,725; year ago 14,000.
Daily receipts locally were
unevenly distributed, steer and
heifer prices trended lower
Monday on expanded marketings.
Small receipts Wednesday helped
steers recover early losses but
heifer outlet recently has been
narrowed. Two local heifer
establishments will resume
slaughter next week following
annual vacation tune. Good and
low-choice 1000-1100 lb. steers
traded actively the first two days
for return to feedlots but packers
took the small supply of these at
midweek. High-dressing steers
1150 lbs. and heavier continue in
small supply with consist mainly
good and choice 2-3 1000-1125 lbs.
steers made up around 39 pet of the
week’s total, heifers 34 pet. feeders
15 pet. made up mostly of 1000-1100
lb. fleshy steers, and cows 10 pet.
Your best way yet to save & raise
healthy replacement heifers
Jim Esselmann says
“Calf-tcl hutches are
best on the market.”
He knows!
Jim Esselmann knows what he’s talking about when he discusses
raising calves in hutches He operates a 100-plus dairy herd near
West Bend, WI In years past he’s expenenced severe heifer calf
losses, and of course, some of his best producers
Now, his losses are down to almost zero.
He used to raise his calves in the main bam Then, he installed a
liquid manure system and had to move his calf-raising out to •
avoid the affect of pit gasses That’s when he started with hutch
es He’s used several kinds plywood, chipboard, fiberglass,
and now, Calf-tei
“Calf-tel overcame all the problems we’d had with
O Says Jim, “We like the adjustable ndgc ventilators front and
rear These cool in summer, and in winter we can air out bad
odors and dampness that can turn to frost on the walls
@ “We especially like the hard, tough molded polymer matenal
of which Calf-tel hutches are made This polymer doesn’t soften
or sag in heat and it doesn’t get bnttle hard in winter The
matenal remains flexible so it doesn’t crack when handled or is
accidentally struck by machinery These hutches just look
Caretaker time-saving, convenience
© “The side access door for feeding is really nice Two pail
holders inside This speeds up chore-time and it is more comfort-
STEERS: Midweek trade on
reduced receipts, U.S. 241050-1200
lbs. 66.00-67.50 with high-dressing
steers over 1150 lbs. scarce; at low
tune early, four loads choice 2-3
and choice with end prune 3, few 4
1240-1300 lbs. 67.50-68.00. Mixed
good and choice 2-3 1025-1150 lbs.
midweek 65.50-66.50. Good 1000-
1250 lbs. 58.0066.00. During week,
good and choice 2-3 holstems 1300-
1350 lbs. 59.5061.50; Good 1150-1300
lbs. 57.00-59.50, mainly 58.00-59.00.
HEIFERS: Choice 24 900-1000
lbs. at midweek 63.0064.50, load
and part load 975-1050 lbs. 64.85-
65.00. Load high-dressing choice 3
1038 lbs. early 65.25 when bulk
choice 24 900-1050 lbs. 62.0063.50,
few 63.7564.25. Midweek sales
mixed good and choice 2-3 900-1000
lbs. 63.30, 850-900 lbs. 60.0062.00.
Good 2-3 58.0062.00.
AVERAGE OF LS - 214 detailed
quotations for choice 900-1100 lb.
steers 66.38; 1100-1300 lbs. 67.05.
Average cost steers this week
-65.95, average weight 1125 lbs. as
compared 66.27 and 1128 lbs. a
week ago. average cost heifers this
week 62.27, average weight 969 lbs.
as compared 63.38 and 968 lbs. a
week ago.
COWS: High-cutter, utility and
For nearest dealer, call
(414) 255-4540
L. T. Hampel Corp.
Box 39, Germantown, W 153022
commercial 1-3 44.0046.00. Canner
and cutter 41.0043.75, few light
weight 35.0041.00.
BULLS: 1-2 1100-1800 lbs. 50.00-
55.50, few high-dressing 1 36.00-
FEEDERS: Fair volume medium
frame 1 fleshy steers'traded early
mostly 50 lower, 1000-1100 lbs.
65.0066.50, bulk 65.5066.00. Few
lots fleshy heifers 850-900 lbs. 58.00-
Oklahoma Cattle
Thursday, August 13
Report supplied by USDA
Estimated Receipts 4000
Same Day Last Week 5254
Feeder Steers and Heifers firm
to .50 higher. Demand Good.
Trading active. Slaughter Cows
and Bulls steady. Bulk receipts
Medium Frame 1 and Mixed 1-2
Feeder Steers weighing between
500-800 lb. and Heifers from 500-725
lb.; Cows and Bulls near 10 per
few Large Frame 1 450 lb. 74.90;
470475 lb. 64.1065.60; 500600 lb.
63.2567.25; 600-700 lb. 64.7066.70;
700600 lb. 64.0066.00; 800-900 lb.
63.3064.10. Large Frame 1 900-925
lb. 61.2061.60. Medium Few Large
able for the calves—eating and dnnkmg in the weather-protect
ed comer
O “We like the off-set doorway, leaving two-thirds of the front
covered to protect against wind, rain and snow Calves apd their
bedding are protected Keeps us from having to get in there to
dig out snow This is a key design feature
0 ‘The steel reinforced base is only part of the long-lasting
rugged These hutches can be anchored at the
comers,'ll need be.
Jim goes on about “sanitation management”
“Particularly important is the smooth surface inside and out that
is so easy to clean and disinfect by hand scrubbing or pressure
washer Even the fiberglass huts we’ve had were rough on one
side which made sanitizing difficult and questionable
“One last factor that is important about raising calves in hutches
is that the investment per calf is low and these hutches are not
taxed as a permanent capital improvement such as would be the
case if we built a calf-raising and heifer bam These Calf-tel units
should even have good resale value They should almost last
forever ”
Jim, and son Jeff, have heifer calves worth saving The main
herd has a rolling herd average of 17,000 lbs 'of milk Several
cows are producing over 20,000 lbs with the best cow exceed
ing 25,000 lbs
Jeff just bought a Holstein herd from Pennsylvania 33 cows
milking with an average of 23,000 lbs, plus 25 heifers One cow
classified Excellent and 14 were rated Very Good Now, the
Esselmanns are milking 143 head They plan to save every
heifer calf from their valuable producers with-j Calf-tel hutches
Distributed by:
100 Stover Drive
Carlisle, PA 17013
Uncwtf Fanning, Saturday, August 15,1M1-A9
Frame Mixed 1-2 370 lb. 65.25; 500-
700 lb. 62.5065.00; 700600 lb. 62.00-
64.00. Medium for Large Frame 2
550600 lb. 57.0062.80 mostly 60.00-
62.50. Large Frame 2 Holsteins 400
lb. 59.00; 515-530 lb. 55.40-57.10; 700
lb. 54.90. (all thin).
Few Large Frame 1330 - 63.25 ; 400-
500 lb. 55,7569.10, lot 410 Ifa. 59.80;
500600 lb. 57.00-59.60; 600600 lb.
57.0060.70; 830 lb. lot 55.50.
Medium few Large Frame Mixed
1-2 425-725 lb. 55.2567.60; 820 lb.
51.10. Medium Frame 2 385 lb.
55.00; 575650 lb. 50.0063.75. Large
Frame 2 700 lb. 45.80.
ferings cutter and boning - Utility
43.3046.00. Lot low-Cutter 39.70.
BULLS: Yield grade 1 1540-1560
lb. lean to thin 54.6065.30.
Steers and Heifers 1.00-2.00 higher
with Heifers over 550 lb. Holding
firm to .50 higher. Slaughter Cows
steady to 1.00 higher. Utility and
Commercial 24 42.5046.50; low-
Dressmg 40.0042.50. Cutter 1-2
- 40.0044.00. Canner and Low-Cutter
36.0040.00. Bulls; Steady to weak.
YG 1-21100-1700 lb. 51.5066.00, few
56.0068.00; lot 1540 lb. 58.75; 925-
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H lainintaFtstedin H
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■ ■ ■ ■ m ■ ■ ■ m hijb ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
1125 lb. 47.40-50.25. Salable receipts
this week near 19,000 head; last
week 22,437; last year 29,186.
Feeder Cattle and Calves made up
89% of this week’s run; Cows and
Bulls 11%.
Hunter’s Auction
Monday, August 10
Riling Sun, Md.
Report supplied by auction
Choice 46.00-51.00; Other 40.50
COWS: High Choice to Rime
46.50-48.25; Good to Standard 45.50
47.00; utility 44.25-44.75; Cutters
42100-43.75; Canners 37.5041.50,
CALVES: Prime 180-220 lbs.
79.0087.00; High to Choice 180220
lbs. 68.0083.00; Good to Choice 120
140 lbs. 59.0075.00; Standard to
Good 90110 lbs. 45.0064.00, few
70.0081.00; Utility 7085 lbs. 40.00
54.00; Low Utility 6075 lbs. 42.00
FEEDER PIGS; 3035 lbs. $25 to
HOGS: 130170 lbs. 35.0041.00;
180220 lbs. 46.2051.00.
SOWS: 35.0038.50.
BOARS: 33.0035.50.
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