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    VOL 26 No. 31
NEMA urges flock size cut
DURHAM, N.H. - The Nor
theast Egg Marketing Association
is calling on egg producers to
.partWpate in a four-point summer
prog/am designed to cut the
national flock size by 15 million
birds over the next three months.
The NEMA Board of Directors
termed the requested action a
“countrywide attack on the
-economic problems that have
beset egg producers for many
Following a discussion of a
number of proposals that have
been put forth by industry leaders
to bring about economic recovery
Don 9 t get caught
on the tail end*..
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To qualify, the photograph must
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of employment Also, livestock
photos taken for you by a
professional photographer are
Mlk promotion talks to be held
Harrisburg a meeting is
expected to beheld within the next
'few weeks to attempt to iron out
how Pennsylvania’s proposed Milk
Marketing Promotional Program
might be coordinated with similar
Federal Order promotional
The upcoming meeting will be
held by marketing officials from
the Pennsylvania Department of
Agriculture and the U.S. Depart
ment of Agriculture,
“The meeting has been delayed
longer than originally expected
because of the need to wait for the
confirmation of certain key
marketing people in the USDA,"
James Sumner, director of the
PDA’s Bureau of Markets, ex
With the recent confirmation of
the USDA’s assistant secretary of
agriculture in charge of
marketing, the meeting is ex
pected to be held in the near future.
The session Is expected to center
on a discussion of how the
among egg producers, the NEMA
-directors outlined four suggested
steps to reduce the national flock
-Sell fowl four weeks earlier
than originally scheduled in June,
July and August.
-If a producer follows a molting
program, molt birds four weeks
earlier than normally scheduled in
June, July and August.
-In making plans for future flock
size, reduce bird density by seven
and one-half per cent.
-Join other producers in a call
for a zero hatch for 30 days.
Each of the regional areas of
The three categories of com
petition are:
Posed - any photo showing
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operation of the two programs
might be coordinated, including
the distribution of promotional
funds that are generated by
assessments on producers.
The proposed assessment of
three quarters of one percent, as
set forth in the state program,
would have quite an effect on the
amount of funds which are now
collected under Federal Order
For example, in Federal Order 4
approximately three-fifths of the
milk produced originates on
Pennsylvania dairy farms.
Some USDA officials have given
the opinion that if this portion of
promotional funds is withdrawn,
there wouldn’t be enough monies
remaining to continue the federal
“We do not wish to see this
happen,” accordingly Sumner.
“The proposed Pennsylvania
program is designed to com
plement the federal programs.”
Also, to be discussed will be the
manner of assessment if dual
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, May 30,1981
United Egg Producers, such as the
Northeast Egg Marketing
Association, will circulate a letter
to members inviting voluntary
support and participation of one or
all of the steps outlined in the four
point program designed to trim the
national flock size.
UEP will also exert efforts to
stimulate participation among
Commenting on the four-point
program, NEMA president, John
Ricca, of Billerica, Mass., said:
“Some producers have moved
old birds and have trimmed flock
size, but it will take this extra drive
to hit 15 million less layers and put
us back in the black.’’
Also, it was announced that at
the next regular meeting of the
NEMA Board on June 18 at Por
tland, Me., Maurice Pickier, of
National Egg Company, will
Dobrosky interns at ‘ Farming 9
LITITZ - Robert G. Campbell,
publisher of Lancaster Farming,
announces the appointment of
Laurie Dobrosky to the position of
summer intern. Laurie is a
sophomore at'Penn State majoring
in Animal Production and Com
At Penn “ State, Laurie is a
member of the school yearbook
staff and the Block and Bridle club.
She was assistant publicity
manger for this year’s Little In
ternational and helped with the
sausage sale. Laurie showed a
Polled Hereford heifer in the Little
“I” and was named reserve
champion Hereford fitter. She will
be serving as the club’s alternate
representative to the Ag Student
Council this year.
She also has been recently ap
pointed to a committee to help with
the revisions on the school
newspaper, “Ag Hill Action”.
Laurie owns her own flock of
programs are conducted.
One method would be to have the
state pick up those producers who
are not participating in the
Federal Order programs. But due
to confidential it\ provision' (lie
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Milk marketing and the current milk glut were key topics at
NEDCO’s meeting in Berks County Wednesday evening.
Looking over a fact sheet are Jim Beaver, left, and Ralph
Smith, right, for NEOCO and Bill Moore, secretary, Cleona
Milk Producers’ Co-op. See story on A 34.
present a study outlining the
stability and improvement that the
egg industry can reasonably an-
purebred Dorset sheep. In addition
to her sheep she also owns a
purebred ,Border, Collip. Laurie
says she is trying to scalie down the
size of her flock since she is away
at college. She is retaining most of
the better ewes to use as a foun
Laurie is active in the York Co.
Sheep Producers Association. Last
•year she helped out with their first
annual sale and both years sold
sheep in the sale. She also helped
with the Cumberland County Wool
Pool for three years. In addition,
she is one of the assistant Pa.
Cattlemen’s Queens.
Laurie’s hobbies include: raising
sheep, crewel, quilling, furniture
refiiushing, and acting.
Laurie is the daughter of An
thony and Patricia Dobrosky. Tony
is the agriculture extension agent
in York County. They live on a
farm outside of Glen Rock.
Laurie was an active 4-H
member for 11 years. She achieved
many honors including: being on
the national winning meats
judging team, 25th individual in
the national livestock judging
contest, and attending national 4-H
congress as a state winner in Wood
Seventeen herds of hogs in the Lancaster County area, have been placed in
quarantine as a result of pseudorabies testing conducted by the Bureau of
Animal Industries A-34
Electronic marketing though it sounds like a product of the 'Bo’s, it was
actually introduced more than 20 years ago when a conference telephone
hookup was used for livestock markets For updates, see page A 22
The sixteenth annual Spring Rally at Dickinson College in Carlisle was at
tended by a whopping 1150 Farm Women Featured this year was former
Prisoner of War Commander Charlie Plumb Read about his experiences on
page C 2 i
Northampton County holds a special Youth Day every year This year, youths
and calves share the spotlight as the experienced and the not-so-expenenced
loined forces for a bit of laughter and fun C2O
$7.50 Per Year
ticipate if producers cooperate in
the four-point program and reduce
the national flock size.
Laurie Dobrosky
She also attended PAFC,
Livestock Field Days, Judging
Contests, Farm Show, and the
York Fair.
“I am looking forward to
working for Lancaster Fanning,”
Laurie said. “I hope to meet a
great many people in agriculture
this summer.”