Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, May 23, 1981, Image 19

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    USD A cracks down on airport caterer
Department of Agriculture of
ficials have moved to withdraw
approval for handling' and
disposing of foreign-origin garbage
from Marriott Corporation’s World
Way West catering facility at, Los
Angeles International Airport, Los
Angeles, Calif.
USDA’s Animal and Plant
Health Inspection Service deputy
administrator Harvey L. Ford said
he notified the-corporation of his
agency’s intenf to withdraw ap
proval because Marriott has been
in repeated violation of federal
regulations requiring biologically
safe disposal of food and food
wastes from international flights.
“We are very concerned about
food-borne foreign plant and
animal insects and diseases,”'
“Destructive agricultural
diseases and pests might easily get
into this country through food
service Wastes on these flights,
even though the food is quite safe
for . human consumption,” Ford
said. “Effective disposal
requirements are our principal
means of protection.'”
Ford siud the USDA rules
require wastes of foreign origin to
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To protect against food-bome foreign insects diseases
be sterile and disposed in a landfill
or incinerated.
“In March and May of 1980,
Marriott employees committed
apparent violations of our
regulations, which involved put
ting foreign-origin garbage
directly in trash compactors
destined for a landfill, without
necessary sterilization
procedures,” Ford said. “Another
violation in December of 1980 in
volved improper disposal of airline
the required treat-
Video tape brings cattle to buyer
.HOUSTON, Ter - The San
Antonio based “Texas Charolais
Sales Corporation”, an affiliate
organization of American-
International Charolais
Association, is now offering a new
and exciting opportunity for
buyers and sellers of Charolais
Sharon Schoenfeld, vice
president, explains, “To look at
individual animals in the herds of
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ment, agricultural pests and'
disease organisms could remain
alive in the garbage and sub
sequently might be spread by
birds, dogs or wildlife that
scavenge landfills and other
disposal sites.”
population to understand the
threat foreign agricultural pests
and diseases pose,” Ford said.
“For example, the Dominican
Republic has systemically
destroyed and is replacing that
nation’s entire swine population
because African swine fever, one
After the first two violations, 0 f the world’s most devastating
Marriott officials acknowledged swine diseases, was introduced
that further violations could result f rom some outside source.”
in USDA withdrawing approval for Improper disposal of food wastes
the company to service incoming from ships or planes caused the
foreigh flights. recent spread of African swine
“It’s difficult to get an urban fever to western hemisphere
In Texas 9 seeing is believing,
each of our members, would cost a
lot in time and money - now we
have a way for a buyer to make an
intelligent choice at an even more'
intelligent price.”
The Sales Corporation has made
it easy for its members to par
ticipate. Forms are -sent to
members, filled out and returned
to the Charolais office in San
Antonio. An appointment's then
made with the owner-seller for the
video ,
■ In the field, each animal is
pictured front, rear and from each
25% to 30% OFF
side for approximately one minute.
Animals are mechanically
separated by tape in the field into
heifers, cows and bulls.
After all the required individuals
are on tape, the film is sent to the
lab where the animals are tran
sferred to a master tape and
receive index coding and audio
descriptive information. The
master tape is then made available
for .viewing by buyers at the
Charolais Sales Corporation Of
The Sales Corporation further
enhances a buyer’s selection
process by using an indexing
method. If, for example, a buyer is
interested only in two-year-old
bulls which weight 1,500 pounds or
more and are sired by ‘Bull X’,
messier Farming, Saturday, May 23,1981—A19
nations—Brazil, Cuba, Dominican
Republic and Haiti, Ford said.
“In addition to African swine
fever, we are constantly concerned
about many other pests and
diseases that can easily be carried
in food, foreign souvenirs, cargoes
and other materials,” Ford said.
USDA officials administer
agricultural unport regulations to
prevent the entry of products
containing such pests or diseases.
USDA inspectors are stationed at
about 80 ports of entry.
then only those bulls which meet
the requirements will be shown.
Once the buyer has made a
selection, final negotiation and
sale is arranged with the seller.
All sales are by private treaty.
The Sales Corporation acts only in
getting buyer and seller together.
Members of the Texas Charolais
Sales Corporation have the
responsibility of providing the
. correct information on animals
aad having their animals penned
at video taping time. Member’s
herds are updated every six
months. The first taping is free to
members. Buyers are charged
nothing to view the tapes.
For more information, contact
Jim Chittim at 512/249-2480 or
Sharon Schoenfeld at 512/698-2349