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    B4—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, May 16,1981
ITHACA, NY - Money, for
today and tomorrow, is a concern
of everyone. What will today’s
dollar be worth tomorrow? How
can it be increased to assure a
reasonable living standard?
Several publications from
Cornell Cooperative Extension are
available to help today’s farm
family and other property owners
make plans for the future while
paying their bills today.
“Tazmanship in Buying or
Selling a Farm’’ (NC 43,5(h) points
out tax considerations when you
sell or buy a farm. A case study of
tax calculations in a farm sale is
included. The sale of the personal
residence, involuntary conversion,
and trading farm property are
covered in this 15-page publication
designed to help you think before
you move.
“Hedging in Commodity
Futures: A Guide for Farmers in
the Northeast” (IB 147, $1.50) tells
how to get started in a hedging
program and carries the reader
through the uses of futures
markets and mechanics of futures
trading. Gives empirical analysis
on hedging a growing crop as well
Soybeans fact sheet available
NEWARK Full season ho
tillage soybean production is still
quite new and all the bugs haven’t
been worked out of the system yet.
Increasing numbers of Delaware
growers have expressed an in
terest in reducing their tillage
requirements without reducing
soybean yields. In most cases, they
actually want to increase yields.
As with any other no-tillage
operation, management is ex
tremely important in producing a
discuss horses
LANCASTER Tips on buying
horses and controlling internal
parasites are available in two
brochures recently published by
the AVMA.
“What you should know about
buying a horse” helps you decide
the kind of horse to buy, where to
look for a horse and examining the
horse before buying.
“What you should know that
internal parasites in horses”
discusses the transmission,
diagnosis and treatment of bots,
strongyles, ascands and pmworms
in horses.
Orders for each brochure should
be sent to AVMA, 930 North
Meacham Road, Schaumburg, IL,
60196. The cost is $3 per hundred
and a check made to AVMA should
accompany each order. To request
a single copy, send a business size,
self-addressed stamped envelope
to the AVMA.
Suggested Readings
Cornell Extension
offers publications
V.' '
as inventories. Since the com
modity futures market directly
affects many farmers, the more
you know about the subject the
better you’ll be able to plan your
financial future.
“Life Insurance for Farm
Families” (IB 114, 50*) helps you
plan before financial disaster
strikes. This is a comprehensive
guide to insurance planning for
families who own and manage
farm businesses. A sound life in
surance program can also be part
of plans for retirement, savings,
credit use, transfer of the farm,
and distribution of property at
death. Farmers warrant special
considerations in life insurance
aspects and this publication will
give you information to make good
Planning “Insurance for the
Farm Business” (IB 167, $1.25) is
as important as planning which
crops to grow, how to feed, or
market your production. Ask
anyone who has lost everything
due to inadequate insurance. This
bulletin will help you find out
details on property insurance,
liability insurance, worker’s
profitable crop of soybeans, says
University of Delaware extension
crops specialist Frank Webb.
He recently put together a four
page fact sheet outlining the best
information currently available on
this practice, based on research,
extension demonstrations and
commercial observations. This
fact sheet can be obtained free
from county extension offices in
Newark (738-2506), Dover (736-
4675) or Georgetown (856-5250).
There are still many unanswered
questions regarding fidl-season no-
Allied introduces dog food
CHICAGO, IL Formula One
Dog Food, a quality dry food that is
economically priced, has been
introduced nationally by Allied
Mills, Inc., the Chicago-based
agribusiness firm. The new dog
food is available in 25 and 50 lb.
bags through pet shops, feed and
farm supply stores, kennels and
Formula One Dog Food is for
mulated for adult dogs, says Joel
Drews, Allied Mills nutritionist
and the principal developer of the
new product. It can be fed dry as it
comes from the bag or moistened
with water or other liquids.
Formula One Dog Food contains
18 percent crude protein and 5
percent crude fat. It is fortified
with 11 vitamins and 8 minerals
required by adult dogs.
Nearly 50 years of research
stands behind Allied Mills’ new dog
ELBURN, n. - Shady-Creek
Glendell Everest (40H2953), a
young Holstein bull bred by Tom
Pearson, a prominent Holstein
breeder and animal photographer
from Greenleaf, 'Wise., has joined
the battery of Holstein bulls at
Curtiss Breeding Industries Inc.
He will be sampled nationwide
through the Curtiss Blue Chip
Everest comes from a good
compensation, motor vehicle in
surance, personal injury, and crop
insurance. Options are covered
objectively and tables illustrate
limits and premium rates.
You’re working now, the cash
flow is adequate, and your credit is
working for you. But what about
when you want to retire from
active farming? What are your’
options? “Retirement Planning,”
(NC 49, 45*), is a concise
publication that covers the
financial benefits and pitfalls of
retirement. It also includes
philosophy, goals, alternatives to
retirement, estimating income and
expenses, potential areas for
trimming expenses, and
enumerates key retirement points
which you should consider before
you retire.
All of the* publications may be
obtained by writing to Cornell
Distribution Center, 7 Research
Park, Ithaca, NY, 14850. The per
copy price includes shipping to
_ you. Copies are also available
through county Cooperative Ex
tension offices in New York State
where prices may vary.
tillage soybean production,
stresses Webb, but this publication
does provide the latest information
on suitable seedbeds; fertilizer and
lime requirements; varieties, row
spacing and plant population; and
(most importantly) weed control.
“Work is continuing on this new
production method,” says Webb.
“As developments occur, farmers
will be notified. In the meantime,
the best advice is to try a few acres
and get used to the full-season no
tillage soybean program before
jumping in with both feet.”
food; Extensive "riutrlttOHal
research with dogs and other pets
is conducted at the company’s
Research and Development Center
“Proper feeding is essential for
the correct development and
maintenance of a dog,” says Drew.
“A considerable amount of
research has been conducted to
determine the nutrition a dog
needs during various stages of its
Dogs, like man, if given a
chance, would eat only food which
is tasty to their palates, with little
consideration to nutrition, Drews
adds. Hie result can be a fat dog
that is poorly nourished.
Formula One Dog Food is
packaged in bags identified by
their tan color and bold brown and
black graphics showing a Spaniel
dog and its owner.
New Curtiss sire
producing, tugn xuuexea cow
family. His Excellent dam, a Logil
Rajah daughter, has 305-day
records over 23,000 pounds of milk
with a 3.8% test and 874 pounds of
Sired by Glendell Arlinda Chief,
a successfully proven A.I. sire with
a PDM of +1993 pounds and a PDT
of +1.46, Everest should be used on
cows that need stature, dairyness
and more will to milk.
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