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    C22—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, May 16,1981
Be safe wth power
lawn eq
NEWARK, Del. - The old
fashioned push mower had one big
advantage over today’s power
lawn mower - it was a lot safer.
The U.S. Consumer Product
Safety Commission estimates that
last year about 65,000 people
received hospital emergency room
treatment for injuries associated
with power lawn mowers and
garden tractors. Another 10,000
were injured by powered hedge
Ron Jester, Delaware extension
safety specialist, says studies show
that serious lawn mower accidents
may result when objects are
picked up and thrown by lawn
mowers; when nding mowers tip
over on steep slopes; when mowers
operating m reverse run into
someone; and when a person
clears grass from the discharge
chute or adjusts the machine
before the blades have fully
Many other accidents are
caused by the improper use of
flammable liquids. To avoid ac
cidents, Jester recommends
studying the owner’s manual and
following the safety rules outlined
—Buy a power mower with a
rear guard to protect hands and
feet from blades, and a downward
aimed discharge chute.
—Before mowing, rake up wires,
cans, rocks, twigs, and other Utter.
—Don’t mow a wet lawn. Footing
is unsafe, and grass often clogs the
discharge chute, tempting you to
clear it with the machine running.
—Always turn off the mower and
disconnect the spark plug wire or
electric plug before unclogging or
adjusting the machine. Even a
slight rotation of the blade could
start the engine.
—Never refuel a mower while it
is running or the engine is hot.
—Mow across slopes with a
walking mower. Drive a riding
mower up and down slopes for
—Be careful not to run over the
cord of an electric mower.
—Push, don’t pull, a hand
Think safely this summer
—Don’t smoke near a power
mower or near gasoline.
—Keep people and pets out of the
mowing area.
—Stop the engine, even when you
leave the mower for only a
Jester says accidents with
garden tractors are typically
caused by overturning on uneven
terrain, steep slopes or em
bankments; by running over
victims, especially when the
operators puts the garden tractor
in reverse; and by ignition of
flammable liquids.
Other accidents involve falls
from tractors which are going too
fast, or when shifting gears. The
following suggestions will help
assure a safe season with your
garden tractor;
—Never allow children to
operate the tractor, and keep them
away from the area when you are
operating it.
—Drive up and down slopes
rather than across fcr greater
—Don’t try to tow other vehicles
or pull them out of ditches or mud.
—Never refuel a garden tractor
indoors. A spark or pilot light can
ignite vapors.
—Start the garden tractor
outdoors. Carbon monoxide gas
can collect in a garage.
—Keep children away from the
machine and the gasoline.
Don’t take chances with power
equipment, warn Jester. Using
common sense will prevent most
How would you save a person
who stopped breathing?
Centuries ago the victim would
have been beaten with stinging
nettles to bring him around. In the
1500’s a fireside bellows was used
to pump pair into a victim’s lungs.
North American Indians tried to
revive apparently dead persons by
blowing smoke into an animal
bladder attached to the, victim’s
rectum. In the early 1800’s
drowning victims were bounced
along on the back of a horse.
No one uses those techniques
today. But some people still cling
to the old back-pressure-arm-lift
method, even though scientific
tests have shown that mouth-to
mouth resuscitation delivers more
oxygen to the blood and enables the
first-aider to do a better job of
monitoring the victim’s response.*
Are your fust aid skills up-to
date? If you haven’t had training
recently, you may be surprised to
discover that much of you know
how is obsolete. To find out if you
need a refresher course, consider
what you would do in the following
situations. (Answersfollow).
1. One night-you and a friend
come upon a car which has run off
the road and hit a tree. The front
♦Shelled corn, 10 points of moisture.
This means that with the 56' EZEE-DRY
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condition, even during heavy harvest demand.
And when the EZEE-DRY is not at work as a
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Give us a call to find out how the
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And if you need additional gram storage, we
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Stormor and EZEE dry are registered trademarks of stormor me.
Could you help
injured victim?
end is completely smashed and the
driver is unconscious. He’s
bleeding heavioy but his breathing
is okay. There are no other
passengers. What should you do ?
A. Leave the victim m the car.
Give him first aid. Send your
friend to call an ambulance.
B. Gently move the victim to a
level spot on the ground outside the
car where you can monitor his
vital signs and give him first aid.
Send your friend to call an am
C. Put on a pressure bandage to
stop the bleeding. Then improvise
a stretcher from a blanket and
carry the victim to a hearby home.
Give him additional aid and call an
D. Put on a pressure bandgage to
stop the. bleeding. Then move the
victim gently to your car and take
him to a hospital.
E. None of the above.
2. You’re taking a pan of bacon
off the stove when you ac
cidentially pour hot grease on your
hand. The pain is tremendous.
What should you do?
A. Quickly nnse off the grease in
cold water, apply a burn ointment
and rush to the hospital.
B. Stick your hand in cold water.
Have someone make up an ice-bag
and keep your hand against that on
the way to the hospital.
C. Put your hand under cold
water for several minutes. Blot it
dry, apply burn ointment, bandage
it and go to the hospital.
D. Bandage the bum and rush to
the hospital.
E. None of the above.
3. The grandparents come to
visit. Grandmother has trouble
with insomnia and takes sleeping
pills at night. Because she doesn’t
like the childproof cap, she leaves
the bottle open on the mght stand.
In the morning your three-year-old
finds the bottle and swallows half
the contents. You catch her in the
act. What is the best way to make
her vomit the medicine?
A. Give her a glass of con
centrated salt water.
B. Give her a glass of mustard
and water.
C. Stick the blunt end of a
spoon mto her throat.
O. Give her a tablespoon of syrup
of ipecac.
E. None of the above.
4. Your family goes ice skating
on a cold day in January. One of
the kids is wearing very tight
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