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    VOL 26 No. 29
House passes Ag Area bill with 192-1 vote
HARRISBURG With a vote of
192-1, House Bill 143, the ag area
legislation that has been in the mill
since January, finally passed off
the floor of the House of
Representatives on Tuesday.
“I’m pleased it passed,”
remarked prune sponsor of H 8143
Representative Noah Wenger, 99th
District, Lancaster County. The
legislation now moves to the state
Voting against the bill was
Representative Richard A. Geist, a
republican from the 79th District,
Blair County.
HB 143 provides for the
establishment of agricultural
areas, created by farmers and
local government officials on a
voluntary basis.
Wenger explained fanners or
others who own as an aggregate at
least 500 acres of viable
agricultural land can request their
When you were a youngster and followed your parents to the
dairy barn, did you have a dream of one day milkmg-your own
cows? Well, two Lebanon County cousins had just the boyhood
dream and now are in the midst of having it come true. See how
they’re doing it in a unique combination of the past and
future... A 26 -*
May marks the sixteenth summer the Susquehannock State
Park, Lancaster's only state park, has been open to the public.
Filled the self-guided nature trails, picnic areas, and open
meadows next to the Susquehanna River, the park is the retreat
for families seeking rest and recreation...C2
Meet Lancaster County’s Poultry Queen, Heidi Miller, as she
talks about her reign, Also, try her favorite egg recipe, Instant
Egg Pickup ..C8
Sunflower oil has been used as a diesel fuel replacement, but
there are still some rough edges to smooth off in the trial. Read
about the home grown fuel as an alternative to Arab 0i1...04
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FFA News, Cl 7-21; Safety, C 22
local municipalities to establish ag
areas. The areas could consist of
one contiguousarea or two or more
non-contiguous areas or parcels.
Once the fanners request an ag
area be formed, the local govern'
ment would follow normal public
hearing procedures:
posting a notice;
allowing a 30-day period for
submitting the proposal with
amendments to the planning
commission and the Agricultural
Area Advisory Committee
(establishment provided in HB 143
after local government receives a
petition from farmers to create an
commission and committee
reporting findings and recom
mendations within 45-days after
receiving the proposal with
modifications from the local of
holding public hearings and
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, May 16,1981
giving notice to those affected;
All this must take place within
180 days of the proposal’s sub
mission. If the local officials adopt
Grazing Holsteins and some alfalfa provide
an appropriate backdrop for this milk wagon,
which was still used for deliveries in Baltimore
in the 1930’5. Now, it’s among items being
sold this weekend at'Martin’s carriage and
Gypsy moth about to begin
2-million-acre forest snack
LANCASTER - It likely only
made its appearance within the
past few days.
Presently ranging in size from
only a quarter to possibly three
quarters of an mch, it will soon
grow to a length of two and one
half inches.
But what it lacks in size, it more
than makes up for in the form of a
voracious appetite.
And there hes the problem.
The dununitive pest, of course, is
the gypsy moth, which is just now
beginning what will likely be a
the proposal, it goes into effect
“HB 143 is part of an effort to
conserve, protect and encourage
the development and improvement
of state agricultural land, and to
record attack on area trees and
“We expect the worst infestation
the state has ever had,” according
to James Nichols, Chief, Division
of Forest Pest Management, of the
DER’s Bureau of Forestry.
“In all likelihood, approximately
two million acres of forests will be
That amount of forest land ex
pected to be affected is quite a
jump over the past two years.
In 1979, only 8,000 acres were
defoliated by the gypsy moth. Last
L.F. celebrates Dairy Month
LANCASTER It’s hard'to
believe a whole year filled with
news and features has passed since
Lancaster Fanning was preparing
for the 1980 June Dairy Month
But here it is that tune of year
again and L.F. is once again
gearing up for an issue that will
make you want to skip dinner and
the next milking.
Dairy groups, producers, and
others who want to take part in this
year’s salute to dairying are in
vited to get involved. Send us a
story, call us with an idea, or let us
know when your special meeting
dates are for the Farm Calendar
it’ll all add up to a super month.
Once agam L.F.’s Home Section
will be chock-full of mouth
watering recipes that use bargain
retain a strong, prosperous
agriculture in Pennsylvania,”
states a summary of the
legislation. “It is important to the
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wagon auction mear -Intercourse. For more
information and photos on this nationwide
collecting craze for horse-drawn vehicles, turn
to page A-20.
year, the total increased
dramatically to some 440,000
acres. And now the problem is
expected to spiral again by nearly
The previous major problem
year was 1977 when a total of 1.3
million acres was defoliated.
“The state is still largely basing
its long-range program on
biological control,” Nichols ex
“Eight different parasites which
feed on the gypsyv moth had been
dairy ingredients for delicious,
nutncious meals. And best of all,
these recipes will be the tned-and
true favorites of our readers.
To the cooks who share their
‘secret’ dairy recipes with L.F.
readers, a special Dairy Month gift
will be sent to show our ap
preciation. We’re keeping it a
surprise, but the gift is guaranteed
to delight any cook.
So you don’t miss out on taking
part in this Dairy Month
celebration's special June 6 issue,
be sure to send us your news by
Tuesday, June 1. Paid advertising
for the issue is also due that day.
Give us a call at 717/394-3047 or
717/626-1164. Or, write Lancaster
Farming, Box 366, Lititz, PA 17543.
Will Dairy Month be ‘udderly’
terrific? It’s in the bag!
$7.50 Per Year
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