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VOL 26 No. 16
Joe and Becky Wivell, R 3 Columbia,
received Outstanding Young Farmer honors at
Leaders review Extension
during annual meeting
Staff Correspondent
LANCASTER - Nearly two
hundred Lancaster County far
mers and homemakers gathered
Thursday evening at the Farm and
Home Center for the annual
meeting of the Agricultural and
Home Economics Extension
Association. Reports on the Ex
tension Service and its impact on
the community were given by four
county leaders active in extension
sponsored programs
District Attorney Michael Ranck
spoke on the difficulties arising
from a greater emphasis being
placed on procedural problems in
the judicial process than on the
guilt or innocence of an individual
He said, “Guilt is losing its
importance and it is my belief that
we are getting off the tract by
concentrating on the procedural
Multiflora, ag bargaining bills
move on Capitol Hill
troduction of a multiflora rose bill
ana continued reaction to the
proposed state budget and HB 143
dominated the Harrisburg ag
legislative scene.
HB 467, a measure to declare
multiflora rose a noxious weed in
Pennsylvania, was introduced by
House Majority Leader Samuel E.
Hayes, Jr
The measure, coming out of the
local government committee, is
the result of a meeting held in mid-
December with a group of Hun
tingdon County farmers, Hayes,
the Agriculture Department, and
the State Game Commission.
At that time Game Commission
aspects Guilt or innocence has to
be our primary objective in the
search for truth and justice ”
Ranck also urged his audience to
become familiar with Operation
Identification, in which
homeowners engrave their Penn
sylvania operator’s ID number on
their belongings. This makes the
items easily traceable and
therefore a difficult item for
burglars to fence.
In areas where Operation
Identification has been in effect on
a wide scale, Ranck reported that
' dropped drastically
He urged citizens to contact their
local officials to encourage police
, officers to get active in getting
people to participate in the
program He said engraving tools
are available at most local police
* departments
Ranck said, “By a concentrated
Executive Director Glenn L
Bowers agreed the Commission
would go along with having
multiflora rose declared a noxious
weed. 1 The Commission has
sponsored multiflora plantings for
about 30 years throughout the
All three major farm groups in
the state, the Farmers
Association, Farmers Union, and
Grange support the measure
“We intend to throw the
Grange’s full support behind this
measure,” said State Master
Charles Wismer
With their support. Agriculture
Department agreement, Hayes’
backing, and no Commission op
position, there seems at present to
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, February 14,1981
PYFA convention in Hershey this weel
community effort, we can put a
bigger risk in the burglary
business I would be very happy if
we cut the crime rate in half in
Lancaster ” He pointed out that if
the number of burglaries were
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about the price of hogs these days’’’
Need some quick remedies for
depression 9
If these symptoms are plaquing
you as a hog producer, plan to
attend Thursday’s Third Keystone
be little doubt multiflora rose will
be declared a noxious weed before
its red and pink flower.* bloom
again this summer.
HB 467 deals only with multiflora
rose, not autumn olive or any other
potential candidate for noxious
weed status.
Noxious weeds in Pennsylvania
currently include Canadian thistle,
Johnsongrass, chicory, and
A measure to a'ssure good faith
bargaining between growers and
buyers also started to move in the
HB 499, the Fair Agricultural
Practices Marketing Bill, would
Marketing to highlight
Keystone Pork Congress
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Young Farmers
present awards
HERSHEY Lancaster and
York Counties were in the
torefront ot recipients of awards
and honors that were presented at
this week’s Pennsylvania Young
Farmers’ convention at the
Hershey Lodge and Convention
Joe and Becky Wivell, R 3
Columbia, representing Region II
and the Elizabethtown Chapter,
received Outstanding Young
Farmer honors in the Under 30
The Dovei Young Farmers
Chapter from York Count>
collected three major awards
William Fleet, advisor to the
Dover Chapter, was presented the
Outstanding Young Farmer Ad
visor Award
The Outstanding Chapter Award
tor 1980 went to the Dover Chapter
And, Lome and Ailean'Etter, of
the Dover Chapter, were honored
as recipients of the Outstanding
Community Service Award
In addition to the presentation of
these and other awards, the two
day PYFA convention featured the
election of officers for the coming
year and continuing plans for the
15th National Young Farmers
Educational Institute to be held at
Hershey on Dec 5-9
Named Outstanding Young
Farmer in the Over 30 category
Pork Congress. The Pennsylvania
Pork Producers’ Council will be
sponsoring this annual event atthe
Host Farm Resort, east of Lam
caster along Route 30 doors will
open at 8 a m.
For the past two years, close to
1500 pork producers turned out for
the workshop, and this year should
be no exception, according to John
Henkel, Strasburg
Henkel pointed out there will be
a lot of new ideas put into play at
this year’s Congress For instance,
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r -* ss*
VC> ' " ‘ 4 S JhJ
FEBI 8 1981 "
p ' :nr
were Paul and Grace Hornbaker,
of Shippensburg, representing
Region IV
The Wells boro Chapter was
credited with both the largest
increase in membership and the
largest chapter membership.
The loft represented chapter at
the convention was Ephrata
The Honorary PYFA Degree for
1980 was bestowed on Milton
Hoffman, of Muncy Chief Seeds
Heading the slate of officers foi
the coming year is Earl C
Stauffer, of R 1 Ephrata, who
received the presidential gavel
from Caleb Williams, of Wellsboro,
who moved into the Past
President’s slot
The passing of the gavel and
presentation of the Past
President’s gavel took place at
Tuesday’s awards banquet at
tended by 268 Young Farmers and
The new President-Elect is
Terry E Martin Sr, of Cham
Other officers include Henry
Sanders, R 1 Millmont, who was
to a second term as
secretary, George Musser, R 1
New Bethlehem, who also was re
elected to a second term as
treasurer, and William B. Homan,
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the session is scheduled for only
one day last year it ran two
days And, the topics to be covered
by experts in the pork field will
deal primarily with marketing
rather than production, since hog
producers seem to have more
problems with the former than
“We hope to strengthen the
marketing awareness of both the
feeder pig and market hog
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Pity ripoifc
Potter Holstein Club, 85,
Cravvford DHIA, B 6; Juniata
DHIA, 87, Holstein classification,
C2B; Save $6O on feed, C3l; York
calf sale, C3B; Dairy day, DlB
RoguUr column*
Editorials, A 10; Farm Calendar,
A2B, Ida’s notebook, C 5; Farm
women societies, CIO; Have you
heard, Cl 2; Joyce Bupp, Cl 3;
Sheila’s shorts, C 32; Farm Talk,
$7.50 Per Year