Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, February 07, 1981, Image 125

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    National 4-H winner, Judy Long receives a $lOOO check
from the National 4-H Council for her outstanding per
formance m the Horse program Duane Duncan, Cumberland
County Agent, presented the check to Miss Long at the
Annual Extension Banquet at South Middleton Fireball,
Boiling Springs.
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Cumberland County Agent Duane Duncan, left, receives
the 1980 Distinguished Service Award from the National
Association of County Agricultural Agents, presented by
Lancaster County Agent, Jay Irwin, Director of the Penna.
Association, County Agricultural Agents at the Cumberland
County Annual Extension Banquet.
Spread yield risk:
plant several varieties
LITITZ Planting soybeans
that mature at different dates is a
wise practice that helps insure
growers against potential crop
disasters, notes Charles Brim,
manager of soybeam research for
Funk Seed International
Many soybean growers typically
plant several corn hybrids with
different maturities to spread risk
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16’ long by 8’ wide body
has 40" sides, a grain door
in rear, flotation tires for
field work or 10,000 lbs.,
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Cumberland extension honors members
But the same growers may devote
all their soybean acreage to t’v
variety, Brim says, even though
the reasons for planting’ ‘com
panion” corn hybrids apply just as
well to soybeans
Planting companion varieties
with varying degrees of insect and
disease resistance decreases the
chance that any single pest can
Recently elected new officers of the Board of here with Commissioner, Rosemarie Peiffer
Directors of the Cumberland County Extension who has been designated by the Corn-
Association include President, Robert missioners to work with Cumberland County
Berkheimer; Secretary, Mary Ellen Williams; Extension Association.
Vice President, Gary Hornbaker, are shown
damage an entire soybean field
And dry, hot weather that can
inhibit corn gram fill also can
critically reduce soybean pod set
and fill
By planting different maturity
soybean varieties that will flower
Standard Livestock trailer
with metal top sleeper
van. Comes in
16,20,24,28 ft. lengths,-
brakes on all wheels.
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The Cumberland County Extension Rd.. Mechanicsburg, for their many years of
Association presented outstanding leadership untiring contributions to Extension programs,
and service awards to Dorothy Jones. Rl, Robert Berkheimer, left, President of the
Newville and Mark Basehore, 6080 Creekview Association, presented the awards.
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, February 7,1981—C37
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and fill at different tunes, growers
will have more assurance that
overall farm yields will be in
creased,” Brim adds
For example, some early
maturity soybean varieties did
poorly last year due to drought,
while later maturities fared better.
“In the Bloomington, Illinois,
area, we got rams rather late in
August. As a result, the Group 111
varieties yielded better than Group
, I
II,” Brim explains.
Seed companies are releasing a
greater number of high-yielding
companion soybean varieties to
help growers spread risk
“The number of good varieties
available should enable growers to
plant several in one year,” Brim
concludes ‘lt doesn’t pay to put
all your eggs in one basket,
whether you’re planting corn or
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