Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, January 17, 1981, Image 36

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    A36—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, January 17,1981
Farm Bureau asks
Reagan to end embargo
('ailm-' the year-old gram
embargo against the soviets
An economic and
diplomatic disaster,” Robert
B Delano today asked
President-elect Reagan to
give high priority to his
campaign promise to end the
Delano, president of the
American Farm Bureau
Federation, opened the
organization’s 62nd annual
meeting here with his annual
address Monday, January
12, telling some 7000
delegates that the embargo
had cost the nation’s far
mers and ranchers a
minimum of one billion
dollars in cash grain income
and resulted in "permanent
disruption of grain trading
patterns ”
Should further Soviet
aggression require sanc
tions, we ask for a full em
bargo of all trade,
technology, services and
cultural contacts,” Delano
said, adding that American
farmers and ranchers will
proudly endure economic
hardships involving all
segments of the economy in
dealing with any national
Calling attention to a
substantial increase in
Farm &
to hold mortgage
Staff Correspondent
burning of the mortgage will
highlight the 17th annual
meeting of the Farm and
Home Foundation of Lan
caster County, scheduled for
Thursday, January 29, 1981,
at 6 30 p m at the Farm and
Home Center on Arcadia
The mortgage-burning
represents the culmination
of a project which had its
origins in the minds of
agricultural leaders as early
as 1953, but which really
began taking shape in the
early 1960’s when Elmer
Esbenshade, prominent
farmer and agricultural
leader, donated both land
and money for the beginning
of the project
Speaker for the event will
be J Collins McSparren who
will talk on “Opportunities m
the Eighties ”
Entertainment will be
provided by the Garden Spot
Barbershop Chorus
MM. Smith, county ex
tension director, will provide
some historical insights into
the project an its direction
over the course of the years
Many of those who were
involved in the early years
will be present.
A brief business meeting
will be held, which will in
clude election of directors
Tickets for the event will
cost $6 50 and can be pur
chased from any director or
from Farm and Home
Center Manager Howard
Campbell at 392-4911 Ticket
deadline is Thursday,
January 22
The Farm and Home
Center was the first of its
kind in Pennsylvania and
represented a milestone for
the agricultural cc amt.
membership in AFBF
during the past year (to
more than 3,200,000 member
families), Delano said he
sees this growth as a
mandate for farm bureau to
seek solutions to a long list of
pressing farm problems,
including improved farm
income, the right to farm
without undue regulations,
priority for adequate farm
energy supplies and a
stronger voice for farmers
and ranchers whenever
agricultural decisions are
Naming inflation as the
number-one farm and
national problem, Delano
said that citizens
where ‘must insist
that Congress, the Executive
Branch and the Federal
Reserve System jam in
accepting full responsibility
for bringing inflation under
“Deficit spending and
excessive taxation to pay for
it - Both in Washington and
in state capitals - must
remain farm bureau’s prime
target,” Delano declared.
In defense of farmer and
rancher rights, the farm
leader said farm bureau has
become involved in more
legal controversies with
federal agencies than at any
Home Foundation
in Lancaster County. Con
ceived as a center to house
both agricultural and home
economics facilities and to
provide meeting facilities
for agricultural
organizations, the Center
has been meeting the needs
of the community for 12
In the course of a year,
over 850 meetings are held
within the Center.
The total project,
amounting to $500,000 00 was
paid for the local funds,
collected during extensive
fund-raising campaigns
which included the use of
hundreds of volunteers who
visited their rural neighbors
and collected pledges. It was
a community effort from the
start, and contmues to serve
an ever-expanding com
Jay Landis, president of
the board of directors, ex-
places first
FARM SHOW - Cur- , „ agriculture
, , , T , _ , 1 Curwensville Area High School
wensville Area High School Curwensviiie ciearfieid Co 2 mc
placed first in the school Connellsburg Senior High School Mc
window exhibit at the Farm £!£
Show Judging took place Central High School Manheim Lan
last Satlirdav and evhihitc css,er 5Tn Valley H| S h Sch °o' Hepms
iasi aaiuraay ana exniDits sctwyihn e Ephrata Area H, g h school
were on display the entire Ephrata Lancaster 7 Upper Bucks Area
week for spectators to see VoTech School Perkasie Bucks 8
r Kutctown Area Hgh School Kuf«own
Other winners werp as. Rctk*' 9 Cedar Crest High SChoot
umer winners were as Lebanon Lebanon All other Barticipjnls
rOiIOWS were placed in the tenth place category
tune in the past thirty years.
Legal action has included
moves against the Depart
ment of Interior’s Bureau of
Land Management, Bureau
of Indian Affairs, Fish and
Wildlife Service and Bureau
of Reclamation; Depart
ment of Agriculture’s Forest
and Park Services,
Department of Labor’s
Occupational Safety and
Health Administration;
Environmental Protection
Agency; and the Depart
ment of Health and Human
Delan said another issue of
paramount importance to
agriculture is the question
“Who shall speak for far
mers 7 ’’
The appropriate answer,
he siad is that “farmers and
ranchers must speak for
ourselves, in the manner we
choose and under conditions
we set.”
The AFBFf annual
meeting concluded Thur
sday with appearances by
Secretary of Agriculture -
designate John Block,
Federal Reserve Chairman
of the board, Paul Volcker;
former Army Chief of Staff,
General W. C West
moreland, and Louisiana
Congressman Henson
plains that with the end of
indebtedness represented by
the burning of the mortgage,
the Board is working on
ways to improve the
physical plant to meet the
challenge of the energy
situation of the 1980’s. In
come from meeting room
rentals and office rental will
be used as a reserve for
maintenance and to improve
operating efficiency through
insulation and other means.
Educational scholarships
and educational programs
will continue to represent an
important service of the
Farm and Home Foun
Banquet Chairman John
Henkel expressed the
Board’s hope that there will
be a record turnout to help
celebrate this milestone in
the Farm and Home
Foundation’s work
A pig’s life is not all glamour snorts Robinson Jane, the mother of five baby
pigs as of Tuesday morning.
FARM SHOW - At 9 a.m.
Tuesday the maternity ward
of the 1981 Pennsylvania
Farm Show swine bam was
“Robinson Jane” was in
labor and would soon be
delivering five baby pigs
The father of the piglets,
“Spreading Oak,” was back
on the home farm and would
not leam about the delivery
until later this week when
Jane and the piglets return
home with owners Dale and
Larry Robinson of Delta,
York County.
“Jane,” a spotted swine,
placed sixth in her class and
was to be sold as a bred gilt,
but due to her new family,
will return home instead.
The Robinsons raise 30
Spotted Swine and have 40
milking cows on their York
County farm
“We’ll take the piglets
back home and raise them,”
said Larry. “They will be
full grown and ready to show
by next year’s Farm Show.”
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maternity ward
Larry Robinson, owner of the five new pigs, holds
up one for the crowd to see. He says he plans to
raise these five new additions to his herd.
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Box 128 R D #4, Lrtitz, PA 17543
Wood Corner Rd . 1 Mile West of Ephrata
Phone 717-738-1121
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