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    AlB—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, January 17,1981
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FARM SHOW - Glenn T.
Wenger, a 17-year-old
Lebanon County youth, was
named State Star
Agribusiness Person for
1981, the highest award
possible through the Penn
sylvania FFA.
Glenn, the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Carl I. Wenger of South
Race Street in Myerstown,
Lebanon County, received
the award at the Penn
sylvania FFA’s 52nd Mid-
Winter Convention in the
Forum of the Education
Building, held in conjunction
with the 65th Farm Show.
Glenn is a senior at
Eastern Lebanon County
High School and is a member
Dairymen honor
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King made a plea for con
tributions to the Ag Arena
scheduled to be built by
public subscription
sometime in the commmg
year Donations from all
quarters are solicited
Lew Mix, director of farm
management for Agway,
told dairymen the com
bination of oversupply and
decreasing population in the
Northeast are among factors
which could put a big dent in
farmers’ pocketbooks
Mix said it is likely 80
percent of parity will be
extended for one more year,
but added that he expects to
see a trigger pomt inserted
in the parity arrangment
When government milk
purchases reach a certain
level, the support rate would
be dropped.
At today’s production
levels, considering supply
and demand, dairy parity
probably should be between
How many calves did you lose last year?
out right mm
Raising calves is a tricky business
That s why modern calf raisers are
going to individual hutches to
help save more calves by cutting
down on pneumonia, scours and hoof
problems Properly made hutches
help eliminate the dampness, crowd
ing and poor ventilation that plague
many calf barns
You can be assured of this kind of
healthier environment with Fiberdome
CALFhutches Their unique one-
Receive FREE feeding unit with
the purchase of each
Fiberdome calfhutch.
Offer expires January 31, 1981
■ ...madztbPmt
PO Box 11
Lake Mills Wisconsin 53551
70 and 72 peicent, Mix told
the dairymen.
It will cost farmers
roughly 90 cents per hun
dredweight for every five
percent drop in parity
But even with a cutback
to 75 percent of parity on
October 1, 1981, dairymen
could average nine to ten
percent better blend prices
than in 1980 However, Mix
sees costs increasing 11 to 12
percent, so net income will
Mix also urged farmers to
support a casein import
quota and spoke of the dollar
damage done to farmers by
artificial and substitute
dairy products.
Every dairyman in the
state lost over $3OO last year
to sales of artificial dairy
products, he pointed out.
Also on hand to liven up
the evening were several
county dairy princesses who
served a milk punch before
the dinner
piece construction of heavy gauge
fiber glass makes them weatherproof,
so they will last indefinitely with nor
mal care No joints for moisture and
bacteria to creep through A white
gel-coat finish keeps them cool in
When not in use, stakes can be
removed and strong U-bolts on top let
you conveniently pick units up to
clean or stack for compact storage
I want to know more details on how I can raise
healthier calves with the Fiberdome
amed Star Agribusiness person
of the Eastern Lebanon
County FFA Chapter. He is
vice-president and assistant
manager of Wenger Farms.
The farm has a 60-cow dairy
herd in addition to beef
cattle and hogs. He farms
400 acres of corn, wheat,
barlc> arid alf OliC
CCC calls corn from grain
who have com stored in the
farmer-owned grain reserve
will be required to repay
their price support loans
within 90 days of notification
by county ASCS offices,
according to Mark
Balthaser, Chairman of the
Berks County Agricultural
Stabilization and Con
servation Committee
Ray Fitzgerald, Vice
President of Commodity
Credit Corporation, an
nounced the call on
December 30,1980
Currently, about 665
million bushels of corn are in
the farmer-owned reserve,
he said.
Balthaser said repayment
of reserve corn loans has
been called by CCC because
the five-day national
average market price for the
commodity has been at or
above the $3 26 per bushel
reserve call price for corn
for five consecutive days
The daily adjusted price for
corn also has been above this
level for five days in a row
The call of com loans does
not mean that farmers are
required to sell their gram
The call requires them to
repay their loans within 90
days of the date they are
officially notified of the call
County offices of the U.S.
Department of Agriculture’s
Agricultural Stabilization
~ > v
also serves as president of
his local FFA Chapter.
The Star Agribusiness
Award puts Glenn in the
running for additional
honors later this year. Glenn
will represent Pennsylvania
in September, competing for
and Conservation Service
will officially notify
producers whose loans have
been called.
All reserve grams except
barley and wheat are now in
call status, Balthaser said
Under the farmer-owned
g p
out forage for sure, no-stall unloading
Please Send me information on □ Fickes Silos
□ Please send me literature on Silo-Matic Feeding Systems
□ Please send me literature on Bottom Unloader Systems
the tital of Star Agribusiness
Person of the North Atlantic
Region, against similar
winners from the sixteen
northeastern states.
Competing against Glenn
this year for the State Star
Agribusiness title were.
grain reserve program
farmers are eligible to place
feed grains and wheat into a
reserve when farm prices
are below call prices In
return, farmers receive CCC
price support loans on the
gram in reserve as well as
P.O. Box 7
Newville, PA 17241
Phone: 717-776-3129
John B. Punako of R 2,
Lewisburg, Union County,’
North Central Region,
Beverly Keith of R 2, Cherry
Tree, Indiana County,
Western Region, and Abbe
Lynn Johnson of Airville,
York County, South Central
annual storage payments
The corn reserve was begun
in December 1977.
The call level for corn
under the reserve program
is 145 percent of the $2 25 per
bushel national average loan
rate, or $3 26
Tough tungsten tipped
knives slash thru tangled
or frozen forage to move
out the volume you seton
controls Floor-track
gear drive at outer end of
auger means pooitive
no-stall unloading Laidig
design and ruggedness
prevents many break
downs and repair costs
often associated with
other bottom unloaders
Insist on a Laidig