Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, January 10, 1981, Image 30

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    A3o—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, January 10,1981
mOl* TWP (Continued from Page Al)
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It' <*'—
Thirty-eight percent of Manor Township has been \
included in a land use proposal discussed Wed-\ \
nesday night at a meeting of the planning com- J
mission. I
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' »y*
’Official t*St
Official test wi h radial liras
for farmers inside the area
That faction said farmers
outside the ag district could
then easily sell their farms
for high profits without legal
intrusion, whereas those
inside could noi
This discussion soon led to
another criticism con
cerning the proposal A show
of hands, led by Guy
Eshelman, revealed that
well over half those at
tending felt the district
should be expanded to in
clude all of Manor Township.
According to John Ahlfeld,
county planning director, a
lommittee earlier charged
nth planning the ag district
irdmance had in fact in-
.mded the whole township
But due to possible legal
pitfalls it had been dropped
Also represented were
contractors concerned about
future purchase and
development of farmland if
ic proposal were passed as
worded now
The third group of Manor
Township residents
represented was those who
live in residential housing
id who do not farm any
land Their chief concern
was the possible decrease in
land value if the ordinance
passed, and concern over
possible increase in farm
One such resident, Ruth
Kauffman, said she owns 100
acres in the Central Manor
area Although she said she
too is interested in preser
ving farmland, she claimed
the smell from nearby
chicken houses is already
more than she and neighbors
can stand
“There’s a church near us
and you can hardly sit m
church because of the smell
It’s especially bad in sum-
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mer, even with the windows
closed It’s not very nice to
be stuck in the middle of it,”
Kauffman said
Eshelman who said he felt
strongly in favor of
preserving farmland,
stressed to those attending
that there are many ways to
preserve it He read another
proposal drawn up by
himself and “a group of
farmers ”
The new proposal read
‘‘Upon the sale of all land,
one acre or more, the
township authority shall
have the" option to approve
the buyer’s use, other than
agricultural use, or to
purchase the land at the
established selling price,
reselling it at a public
auction within sixty days
The resale of the land shall
carry a deed restriction of
ten years to be used for
agriculture only ”
One comment on the
farmers’ plan came from
H.H Haverstick who said,
“Let’s not throw the com
mission’s plan out the
window because it could be a
lot worse It’s just the lesser
of two or three evils and + he
alternatives to this plan
could be chaos ” Two years
ago Haverstick advanced his
own proposal for saving
Lancaster County farmland
The proposed farmers’
group land use plan,
although it may have had the
majority on its side, quickly
was discounted as plans
were made for another
hearing Monday night to
discuss more problems that
may arise under the plan
proposed by the commission
The township planners
announced they would meet
in regular session at the
township office at 7 p m to
hear individual problems
and invited anyone to attend
At that tune they then will
consider those criticisms
and comments they feel are
legitimate concerns
Final approval of the
ordinance will have to come
from the township super
visors who also will hold a
public hearing in the near
After hearing others’
complaints about govern
ment intervention in land
matters in a “supposedly
free country,” one farmer
summed up the feelings of
those attending by saying,
“When government becomes
as efficient as farmers have
become in the past few
years, then we’ll listen and
get something accomplished
here ”
to meet
annual meeting of the
Pennsylvania Game
Commission will be held
Tuesday, January 27,
starting at 8-30 a.m in the
conference room of the
Game Commission’s
headquarters at 8000 Derry
Street, Harrisburg.
The meeting will be open
to the public
Officers for the coming
year will be elected by the
commission at the meeting.
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