Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, January 10, 1981, Image 25

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    Brubaker prepares in a different way
people will do almost
anything to get ready for the
Farm Show
Though walking and
The next time you count sheep jumping fences to cises ner sheep by making them jump hurdles in
fall asleep, check to see if there’s a shepherd named preparation for Farm Show.
Sarah Brubaker chasing them along. Sarah exer-
Are You
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I.G. Sales, Silverdale, Pa Richard Derr, Middletown Pa Kermit Kessler, Nazareth, Pa
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Aaron Groff and Son Mel Wenger, Elizabethtown Pa Fred Gaul, Sinking Springs, Pa
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leading animals is no
strange sight, and bathing
them twice a day, everyday,
has been known to happen,
most people would take a
the outside of their pen and Sarah went the sheep were
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Try us. We’re local. We care.
For us value for money is a promise not a slogan.
It shows in every
Hoffman produ
second and third glance at
Sarah Burbaker and the
exercise she gives her sheep
They run circles around
Getting The Most
Your Dollar?
For details contact
jump hurdles on the way
with Sarah who encourages
them along - because it
seemed that everywhere
And Sarah must know
what’s she doing, for at last
year’s Farm Show she
received awards for
Champion Hampshire
Jurnior Ewe and Champion
Light Heavy Market
Sarah’s sheep this year
are two Suffolk Market
lambs born in April and May
of this past year
■W* f ' *
For her last year in 4-H,
this dedicated 4-H’er will be
showing a Crossbred steer
Allentown, Pa.
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, January 10,1981—A25
sure to go, even over those
high hurdles
Then the sheep wait a
minute They do what 9
That’s right, they jump
hurdles And they do it as
smoothly as if they were
preparing for the Olympics
instead of the Farm Show
Sarah, a nine year
member of the
beef and sheep club said
she’s been doing it ever since
she started 4-H
‘‘lt develops their hind
quarters as well as gives
them exercise,” Sarah said
‘‘lt firms them up and makes
them look better The judges
look for this firmness on the
sheep ”
“It’s my last year so I
would really like to do well at
Farm Show,” she said
And just what makes a
person go through a week of
work - scrubbing animals,
showing them, hoping for the
best and sometimes coming
out the worst’
“It’s the excitement,”
Sarah beams “You woik
with these animals all year
round and by the time Farm
Show comes you want to
show them and let everyone
see what you’ve done Of
course you hope for the best
for your animal, but you’re
proud even if you come in
last It’s just the feeling you
get in the competition that
keeps you going ’
And for hundreds of 4-
H’ers this week, this feeling
may be just the thing they'll
need to keep them going and
doing their best But with or
without the feeling, most of
them would agree that’s it’s
just the plain, ol’ good time
at Farm Show that keeps
them coming back DK
to hold
Eastern Lancaster County
Adult Farmer Program wiU
sponsor a swine herd health
meeting on Tuesday
evening, January 20,1981. at
7 30p.m at the Union Grove
The speaker for the
meeting will be
veterinarian, Dr Jerry
Appelgate, manager of
swine production for Penn
field Feeds.
The meeting will be of
interest to breeders and
finishers. Swine health as it
pertains to efficiency of
operation will be the mam
topic of concern since profit
margins in swine are so
critical today.
Pseudorabies and a look at
new health products coming
on the market will, be
examined as will nutrition
and facilities as they pertain
to swine health.
Dr. Appelgate has spent
two and one-half years with
the USDA as a District
Veterinarian and eight and
one-half years as a general
practitioner in Oklahoma.
He has worked in industry
with Supersweet feeds in
Minneapolis and Smith Kline
.Animal Health products.
All area swine producers
are welcome.
The Union Grove School is
located near Terre Hill on
route 625, two miles north of
Route 23.
For additional information
call Donald Robinson or
Robert Anderson, adult
farmer instructors at