Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, September 27, 1980, Image 25

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Mel Gehman
Heritage Poultry Management Services PA
When we first saw Harold’s efficiency figures
we looked for a mistake somewhere We
thought the scale on his mixer must be off
But, according to Harold, everything checked
out and the figures are correct The Haruestall
was Harold’s idea But we can say that we
have monitored all aspects of his flocks and
we see a dramatic increase in feed efficiency
this year Of all the customers’ flocks we
serve, Harold Kreaay’s report shows the
best feed conversion
Since our businesses to provide the best
results for our customers, we are looking
carefully at the contribution to egg production
efficiency indicated by Harold’s use of
Harvestall Chillcured corn
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Claude Hess
Milford Mast
Elverson, Pa.
“I get more eggs
with less feed
using Harvestall
Chillcured com.”
Where the average feed cost per dozen eggs
in this area was 27* my cost was 23.23 The fact of the
matter is that I got better production with less
feed because the quality of feed was better, and
the only thing that changed was the corn.
The surprising thing was that when we added
up the better feed conversion plus the increased
production, we found an increase of more than a dollar
per bird in 1980 over 1979.
That’s why I say that if the other systems were free,
'I would still be better off buying the Harvestall
Harold Kready, Mt. Joy , PA
For feeding my flock of 10,000 Shaver hens I know
there’s nothing better than naturally cured corn. This
Harvestall Chillcuring, system is everything the
man said it would be. I get the quality grain I
want and I save money in the process.
I switched last year from heatdrying my corn to
curing it in the Harvestall. It was a good chance to
see if there is any difference between heat dried
corn and naturally cured corn, because between
the 1979 flock and the 1980 flock the only difference
was the corn they were fed.
This comparison is taken from summaries prepared
by Heritage Poultry Management Services in Anneville.
Both flocks had completed 11 periods.
On top of that I saved significantly in drying costs,
both in reduced shrinkage and lower fuel cost. -
Plus the investment tax credit and energy tax credit
add up to 20%.
because of the way it pays for itself and keeps
on appreciating
Doesn’t it make sense that grain that
is naturally cured will he higher quality
than grain that has had the life cooked
out of it?
For more details and other success
stories about Harvestall Grain
Chillcuring call us today!
fIT 1 Harvestall
JjP iHESCQ Gram Chillcuring
Advanced Ag Systems Commercial Buildings
R.D. 2, Box 174
Elverson, PA 19520 „ 717-bSW»SI,
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, September 27,
1979 1980
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