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    At6—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, September 27,19»0
Franklin, York show top bulls at Guernsey Show*
top Guernsey bulls at the
1900 Guernsey Show of the
Pennsylvania All-American
Dairy Show on Tuesday in
the Farm Show Building
were shown by exhibitors
from Franklin and York
The grand champion bull,
Rockmoore Corporals
David, was shown by
Vaughn and Eileen Moore,
R 2 Chambersborg, Franklin
County. The year-old bull
took first in the calf class.
The reserve grand
championship went to
Fayvor Melody’s Mel,
winner as a senior yearling,
owned by Frederick A. and
Wayne F. Hobaugh, R 1
A full sister of the grand
champion bull also is
nearing a Guernsey honor.
Willow Brook C. Dena is
about to finish a '305-day
lactation as a four-year-old
with a new world’s
production record exceeding
35,000 lbs. She will beat the
existing record by more than
1,200 lbs. Her production as a
two-year-old was 25,690 lbs.
and as a three-year-old,
28,700 lbs.
Emma and Steve
Lovelace, of Dardenella
Farm, Orangeburg, S.C.,
won the premier exhibitor
award and showed the
reserve junior champion
female, the senior champion
and grand champion fenude.
Junior champion female
honors went to Bushy Fade
Farm, Wake, Va., and the
Senior champion Ayrshire
bull from Butler County
senior champion and reserve
grand champion bull of the
1980 Eastern National
Ayrshire Show at the Farm
Show Complex on Wed
nesday was shown by
William and Wilda Kline, R 2
Mars, Butler County.
The bull, Brightway
Flashy Jack, won the three
years and over class in the
senior bull competition.
The reserve junior
champion female, An
drossan E C Cat, was
exhibited by Androssan
Farms, of Villanova,
Montgomery County.
Palmyra Farm, of
Hagerstown, Md., garnered
multiple awards in the
ly Flashy Jack, exhibited by William and Wilda Kline, of Mars, Pa., was
named reserve grand champion and senior champion bull in Ayrshire Show. In
photo are judge William Etgen and William Kline.
senior champion female and
reserve grand champion
female was owned by Ripley
Farm, Cortland, N.Y.
Premier breeder was
Holcombs Guernsey Farm,
owned by Robert Lovelace,
Greene, N.Y. The premier
sire was owned by American
Breeders Service, DeForest,
Guernsey Show remits
Bull call 1 Vau(hn and Eileen Moore.-
Chambcrsburg, Pa , 2 Grcystonc Farm,
Ipc, Auburn, NY / 3 Ltbanon Valley
Farms, Jacob N Smith A Son, Annville,
Pa , 4 Green Slopes Farm, Imlar, Pa
Junior yearlmc bull • Frederick A
Hobaugh, York, Pa, 2 Green Slopes
Farm, Imler, Pa, 3 Crasthill Farms,
Prattsburg, N Y
Senior yearling bull - Frederick A.
Hobaugh, York, Pa
Grand champion bull, Vaughn A Eileen
Moore, Chambersburg, Pa
Rcserva grand champion bull - F A A
Wayne F Hobaugh, York, Pa
Junior heifer calf -1 Dardenella Farm,
Orangeburg, SC, 2 Greystone Farm,
Inc., Auburn, NY, 3 Hollow View,
Quarryvilla, Pa, 4 Green Manor
Guernseys, Littlestown, Pa, 5 Banbury
Cross, Winmmster, Md
Intermediate calf 14 2, Dardenella
Farm. Orangeburg, S C. 3 Walnut Run
Farm, Lancaster, Pa . 44 5. Ripley Farm,
Cortland, NY
Senior heifer calf -1 Dardenella Farm,
Z Greystone Farm, 3 Rhea Martin,
Spartansburi, Pa, 4 Littlefield Farms,
Watertown, NY - , 5 Ripley Farm
Junior yearling heifer 1 Dardenella
Farm, Z Littlesfield Farm, 3 Ripley Farm,
4 Enc Dwayne Fleming, Hollywood, Md,
5 Halcombs Guernsey Farm
Senior yearling heifer 1 Bushy Park
Farm, Wake, Va, Z Co-Hill Farms,
Scenery Hill, Pa . 3 Holcombs Guernsey
Farm, 4 Hollow View, Quarryville, Pa , 5
Cresthill Farms, Prattsburg, N Y
Junior Champion female - Bushy Park
Farm, Wake, Va
Reserve junior champion female
Dardenella Farm. Orangeburg, S C
Junior Get-of-Sire • 1 Holcombs
Guernsey Farm, Z Co-Hill Farms, Scenery
Hill, Pa
Cow, 34 4 years old, dry - X Hotoombs
Guernsey Farm, Z Oak Grove Farm,
Spenocrnlle, OH, 3 Snider Homestead
Farm, New Enterprise, Pa, 4 Co-Hill
Farms. 5 Anovadale Acres, Union Bridge,
Ayrshire judging. Palmyra
took the grand champion and
senior champion female
honors, along with the
reserve senior and reserve
grand champion female and
toe junior champion female.
For the third consecutive
year, the premier exhibitor
award went to Palmyra
The grand champion and
junior champion bull was
shown by Shiredale Farm, of-
Ada, OH. The reserve senior
champion bull was exhibited
by' Windy Hollow Farm,
Middletown, Md. The
reserve junior champion bull
award went to Meadow
Brae, of Malone, N.Y.
For the second year in a
Cow. 5 years or over, dry • 1 Hollow
View; 2 Elm Spring Farm, Hollansburg,
OH, 3 Snider Homestead Farm, 4 Ripley
Farm, 5 Judith A. Harding
Cow, 2 years old 1 Bushy Park Farm
2 Dardenella Farm 3 Holcombs
Guemsay Farm, 4 Steven E Shorts,
Centraville, Md, 5 Maplevale Farm,
Brookvilie, Pa
Pa 3 year old Futurity Green Manor
Guemsays, Lancaster
Cow, 3 years old -1 Dardenella Farm,
2 Ripley Farm. 3 A 4, Twin Brook Farms,
Bentleyville, Pa, 5 Green Manor
Best Udder 1 Ripley Farm,'2 Dar
denella Farm, 3 Twin Brook Farms
Cow, 4 years old 1 Elesabeth Ingalls
Gillet, Taneytown, Md. 2 Bushy Park
Farm, 3 Holcombs Guernsey Farm, 4 Co-
Hill Farms, 5 AnSvadale Acres
Best Udder -1 Elesabath Ingalls Grtlet,
2 Bushy Park Farm, 3 Co-Hill Farms
Cow 5 years or over -1A 2, Dardenella
Farm, 3 Ripley Farm, 4 Snider
Homestead Farm, 5 Holcombs Guernsey
Best Udder 1 Ripley Farm, 2 Dar
denella Farm, 3 Holcombs Guernsey
Senior champion female Dardenella
Farm 1
Reserve Senior champion female
Ripley Farm
Grand champion female Dardenella
Reserve (rand champion female
Ripley Farm
Best milkinf female Dardenella Farm
Best three females 1 Twin Brook
Farms, 2 Dardenella Farm, 3 Holcombs
Guernsey Farm, 4 Snider Homestead
Farm. 5 Greystone Farm me
Gef-of Sire -I*2. Ripley Farm. 3 Twin
Brook Farms, 4 Anovadale Acres, 5
Snider Homestead Farm
Dairy herd 1 Dardenella Farm, 2
Ripley Farm. 3 Twin Brook Farms. 4
Snider Homstead Farm, 5 Holcombs
Guernsey Farms
Produce of Dam 1 Holcombs Guern
say Farm, 2 Snider Homestead Farm, 3
Dardenella Farm, 4 Cresthill Farms, 5
Steven E Shorts
Dam and daughter ■ 1 Dardenella
Farm, 2 Cresthill Farms. 3 Anovadale
Acres, 4 Co-Hill Farms, 5 Twin Brook
State or provincial hard - 1 Pa
Guernsey Breeders Assn, 2 NY State
Guernsey Breeders Assn, 3 Md
Guernsey Breeders Assn
Premier Breeder Holcombs Guernsey
Premier exhibitor Dardenella Farm
Premier sire American Breeders
Service, OeForest, Wl
row, “Oak Ridge Flashy
Klondike,” owned by Sire
Power, Tunkhannock, Md.,
was awarded the premier
sire and the premier breeder
honors went to Maple Dell
Farm, of Woodbine, Md.
Ayrshire Results
Bull calf 1 Meadow Brae Malone
N Y 2 Rockland Farm Bear OE 3 Del
Acres Farm Lincoln DE 4 Englan
Farms Madison N Y S Palmyra Farm
Hagerstown. Md
Junior yearling bull 1 William t Wilda
Kline Mars Pa 2 Palmyra Farm
Senior yearling bull r Shiredale Farm
Ada OH. 2 Rockland Farm 3
Homestead Farm Venedocia OH 4
Homestead Acres Connoquenessing Pa
Junior champion bull Shiredale Farm
Reserve junior champion bull Meadow
Bull 2 years old Windy Hollow Farm
Middletown Md
Bull 3 years and over William and
Wilda Kline
Senior champion bull William and
Wilda Kline
Grand champion Guernsey bull is shown with Vaughn Moore, R 2 Cham
bersburg, owner, and John Morris,
've gr jpion Guernsey bull is shown with L
■' R 1 York, and John Morris.
Female grand champion Guernsey, of Dardenella Farm, Orangeburg, S.C.,
stands with, from left, Millie Linde, National Guernsey Queen; John Morris,
judge; Emma Lovelace, owner; Lee Yost, Guernsey Assn. Secretary.
Reserve senior champion bull Windy
Hollow Farm
Grand champion bull ShredaleFarm
Reserve grand champion bull William
and Wilda Kline v
Junior heifer call I A 4 Palmyra Farm
2 RoGar Farms McGroln NY 3
Rockland Farm Bear DE 5 Long View
Farm Thurmont Md
Senior heifer calf 1(4 Maple Deli
Farm 2(3 Meadow Brae 5 Troy
Burner Middletown Md
Junior yearling heifer 1 & 4 Palmyra
Farm 2 Englan Farms 3 Sherry Keefer
Miltersburg Pa 5 Del Acres Farm
Senior yearling Jieifer 1 Androssan
Farms Vilfanova Pa 2 Meadow Brae 3
( 5 Maple Dell Farm 4 Rockland Farm
Bear DE
Junior champion female Palmyra
Reserve Junior champion female
Androssan Farms
Junior Get of Sire 1 Del Acres Farm
2 Maple Dell Farm
Cow 3 years or over dry 1 Androssan
Farms 2 Windy Hollow Farm 3 Englan
Farms 4 Fair Ayr Farms N Fairfield
OH 5 Towerview Farms Cochranville
Senior yearling heifer m milk 1 Maple
Dell Farm 2 Englan Farms 3 Palmyra
Fa-m 4 Rockland Farm 5 Towerview
Best udder 1 Maple Dell Farm 2
Palmyra Farm 3 Englan Farms
Cow 2 years old 1 Androssan Farms
2 Elm Spring Farm Hollansburg OH 3
Glick Auf Farm Lebanon Pa 4
RocHandFarnvS Fair Ayr Farms
Best udder I Androssan Farms 2
Fair Ayr Farms 3 Elm Spring Farm
Cow 3 years old l James ( Nina
Burdette Mercersburg Pa 2 Edgewood
Farms Inc Glenelg Md 3(4 Fair Ayr
Farms 5 Haynes Farm Tully NY
Best udder I Fair Ayr Farms 2
Edgewood Farms 3 James ( Nina
Cow 4 years old 1(4 Haynes Farm
2 Englan Farms 3 Bells Farm Elmer
NJ 5 Towerview Farms
Best udder 1 Haynes Farm 2 Englan
ma and Wayne
Farms 3 Palmyra Farm
Cow 5 years old or over 1 A 2
Palmyra Farm 3 Englan Farms 4 Fair
Ayr Farms 5 Meadow Brae
Best udder 112 Palmyra Farm 3
Englan Farms
Senior champion lemale reserve senior
champion female grand champion
female reserve grand champion female
and best milking female alt Palmyra
Best three females 1 Androssan
Farms 2 Haynes Farm 3 Fair Ayr
Farms 4 Towerview Farms 5 Palmyra
Get of Sire 1 Towerview Farms 2A 3
Palmyra Farm 4 Maple Dell Farm 5
Englan Farfns
Dairy herd 1 Palmyra Farm 2 Fair
Ayr Farms" 3 Haynes Farm 4 Towerview
Farms 5 Rockland Farm ,
- f